Bill Burr Gets Red in the Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Bill Burr is one of the most requested Hot Ones guests of all time-not to mention a standup legend, host of the Monday Morning Podcast, and co-creator and star of Netflix's 'F Is For Family.' But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this highly anticipated Hot Ones event. As host Sean Evans peppers Bill with questions, the comedian's notoriously hot takes get even hotter-even for him. Watch as Bill gets red in the face with spice and rants about everything from cyclists to cooking shows. You don't want to miss this!
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Season 7
Episode 9
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings
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First We Feast
First We Feast - Anno fa
"I'd like to say f**k you to all you people for putting me on this s**t!" -- Bill Burr, to everyone who requested him
Omar Cruz
Omar Cruz - 12 ore fa
True power
David Clifton
David Clifton - 7 giorni fa
Wanderer Saldana
Wanderer Saldana - Mese fa
Yankee76 S
Yankee76 S - 2 mesi fa
First We Feast your welcome
Mitchell Bard
Mitchell Bard - 2 mesi fa
We love you too, Bill
I HATE ฑ i ទទεrs
Bill Burr's wife is a horse-faced, ηιggξR. Imagine how ugly his ginger mutt kids look like!
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney - Giorno fa
Yo is Bill Burr the only one who eats the entire wing...# Bo$$
Tyler Hodge
Tyler Hodge - Giorno fa
Without fail, everyone that comes on this show, struggles to get past "Da Bomb" at 135,600 scovilles, but when they do the last dab at over 2,000,000 scovilles they never seem to have a problem with it.
It doesn't make any sense that something supposedly 18X hotter doesn't even make them flinch...?
That's my own skepticism of the show. Otherwise it's very entertaining
18th Spectro
18th Spectro - Giorno fa
I bet you can’t get B Rabbit, Slim Shady, Eminem, or Mr. Mathers on your show, Sean. Prove me wrong, because Nick Cannon cannot get him on his show Wild N’ Out. Let’s see if you’re capable of pulling it off yeah?😌
SSDT - Giorno fa
Sean impresses me with literally every interview. He does such a good job of changing his demeanor and attitude to suit whoever he's talking to out of respect for their comfort. I just love that he read the room and backed off when he got a little push-back to his questions at the start, stayed consistent, and then gained Bill's respect by the end by being able to handle the heat so well. haha
The difference between this interview and H3H3's interview is insane. lol
Gilberto García
Gilberto García - 2 giorni fa
Jesse Pinkman interviewing Bill Burr?
Bradley Strider
Bradley Strider - 2 giorni fa
Didn't show Bill eat the EXHORRESCO 9th wing? why was that shit edited out?
Puerto Rock
Puerto Rock - 2 giorni fa
Shit got dramatic af when he said its been fun 😂😂
MIGHTYMON!QUE LOVE - 3 giorni fa
i love bill burr❤❤❤. Omg he was pefect for the show,This was my favorite episodes of hot ones!
ISEE YOU - 3 giorni fa
His Beer names LOL..
Dark Star
Dark Star - 3 giorni fa
That was cool man. I like bill bur. He says it like it is and keeps it equality like a mathematician. Female + male = equality. Quote for 2020.
ddds ddds
ddds ddds - 3 giorni fa
Bill had a pretty strange face by closest look
mynameissanjj1 - 3 giorni fa
When did they eat number 9?
poopwat - 3 giorni fa
When is the L.A BEAST going to make an appearance?!
Luke lawrence
Luke lawrence - 3 giorni fa
This was my favorite
Lee Ross
Lee Ross - 3 giorni fa
8:20 wen the white conservatives tune out
Water Damage Restoration Channel
Hey I love to see Adams Sanders also in pain 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥
Water Damage Restoration Channel
I fucking love the channels and I like to see him again!!!
G Williams
G Williams - 3 giorni fa
I was waiting for him to say fuck the questions 😂😂 I would of said that after the 3rd one
César Rincón
César Rincón - 3 giorni fa
So where do you go for good pizza in NY?
Spencer Whiteman
Spencer Whiteman - 4 giorni fa
"Go make pancakes, you got a toaster and a chicken wing" - Bill Burr
Prochilles - 4 giorni fa
Geez knock it off with the music.
John Doe
John Doe - 4 giorni fa
Rewatching coz Billy me Undies Burr
TheCoolTable - 4 giorni fa
"I feel at home in my house." Yep...that's about right, lol.
Koneko Yagami
Koneko Yagami - 4 giorni fa
I love Bill Burr!❤🐈👽
James C
James C - 4 giorni fa
i'd like to see an ex president to this.. obama, gwb .... that'd be awesome
Scott Bradley
Scott Bradley - 5 giorni fa
Tommythecat89 nice to see a Primus fan roasting bill burr on reddit
Villainous Vex
Villainous Vex - 5 giorni fa
16:40 Cue Dark Knight music😂
Sara Meira Gootblatt
Sara Meira Gootblatt - 5 giorni fa
i don't like therapied Bill Burr....
DRBTempleRocker - 6 giorni fa
Yo fuck your bullshit bike comments, Bill.
Silvia D
Silvia D - 6 giorni fa
Any norwegians out there who might explain to me what that cheese thing was all about? Is it a common thing that happens with a special kind of cheese?
Vlad Smoke
Vlad Smoke - 6 giorni fa
We need Dave Chappelle on!
Zdzisław MCster
Zdzisław MCster - 6 giorni fa
Slap your mother lager XD
Jerome Pinkston
Jerome Pinkston - 6 giorni fa
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz - 6 giorni fa
Da bomn and 357 are the worst. They're just hot and taste awful.
Freddy Rojas
Freddy Rojas - 7 giorni fa
He straight up said "fuck your question!" lmao!
Um Yes
Um Yes - 7 giorni fa
Switch out Da Bomb. It's crap.
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton - 7 giorni fa
No it's the best one
TheRedGameboy - 7 giorni fa
I'm surprised he handled everything after Da Bomb so well.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 7 giorni fa
Ole Billy Hot Balls ova heere
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