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Chance the Rapper is a three-time Grammy Award winner and one of the most exciting names in hip-hop. He dropped his debut studio album, The Big Day, earlier this year, and you can check him out on Rhythm and Flow, a music competition series airing on Netflix now. But how his we spicy food? Find out as the Chicago native battles the wings of death and discusses everything from Kanye West's latest evolution, to the relationship between rap and the Chicago White Sox. Will he finally ditch his independent roots and sign to the Hot Ones label? Find out now!
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 2 mesi fa
Chance turning the tables and interviewing Sean got pretty deep. What would you ask Sean if you could sit across from him?
DirtyDavid - 13 giorni fa
@Devon Hanak or snoop
Devon Hanak
Devon Hanak - 13 giorni fa
Yo can yall plz do Eminem please
Get over It
Get over It - 24 giorni fa
I would ask him the question we all want to know: Sean, Bro, how long has it been since you took a normal shit?
DirtyDavid - 26 giorni fa
Wow he straight up admitted that the Sox hat has nothing to do with being a fan that in hip hop is the dichotomy of black vs white the alchemical symbolism of the duality of nature etc. Dude is illuminati or at least unwittingly works for them, though with celebrities I side with the former.
Giovanni Mitchelle
Giovanni Mitchelle - 28 giorni fa
I love your channel it’s so comfortable and cozy, I’m eating wings with chance right now ! Lol 😆
καμιά ψυχή
καμιά ψυχή - 5 minuti fa
Chance the fapper saying ' I made this' about any of his music is the biggest joke of 2019. Fucking scrub
DuWayne Smith
DuWayne Smith - 17 ore fa
chance wanna be a rapper says "I wanna fight you" from a hamster bite of a hot wing to Sean and not even close to the worst
jasmyne artis
jasmyne artis - Giorno fa
All that dairy can’t be healthy 🤢
Tasmanian Tortoise
Tasmanian Tortoise - Giorno fa
Yeah I like chance and all, but if he keeps biting ice cream with his teeth I will stop being so loyal.
reboi - Giorno fa
can u make this with oliver tree
Chowduh Supremo
Chowduh Supremo - Giorno fa
hey there's a really cool song called pineapple heartbeat check it out
David Baltzersen
David Baltzersen - 2 giorni fa
man didnt even let chance finish his story bout lil waynes recording style
AWILLY - 3 giorni fa
You should bring Uzi on one of these
opinions in ASMR
opinions in ASMR - 3 giorni fa
i’m really not a fan of the background music, esp as a headphone user. i don’t see a reason for it
thatrandomguy234 - 4 giorni fa
pls get charli xcx on this show
Doctor Catnip
Doctor Catnip - 4 giorni fa
This pussy is taking tiny, tiny bites!
I hate it when people do that!
Chris Leone
Chris Leone - 5 giorni fa
If I ever become famous, I'm lactose intolerant. You guys should stock some lactose free milk and ice cream so I don't have gas that melts people's eyeballs
Makes me wonder how many of the people are lactose intolerant too considering how common it is
Chris Leone
Chris Leone - 5 giorni fa
I would absolutely love to see hotter sauces on here. I recently picked up a bottle of "The End" which is 6,000,000 scoville units, I'd love to see something of that caliber on here
Rex Sterling Buchanan
Rex Sterling Buchanan - 5 giorni fa
First off I'd just like to say congratulations chance on coming out and producing your own music and not fronting on the fact that you are a Christian. Second of all I died in 2012 and I can tell you not to have faith or belief in God oh, what I can tell you is it God is real and he held me in his arms. Now, to carry on if a tree falls in the forest yes it makes a sound. Just because no one's there to hear it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Just like people who feel they have no voice they are trees in the woods we are falling all the time. We all make noises we all feel like we don't have a voice but in reality we are as tall as redwoods our voices count our voices matter. Or in another words if a feather is blown off the wing of a hummingbird during a hurricane that way and does not disappear but we all pray that it land somewhere nice. Great show guys....
Massimiliano - 5 giorni fa
skip to 16:38 for DA' BOMB experience
Jake Gibson
Jake Gibson - 6 giorni fa
What r the chances of me viewing this on the 15th? U understand right, u coming to Louisville, what r the chances?
Jacob Sigman
Jacob Sigman - 6 giorni fa
chance is like "how much milk and ice cream do you have?!?!"
MOORE Music - 6 giorni fa
You gotta get badlandschugs in this
Kbir Nesie
Kbir Nesie - 7 giorni fa
Kbir Nesie
Kbir Nesie - 7 giorni fa
And quavo, and Chris Brown
Kbir Nesie
Kbir Nesie - 7 giorni fa
Please cardiiiii
Kbir Nesie
Kbir Nesie - 7 giorni fa
I likes this !!!!
