$50 Fake MacBook Pro vs $1,500 MacBook Pro

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Coolest Tech on the Planet 2017 Edition! itmind.info/video/jXHDi3l8qMyLbG8.html
Found a $50 MacBook Pro dummy but how does it stack up vs a real $1,500 MacBook Pro?
Real 2016 MacBook Pro - amzn.to/2nfgvZd
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Jonathan Morrison
Jonathan Morrison - 2 anni fa
BTW who caught the latest video? 😀 https://youtu.be/WAbXBEGiS58?list=PLqcaiHQwxA9gWWz-l_C2Ai536Gxz3_cLJ
pimpirikAdam - 2 mesi fa
Hello friends everyone, I've been wanting to buy a Mac for a long time, and I bought a Mac with this feature : amzn.to/2NvVWX4 I would appreciate if you comment on how you specs :)) I also bought the product from amazon. I think take a look👍
EpicGamer YT
EpicGamer YT - 4 mesi fa
Jonathan Morrison hi
2wheelphoto - 5 mesi fa
It’s a movie prop for commercials or whatever
Jim Batibasaga
Jim Batibasaga - 6 mesi fa
Where did you buy it? Link ?
Mayur Shingala
Mayur Shingala - 59 minuti fa
I want to buy dummy laptop in metal body. any clue?
Tim - 18 ore fa
Just buy a 2008 Macbook Pro on ebay. You can get one for $50 in 2020
MultimediaLucario - 9 giorni fa
Mod that thing with a Latte Panda Alpha.
Jerick Show
Jerick Show - 12 giorni fa
is this color grey or silver?
Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo
Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo - 13 giorni fa
#fake .apple-logo {
vertical-align: middle;
Victor Manuel
Victor Manuel - 21 giorno fa
The dude with the toys hahaha!!
Oliver Susnea
Oliver Susnea - Mese fa
Where can we buy this thing???.
Nevyn Isom
Nevyn Isom - Mese fa
does the last guy he pulled the prank on have an instagram or youtube?
ноу ноу
ноу ноу - Mese fa
1:40 - ну это другая версия просто бл
C NK - Mese fa
Your smile is worth something! 😁😁😁
xXTheOnionXx - Mese fa
No te entendí ni vrgas nose inglés :v , Sorry
Wavebreakin - Mese fa
3:45 yea i wonder what that dummy austin evens could be useful for.
Douglas Cesconetto
Douglas Cesconetto - 2 mesi fa
It is useful for decoration of architect studio spaces, it's a good looking laptop and you don't have to worry if it will be stolen
classic milk
classic milk - 2 mesi fa
Give me that I love Windows computer chinchilla
onehundredjacks - 2 mesi fa
first time watching. last time watching.
Dan -A
Dan -A - 2 mesi fa
phew its bad
if it was good then I would cry
nakakapogi yown
nakakapogi yown - 2 mesi fa
yahhh and how about the keyboard on that thing? maybe the keys are still useful and can be use in real fucked up MBP keys. LOL
RUSH FAN - 3 mesi fa
I would use this as bait. If you have a friend, roommate, coworker that's a thief. BOOYAH!!!!!
83bubble - 3 mesi fa
I love Austin Evans: gorgeous booty and biceps *_*
Spiritv - 3 mesi fa
Insecure povos can buy this and put it on their lap on the train to look middle class
Chiritescu Adrian
Chiritescu Adrian - 3 mesi fa
Waste of materials...

You shouldn't buy this. Dislike!
Texnika Dunyosi
Texnika Dunyosi - 3 mesi fa
Where have you bought this facke laptop from? I want to buy 👍
Rayyan Khan
Rayyan Khan - 3 mesi fa
The bar at the top is so big and the Apple logo looks weird xD
Regina Cathey
Regina Cathey - 3 mesi fa
Let me get someone to drop a clone and talk them into buying me a new real one lol
Weekly Dose of Aviation
What website did you buy it ffom
frnacheska belleza
frnacheska belleza - 3 mesi fa
Cause am going to prank my SISTER
frnacheska belleza
frnacheska belleza - 3 mesi fa
Can I have the fake one plsss
Delta_Dan - 4 mesi fa
Im sorry but what was the point of this video or am i missing it?
chimical09 - 4 mesi fa
Is it the new Hawaei laptop ?
