A Burger Scholar's Quest for the Best Burgers in Texas (Part 2) | The Burger Show

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For Part 2, Burger Scholar George Motz and Alvin Cailan continue their search for the best burgers in Texas. They first head to Knife Dallas to try one of the most famous steakhouse burgers in America, and cap off their road trip at Keller's, a classic drive-in burger joint.
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Missed part 1? Watch it here!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOffZA6Wh0Q
Nimesh Shah
Nimesh Shah - 20 giorni fa
@Travis Craycraftbxb. I've bought cars from Ohio, but we always went for mexican food...
Nimesh Shah
Nimesh Shah - 20 giorni fa
@Travis Craycraftbxb. ya, so this place I'm referring to doesn't even have seating - and it's 4 bux for a char-grilled burger in 2019 ☺ - includes cheese and toppings ☺
Travis Craycraftbxb.
Travis Craycraftbxb. - 20 giorni fa
Come to ohio and try maid rite it's one of the oldest burger places in the u.s and is the coolest little building in a small town it has a really cool history
Doctor Bombay
Doctor Bombay - 27 giorni fa
i am so excited you guys added motz to the mix. Very enjoyable series without pretension
Nimesh Shah
Nimesh Shah - Mese fa
Boss, come to Toronto and I'll show you some old school burger joints that have been around for decades...and your dollar goes further here ☺
Boy Jimbo
Boy Jimbo - 3 giorni fa
Those Texas accents tho😂
SanFranFan30 - 6 giorni fa
y'all need to get the juciy lucy
I AM NIPS - 7 giorni fa
George kinda sounds like solid snake
Isaiah Howard
Isaiah Howard - 7 giorni fa
If only I can teleport to try different food 🤷🏾‍♂️😭
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch - 8 giorni fa
Hop off the big boy....
Josh Penrod
Josh Penrod - 13 giorni fa
George should just be the host tbh
David Slone
David Slone - 13 giorni fa
A) Great video, as usual.
B) I’ve always thought that the only reason to be in Dallas was to change planes to get somewhere else. However, if there’s a joint serving a meaty ode to Cutlets, that just might be a motivation for a stopover.
C) Mutton Chops is from Long Island? The only explanation that I can come up with for his folksy accent is that he grew with no role models other than Imus In the Morning.
Prexst - 13 giorni fa
Why would you ever go to Dallas when Houston exists
Emiliano Zapata
Emiliano Zapata - 14 giorni fa
Alvin does look healthier
EasyTBear - 15 giorni fa
You didn't go to my favorite spot, Cupp's Drive In in Waco.
toxicYt - 15 giorni fa
is it me or does john tesar kinda sounds like josh brolin
kassi420 - 15 giorni fa
Not even the dry age burger from Peter Luger is over $20 ($14), so if you’re paying a $20+ for a burger you’re an idiot
Abjuron - 15 giorni fa
4:30 Dude...don't make me feel feelings on The Burger Show. I came here to feel hungry, not for those other feels. Not cool.
dmacwith - 16 giorni fa
As a native Dallasite, that grew up within literally within a mile between Knife and Kellers, I in a decade-plus did not see anyone wear a cowboy hat once. I know it makes for good content, but its 2019
Devo Shackleford
Devo Shackleford - 17 giorni fa
We takin bets on when Alvin gonna have a heart attack erwha?
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato - 18 giorni fa
If they don’t give whataburger a try I’m going to be mad because whataburger is better than in and out and that’s straight facts
wesley gray
wesley gray - 18 giorni fa
i'm watching this because we don't have any food at home :'(
M P - 19 giorni fa
For as much as a burger snob as I am, McDonald's gave me some solid perspectives early on about burger dynamics. I used to wonder why many people preferred the Quarter Pounder to the bigger Big Mac which had all the fixings. After having both I realized there were 4 huge differences and they all were about the meat. More flavor, juicier, better sear and the burger stayed hotter because it wasn’t thinner and surrounded with cold fixings. I agree with Chef John, there is a burger and there is a burger sandwich.
Kana Beats
Kana Beats - 19 giorni fa
oh snap this dude was on top chef. speaking of which, someone tell them to put the new season on hulu
Sailor Jerry
Sailor Jerry - 19 giorni fa
ahh man my old stomping grounds in this series, so many places across Texas ,I think I have hit all but 3 of these places......great nostalgia thank you for that
Sweaty Welder
Sweaty Welder - 19 giorni fa
George Motz is't a Douche Bag!He is the real deal Ron Po-peal!!!!!I live in Austin Texas and he came over to my house and taught my whole family how to make Smash Boigas.......I Love you Gearge you re sooooo coool thanks for coming ya'll come back ya hear!???????
Prince Jordan
Prince Jordan - 21 giorno fa
Does this reject wolverine lookin nigga ever stfu? He talk more then the host smfh y’all pick trash ass guests sumbody tell that nigga stfu
Kristofer van der Schaaf
Kristofer van der Schaaf - 22 giorni fa
Was that waiter at Keller’s towlie in disguise?!
DC - 23 giorni fa
Alvin slowly starting to morph into a burger dayum
Leroy Martinez
Leroy Martinez - 23 giorni fa
Shout out to Allsups! New Mexico born and home to the famous fried burrito's and chimichanga's!
Jack Beanstalk
Jack Beanstalk - 23 giorni fa
Pausing at 2:55. There ain't no way that shit y'all Americans call cheese is actual cheese.
Looks like plastic.
Bob Dobalina
Bob Dobalina - 24 giorni fa
Dallas is straight trash
adrian anderson
adrian anderson - 24 giorni fa
come to Jamaica for KFCs bbq zinger and Island grill's jerk chicken burger
K h
K h - 25 giorni fa
Alvin dying before 2021 one burger at a time, but lets be inclusive and woke and embrace that bullshit!
Skeeter McTavish
Skeeter McTavish - 25 giorni fa
How is this the best burgers in Texas when it's just Dallas? What a BS episode.
Jock McBile
Jock McBile - 25 giorni fa
Knife was cool. But Kellers was insane. I HEARD the crunch, when George bit into his.
Wenz PH
Wenz PH - 26 giorni fa
Matt Kuhn
Matt Kuhn - 27 giorni fa
I live overseas but I’m from Texas originally, and even though I’m not from Dallas, these episodes have made me home...sick? Homehungry? Idk but now I want a burger from Dirty Martin’s.
Alibung - 27 giorni fa
Alvin and George are perfect whole show should be this way
droan999 - 27 giorni fa
Alvin stop overhyping every fn bite it’s literally bread and meat. You repeat yourself so much it’s the same episode every time. Either it’s a smash or blah blah blah.... he can barley fit in an oversized truck, hit the gym and start reviewing veggie burgers.
Sam Hamzeh
Sam Hamzeh - 27 giorni fa
Keller's Tex and Tommy's Cali killer burgers
BFKC - 28 giorni fa
You know that "American cheese" is a cheap concoction of "imported cheese" (lower version cheddar) and that the food of cheese in principle is "imported", if you have to resort to such primitive terminology.
Bob Dobalina
Bob Dobalina - 24 giorni fa
shut up dickhole, no one cares
Slap Riem
Slap Riem - 28 giorni fa
How do you know when a dude is from the Philippines?? Look at the beard it looks like underarm hair
BFKC - 28 giorni fa
Lots of ugly hairy dudes from everywhere, inlcuding you.
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