Phil Nimpson
Phil Nimpson - 7 giorni fa
He looks like Waluigi lol
Elizabeth Hughes
Elizabeth Hughes - 7 giorni fa
I’m not an interesting person but my dream is to be on hot ones to try that hot sauce
Melany Alas
Melany Alas - 7 giorni fa
I loved this one ❤️😭
Simoy smith
Simoy smith - 7 giorni fa
Yo I'm dead lmfao he said I wanna fight you
Steve H.
Steve H. - 8 giorni fa
Tyler the creator
Jajuane Taylor
Jajuane Taylor - 8 giorni fa
1 Hunnit
1 Hunnit - 9 giorni fa
Bobby is coming out!! Have him on Hot ones
Sahh Jay
Sahh Jay - 9 giorni fa
‘ Get out the Water Bob ‘ 🤣🤣🤣
UsoDan209 - 10 giorni fa
you should do a fan show. pick one lucky fan lol
The Ceren Kids
The Ceren Kids - 10 giorni fa
Do one with anuel aa
ZebraCakez - 10 giorni fa
Tf is wrong w ranch on some chicken wings ?!
Ashley Vazquez
Ashley Vazquez - 10 giorni fa
I think they're both gay and they liked each other. ...
Matthew Gower
Matthew Gower - 10 giorni fa
He deserves this after that thing he released
Gerald Watts
Gerald Watts - 10 giorni fa
Guys do you hear that "the shark is coming" music everytime shit get real around number 6 or 7 😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Don't Reply
Don't Reply - 11 giorni fa
If chance is making more shit like the Big Flop in his career, he doesn’t deserve to critique rap or hip hop at fuckin all, especially cardi b like nigga you really just begging for someone if you go with some uneducated, unauthentic, broken bars “all I talk about is my pussy” female rapper. If you can’t get good enough judges, and I know you can’t get Eminem especially if you have a low budget, but there’s still lesser known rappers that know their shit and can show it.
Caramel Kay
Caramel Kay - 11 giorni fa
“ I wanna fight you “ 😂😂😂😂
Caramel Kay
Caramel Kay - 11 giorni fa
Cory b.
Cory b. - 12 giorni fa
Stop coddling your guests lol
ThreeChordGuitar - 12 giorni fa
I still love Chance, but what a pussy :D "I want to fight you!" Bitch, you can't even sit still or handle your own mouth. You ain't fighting anyone. Funny.
Amani Boucher
Amani Boucher - 12 giorni fa
Hot damn hot water hot shower hot hot
Archer The Big Dog
Archer The Big Dog - 12 giorni fa
16:09 dat scream do
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez - 13 giorni fa
So no one is going to mention how he wiped his hat instead of his forehead 18:50 😂
Yousif Flaijah
Yousif Flaijah - 13 giorni fa
Can you do lil uzi vert next
Jess Yd
Jess Yd - 14 giorni fa
Chances’ laugh is beautiful 💕💕
Jess Yd
Jess Yd - 14 giorni fa
That laugh 😂😂😂😂💕
Jess Yd
Jess Yd - 14 giorni fa
15:10 I loved it!!😂❤️❤️❤️👏🏽
Anthony Conigliaro
Anthony Conigliaro - 14 giorni fa
Get Joe Rogan to open up the 2020 season
healthybuttrfly - 15 giorni fa
I gotta do VIC MENSA❣❣❣
Mr.Scroobly Doodles
Mr.Scroobly Doodles - 15 giorni fa
The heat hit so hard he stopped loving his wife
AGuitarFreekOfficial - 15 giorni fa
I would've loved to see Robin Williams on here
Mike Pettigrew
Mike Pettigrew - 15 giorni fa
Weak! Couldn’t even do if for his fans...(I’m not his fan)
Nightcore Bloodcore
Nightcore Bloodcore - 16 giorni fa
I want
Johnny Depp
Jennifer Lawrence (if she didnt already) and Chris hemsworth to try this please
Joshua Salazar
Joshua Salazar - 16 giorni fa
Tiffany haddish should be on hot ones but by herself without kevin 👌🏻
Moni Waters
Moni Waters - 16 giorni fa
If a tree falls and no ones around to hear it. Does it make a sound? Yes it does, what’s stopping the wildlife around the area from hearing it?
JessLynn C
JessLynn C - 16 giorni fa
He’s literally sweating! Wings must be 🔥 I wanna try 🤣
Vosges - 17 giorni fa
Tyler the creator should be in the hot seat fr
Anna Benjamin
Anna Benjamin - 17 giorni fa
I love chance what a great guy but this interview was boring I fast forwarded it until it got super hot
Boo Yah
Boo Yah - 17 giorni fa
Boring 😑
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