Casey Neistat Taste-Tests Limited-Edition Burgers from Shake Shack | The Burger Show

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ITmind legend Casey Neistat taste-tests limited-edition burgers from the Shake Shack Innovation Kitchen. For Casey Neistat, there are two competing obsessions in his life: ITmind videos and Shake Shack. So for our season finale, we knew we had to roll out the Burger Show red carpet. Which is why we brought him to the ultimate bucket-list burger experience: to taste-test limited-edition burgers from the Shake Shack archives, and crown a winner.
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Season 3
Episode 6
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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Ladell Turner
Ladell Turner - 2 giorni fa
Dude look like Ken Shamrock
Daddy Chaddie
Daddy Chaddie - 2 giorni fa
Shake Shacks "All over the world!", we only have two here in Minnesota, and they're less than 10 miles apart, and I've never seen a shake shack in real life :(
BruceDuits - 2 giorni fa
This fucker's always wearing his sunglasses inside like he's important.
c. bravo
c. bravo - 5 giorni fa
Casey Neistat looks like Sean Penn if he never made it in Hollywood.
AlSwegen - 6 giorni fa
guy that is too cool to show you his pupils is a top class douche
OTF JACKBOY - 14 giorni fa
Bro only real niggas have they own ads for they own video
Adrian Loera
Adrian Loera - 14 giorni fa
A fumigated cockroach with sunglasses on.
Richard - 14 giorni fa
I love Casey, but damn, the guy is fucking ugly.
James Kuller
James Kuller - 16 giorni fa
Why didn't Spicoli take his glasses off?
enter a name here
enter a name here - 21 giorno fa
so shake shack steals from small business innovative people and makes their shareholders rich. never eat corporate food.
Whatster87 - 23 giorni fa
shake shack sucks
McGriddle69 - 26 giorni fa
After singing miserere mei deus it's weird to hear it in this context 😂😂
289pinto - Mese fa
You don't need your sunglasses inside anymore... Unpersonal.
Chad Ramirez
Chad Ramirez - Mese fa
I like Casey, but cmon; only assholes wear sunglasses indoors.
Alina Lundholm
Alina Lundholm - Mese fa
Oh my god it's been bothering me but I finally realized Casey's voice sounds super similarly to Neil Patrick Harris'!
DeezNutsInYourMouth - 15 giorni fa
not in the slightest...
Dominik Rank
Dominik Rank - Mese fa
refreshing lol
shut the fuck up
Nicholas Mastro
Nicholas Mastro - Mese fa
Anyone who says “pickled cucumbers” is a lunatic
John Doe
John Doe - Mese fa
this dude looks like sean penn
Jasper Pipes
Jasper Pipes - Mese fa
Casey is a tool
thunderlips76 - Mese fa
Who is this dude?
Matt Stew
Matt Stew - Mese fa
Sean penn?
Manuel Barsoum
Manuel Barsoum - Mese fa
Casey neistat go back to Lufthansa
MrBigbenny23 - Mese fa
4:45 youtube... a democratic platform?, long as you espouse everything the political left agrees with,if you don't you get demonetized and villified
Demon Samurai Hanzo
Fuck this asshole with his skateboard 🛹
Vezzlan Jansson
Vezzlan Jansson - Mese fa
Why ruin a Good burger show with Casey face on. God damn hate that guy
Gamrchronic - Mese fa
can people not wear sun glasses inside that would be ideal
pyongyang gang666
pyongyang gang666 - Mese fa
It's burgers. Get a grip.
Corey Black
Corey Black - Mese fa
Avocado sucks...but Quac is dope
The Neon
The Neon - Mese fa
PewDiePie reference... Liked it
MrBeast9000 - Mese fa
dudes face is just nose and glasses.
orphy - 2 mesi fa
That's cool they got Geddy Lee on this episode.
Synatra - 2 mesi fa
Casey is super dumb😂
cody brown
cody brown - 2 mesi fa
This dude has a huge nose
DotAuri - 2 mesi fa
When i binge watch videos like these, i become so happy to be alive.
It gives me hope, specially when they brought out the emila burger... god this world is so interesting.
Tkong 17
Tkong 17 - 2 mesi fa
To clarify for those who don’t know, all of the convenience stores in japan have a place for people to eat, if it’s full, people just eat outside of the store or at home, eating while walking is looked as rude behavior
Jack Uterhark
Jack Uterhark - 2 mesi fa
That little flashback at 10:20 :D
GMOB916 916
GMOB916 916 - 2 mesi fa
Yall need to take this fatass nigga out this segment for his own good
Seth Erdmann
Seth Erdmann - 2 mesi fa
fuck is shake shack
pprkt0 - 2 mesi fa
Philistinise ... I am triggered
Craftyeet - 2 mesi fa
Who came from the vlog??
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