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Binging with Babish and Alvin Cailan receive a master class in classic regional burger styles from Burger Scholar, George Motz. The last time Binging With Babish appeared on The Burger Show, he and Alvin combined the best of Shake Shack and In-N-Out into a never-before-seen hybrid burger. Today, Motz teaches them how to make the Jucy Lucy, the Cuban Frita, and the Lacey-Edge.
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Season 3
Episode 2
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 9 mesi fa
Binging with Babish AND George Motz! Which burger from today's episode was your favorite???
Megan B
Megan B - Mese fa
Gotta go with the Juicy Lucy!! 🖤🖤
Blue Kirby
Blue Kirby - Mese fa
Juicy Lucy all the way
Four Ace Gaming
Four Ace Gaming - Mese fa
Just one complaint from a Cuban traditionally from experience the patty has to be thick roughly half an inch but that just how I make them
Sean Piscitelli
Sean Piscitelli - 2 mesi fa
First We Feast love these freaking videos!!! Keep em coming plz!!!!
KW1LL1S - 19 ore fa
Food wars has an english dubb??
Gabriel Mendoza
Gabriel Mendoza - Giorno fa
Can you guys help me pay off my tuition and fees for my Advance Burger Mechanics class I'm trying to my diploma
Bill H
Bill H - 2 giorni fa
Why does nobody talk about the quality of beef (the breed, how it was raised, ect.)??? Also, I am sure anybody would prefer a wood fired grilling of the burger hands down. It seem everybody is consumed with acting that every burger is superb using only mediocre ingredients with little explanation of specifics. However the best food in any manner is always simple basic ingredients but quality is paramount.
Daniel Boles
Daniel Boles - 4 giorni fa
This "burger master" is such a douche lol he would never put ketchup on a burger, looks like he is just an entitled shmuck with a clickbait job title ... "burger church" hahaha ... babish and the fat dude steal the show by a mile
benny chesney
benny chesney - 4 giorni fa
6:29 Babish saying "I don't give a fuck" was the funniest thing i have ever heard him say lol
CantankerousDave - 4 giorni fa
The version of that Carl's Drive-In smash burger that you see all over Central Illinois comes with the pickles sliced lengthwise. It's a Steak 'n Shake thing.
Cooch gooch
Cooch gooch - 4 giorni fa
5:13 “jucy Lucy”
The Talking Nerdz
The Talking Nerdz - 6 giorni fa
A boomer with embarrassing sideburns stating the obvious? Oooh. He’s a scholar 🙄
Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson - 6 giorni fa
Alvin needs to stop eating fucking burgers
Arekkusu Tsuki
Arekkusu Tsuki - 8 giorni fa
Your map of Illinois triggered me.
Xander Cage
Xander Cage - 12 giorni fa
Question... After Mr Motz put the sauce on the burger for the Frita, did he not flip the burger or was that part just cut out? Because I noticed he did not seem to flip the burger after putting the sauce on it.
fef7 - 18 giorni fa
im a citizen of mpls and can confirm the jucy lucy lore
Notoriously Gil
Notoriously Gil - 20 giorni fa
3:13 that face was gold
мали мокри луг
Yoo thst guy need to go to Serbia and try they burgers i bet he didnt try them and dont know about them
Yaboii 47
Yaboii 47 - 22 giorni fa
I swear the day a burger nuts in my mouth, imma shoot up the block
13strong - 22 giorni fa
I don't know if it was Communism exactly that would have prevented those burgers being sold as street food in Cuba; seems just as or more likely to me that it was the embargoes that the US put on goods into and out of Cuba that crippled their economy.
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis - 23 giorni fa
I dunno who Stacy is either, but her mom has it going on, apparently.
eduard karpoev
eduard karpoev - 23 giorni fa
I can't believe you support Fidel Castro, he freed my families slaves
mythic - 23 giorni fa
9:24 rip there was a hair on the burger
Vidheyesh Prabhu
Vidheyesh Prabhu - 25 giorni fa
I had a blue cheese juicy Lucy was oooozzyyyyy 🤤🤤
Jacob Mudd
Jacob Mudd - 25 giorni fa
I'm from Peoria, IL and i've never heard of anything called a lacy edge style cheeseburger. I've eaten them plenty of times at Steak N Shake (the original Shake Shack BTW, outdates Carl's by 25 years) where they are called steakburgers. I did some searching and most of the places that serve them are in eastern central IL with Bloomington-Normal at the north boundary, Springfield in the west, Decatur in the south, and Danville/Indiana border in the east.
Sr Ve
Sr Ve - 27 giorni fa
Proteins start to caramelize... what
Charles Rice
Charles Rice - 27 giorni fa
God this show would be a world wide phenomenon if alvin wasnt in it.
Sophia Neves
Sophia Neves - Mese fa
Lost my like after slandering Fidel
Roger Knight
Roger Knight - Mese fa
He looks like " If Logan never accepted Professor X's offer to be one of the X Men. "
Loogi Boy
Loogi Boy - Mese fa
As a midwest boi, those lacy burgers fucking slap so hard
Melbufrauma - Mese fa
9:25 there is a hair on there
Willem P
Willem P - Mese fa
I want George to be my best friend....
Mr. Hoppelelefant
Mr. Hoppelelefant - Mese fa
Welcome to bitching with babish 🤣🤣🤣
Shawn Buckley
Shawn Buckley - Mese fa
George M. is my favorite part of all these burger shows. i love making juicy lucy burgers at home. and now i have a better understanding on how to make it better.
A Human
A Human - Mese fa
New Angeles. Los York.
Michal Bezděk
Michal Bezděk - Mese fa
i love this guy
Tyler Paulson
Tyler Paulson - Mese fa
I've gotten a decent jucy lucy in Washington bars, sooper dank
Okapi Lizard
Okapi Lizard - Mese fa
I came to watch this and got an ad with alvin in it.
Dylan Schneider
Dylan Schneider - Mese fa
Haunting animation at 5:09
robert diaz
robert diaz - Mese fa
Juicy Lucy is good as f
Prince Hangula
Prince Hangula - Mese fa
the guy knows everything about burgers
A Cook
A Cook - Mese fa
George reminds me of Alan Alda for some reason!?.
Alejandro Fernandez
I'm a cuban from Miami and if these people say Coo-bah-no again I am going to cry. It's Queue -ben FUCK
Alejandro Fernandez
@A Cook and good fritas have ground chorizo mixed in
A Cook
A Cook - Mese fa
Shut up and have a burger.
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