Charlene Lee
Charlene Lee - 4 mesi fa
Not so funny when you take your MacBook Pro in to be repaired and you receive it back with no serial number and it doesn't function either.
chris simmons
chris simmons - 4 mesi fa
these are used in some of the stores in china to display
Karl Jo
Karl Jo - 4 mesi fa
They are made in China, of course they can make the exact machine.
ElevenDays7 - 4 mesi fa
@ 3:20 What is this guy’s name?
Rob Ot
Rob Ot - 4 mesi fa
Someone dummy pays $50 for a dummy. Case closed
Pistachios and Popcorn
As much bitching as y'all do about Apple I don't get it. I've had Apples since 2007 and you can always just open the box up when you get them and go. Can't do that with a Microsoft. I just got a new one and had one from 2010 till this week. And it still worked but not good..but I could still watch youtube on it. It would heat up though if I did too much. But it was NINE YEARS OLD! A good computer will last as long as some dogs and maybe even as long as a Tibetan Spaniel.
Marcon Paredes
Marcon Paredes - 4 mesi fa
Send it to JerryRigEverything
JmTransit - 4 mesi fa
What are those lamps
killdemraas - 4 mesi fa
did this guy just make a video about a MOT********NG STORE PROP??!! needed some views there eh ma boy??
Tomchow Tom
Tomchow Tom - 4 mesi fa
I can buy this ufff
Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis - 4 mesi fa
Not sure id say its fake if its meant to be a prop..
Noob 1001 the Noob
Noob 1001 the Noob - 5 mesi fa
you can just buy an old 2002 macbook for 50 dollars
It's Layla
It's Layla - 5 mesi fa
What is the name of the store you got it from and from where its is so important please answer me
factionxbl - 5 mesi fa
can u build a laptop in the dummy ?
Illy Samartino
Illy Samartino - 5 mesi fa
Mr "The Flash" is that you?
Bamb Jatt
Bamb Jatt - 5 mesi fa
Where do you buy the fake one??
ZeldaLord - 5 mesi fa
I just found the perfect gift if my friend asks for a mackbook
Deziqn-_-Beast O
Deziqn-_-Beast O - 5 mesi fa
Just goes to show Apple can make premium built laptops without changing a kidney
Mango - 5 mesi fa
for IKEA pics
TheJoyousDays - 5 mesi fa
So this is how mu school gets all of those mac book airs
Aleksandar Scekic
Aleksandar Scekic - 5 mesi fa
Stock photography & videography...
R Mλtesz
R Mλtesz - 5 mesi fa
Sooo its just a prop?
Kier Granger
Kier Granger - 5 mesi fa
Where did u buy it?
Sam Pochin
Sam Pochin - 6 mesi fa
I was just approached to buy one of these for £500. Told me it was £1300 in the shop. I asked him why me why are you doing me the favor you could sell it anytime for that price. He went to the next guy who’s now sitting in the ASDA car park looking at it.
Randomslollol - 6 mesi fa
Plot twist it’s actually real
Yuchen Liu
Yuchen Liu - 6 mesi fa
Its like comparing a dummy phone in the shop with a real one... the point?
Gaming,Making & Vlogs
Gaming,Making & Vlogs - 6 mesi fa
Can you send me a ling to buy it
Gaming,Making & Vlogs
Gaming,Making & Vlogs - 6 mesi fa
I real wand it
eyemonstahyuri - 6 mesi fa
Ok but gimme the link to the fake one cause I’m broke af
Padma Sri
Padma Sri - 6 mesi fa
Where you bought this please reply I want buy
harpal singh
harpal singh - 6 mesi fa
HARPAL SINGH.any repairing or parts need in apple call or whatsaap me 9911012123.
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