Aubrey Plaza Snorts Milk While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Aubrey Plaza is known for her cult roles in Funny People, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Parks and Recreation, and many more. You can catch her in FX's Legion, which returns for its third season on Monday, June 21 and she also stars in Child's Play, set to hit theaters June 21st. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the deadpan queen tries to keep her poker face intact while battling some of the hottest wings on the planet. Along the way, Plaza pulls back the curtain on Parks & Rec BTS, explains her iconic late-night performances, and attempts to drink milk through her nose.
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Season 9
Episode 4
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin - 4 ore fa
The way she talks
Comrades I'd rush Berlin again for that
CBR Fireblade
CBR Fireblade - 6 ore fa
Thank God this bitch is somewhat attractive (porn star pretty), 'cus otherwise just a shitty copy of Amy schumer - unwatchable
Broxty - 7 ore fa
Ayyyy joe's crab shack is legit fire.
Ronald Minch
Ronald Minch - 8 ore fa
The Saxophone playing should be used whenever someone goes anywhere near the eyes .
Tiffany Timbric
Tiffany Timbric - 10 ore fa
This is the next episode of Hot Ones I ever have seen by far. OMG, so awesome!
Spr1ngt4ap - 17 ore fa
ok April
Jak Dee
Jak Dee - 22 ore fa
Man these comments are gross.
pikaseel - 22 ore fa
Bringing in Grumpy Cat in the end like that was just cruel.
Michael Benoliel
Michael Benoliel - 22 ore fa
She wants his D
Armando Rubio
Armando Rubio - Giorno fa
“FUCK YOUUUU...ARE you out of your fucking mind?.......*brushes hair...I’m a lady okay” lmao I love her
EaTaLLYouRFisH - Giorno fa
She's really not funny...not at all...another glorified Hollywood dunce...derp...smh
sactiger - Giorno fa
Aubrey Plaza - mmmmm... I wanna be her slave...
The Doodlebook
The Doodlebook - Giorno fa
Don’t do milk
angel - 2 giorni fa
i love her
Víctor Guzman
Víctor Guzman - 2 giorni fa
She’s flirting with him during the whole thing and no one in the comments is acknowledging it wtf
frizzybob - 59 minuti fa
she flirts with every1 🤷‍♂️
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin - 4 ore fa
Hot sauce kinds works like alcohol tho, might have been due to that
Emir Muratcaus
Emir Muratcaus - 12 ore fa
now that you mention it ... yea
alex - 14 ore fa
fight fight fight
Víctor Guzman
Víctor Guzman - Giorno fa
Playboichris wrong I watch everything Aubrey is in. Including interviews lol
MrTubeStuck - 2 giorni fa
Im immediately in love with her
tengummybears - 2 giorni fa
dear aubrey, mofongo is not puerto rican
Donovan Steadman
Donovan Steadman - 2 giorni fa
I moan a little every time I see Aubrey Plaza.......she just has this dirty look in her she knows your deepest darkest fantasies......I might literally die of arousal if I ever met shouldn't be possible for someone to be this sexy.
Matt Merkle
Matt Merkle - 2 giorni fa
How come I can't watch these without sweating
Doc G
Doc G - 2 giorni fa
So....she spits into the glass of water, eats another 3 wings then drinks the water? Funky editing? Or Aubrey just being Aubrey?
Un Usuario
Un Usuario - 2 giorni fa
The milk-through-the-nose idea. How come Sean didn't ask how she came up with that?
Mitch S
Mitch S - 2 giorni fa
Fuck I love Aubrey, she's the only woman I'd wife in a minute
Barek Omaba
Barek Omaba - 3 giorni fa
It's like she got famous by accident
olayux - 3 giorni fa
Wtf your interviewing skills tho
Ariel Swartz
Ariel Swartz - 3 giorni fa
She looks like a mom here

Outragedgamer14 - 3 giorni fa
Holy shit, every single person in the comments are horny fucking weirdos.
Makskye - 4 giorni fa
CAXIT - 4 giorni fa
Why do I feel like this chick is Marina Abramovic’s daughter?
Markus Chelios
Markus Chelios - 4 giorni fa
Milk up the nose is what I look for in a girl.
sharknado blood
sharknado blood - 4 giorni fa
Theres puerto ricans in deleware
tyler okkk
tyler okkk - 4 giorni fa
21:58 - 22:03 😍😍
Eleventy Won
Eleventy Won - 4 giorni fa
I want to rub her feet and then cook her dinner after she's had a hard day. Yep, I'm in love.
S. - 2 giorni fa
Plz just don’t become her stalker
Grouhl´s - 4 giorni fa
I never recocnised her before, but I think I am in love
Jason ward
Jason ward - 4 giorni fa
I’d love to be that glass of water
Tyler Lucas
Tyler Lucas - 4 giorni fa
I would die for this woman xD
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat - 4 giorni fa
This is number 9, Aubrey.
fjfjfjfj Devio
fjfjfjfj Devio - 5 giorni fa
Just FUCKEN realized put Keanu reeves in this bitch
C- ZA.C - 5 giorni fa
Holly shit she got balls
yeayou zazoo
yeayou zazoo - 5 giorni fa
I loved when she kept saying fukkk......... i got turned on 👍😆🌶😊😊😊😊🍌💦
Dyurri Endong
Dyurri Endong - 5 giorni fa
Petition to make Aubrey Plaza a Marvel Heroine
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