Clemson vs. LSU: CFP National Championship | College Football Highlights

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Clemson takes a double digit lead in the second quarter, but after that it is all LSU, as Joe Burrow pours it on with five touchdown passes and a score on the ground in LSU's 42-25 win to take the College Football Playoff National Championship.
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Stephen Calhoun
Stephen Calhoun - 17 ore fa
AJ Terrell is a good corner, but JaMar Chase is a better receiver.
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez - Giorno fa
Aj terrel made himself look bad like super bad
john lane
john lane - Giorno fa
Ja’marr Chase was eating up AJ Terrell all game
J Fred Knobloch
J Fred Knobloch - Giorno fa
I just wonder what it’s going to be when he has a sandwich named after him. Is it going to be some pastrami or corn beef or is it going to be something like smoked fried oysters? He is going to get a sandwich named after him either way so I would suggest that he pursues that pretty quickly!
Derek Warofka
Derek Warofka - 3 giorni fa
I analyzed this and Joe Burrow isn’t a good quarterback. Sorry people. A lot of his throws were wide open or the wide receiver some how caught it he only made on good pass. He going to turn into Jamarcus Russell
Damien Kirksey
Damien Kirksey - 3 giorni fa
This game was wack
Rick Pritt
Rick Pritt - 4 giorni fa
WR Chase for LSU is a best. Terrell covered him pretty well but Chase finding the ball despite good coverage by Terrell. I think Trevor Lawrence is cocky. Probably not used to losing or failing at anything in life. Hopefully this loss to LSU humbled him.
John Berry
John Berry - 5 giorni fa
As a South Carolina fan the play where Justin Jefferson broke Tanner Muse's ankles made me very happy.
Nic - 5 giorni fa
Love burrow but he’s for sure lost as a starter... announcer’s always be slippin
GapNow - 6 giorni fa
Bro go to second quarter 6:07 left and watch that play lmaoooooo . Number 19 got his ankles took
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson - 6 giorni fa
If you anything about football check chase out kid nice
GastonGross - 7 giorni fa
When Clemson’s linebacker got ejected Clemson’s defense just collapsed. Don’t get me wrong, no question that the best team won.
Ronnie Civella
Ronnie Civella - 7 giorni fa
When Trevor Lawrence got hit by Delpit you could see his tampon string hanging out.
Georgette Beacham
Georgette Beacham - 2 giorni fa
That's funny
meathdetal - 7 giorni fa
man what a season/game by burrow. just cool as it gets.
Parker t
Parker t - 7 giorni fa
Such an amazing season for LSU, as an OSU fan I wish we coulda played you guys though. Don't think we would have beat you, but I think it would have been a fun game.
Thunderbird 1
Thunderbird 1 - 7 giorni fa
Yeah as an Iowa fan, I don't think ANYONE would have beaten 2019 LSU. You guys might have made it more like 42-31 or something like that though, maybe 42-39.
Ozamataz Buckshank
Ozamataz Buckshank - 9 giorni fa
Hey espn, nfl nba and mlb official channel uploads full game on youtube bcos of everyone in quarantine. So i hope y'all can follow, *CFP 2020 final would be nice*
Steven Sode
Steven Sode - 9 giorni fa
Watching this while in quarantine.
*what if there were no football*
0:51 🔥🎥💚
👇 👇🔥
Cj Marthins
Cj Marthins - 10 giorni fa
Not gonna lie felt like the refs helped LSU a bit, but good game
ALTON SOILEAU - 5 giorni fa
Cj Marthins LSU penalized for more yards
Michael Porter
Michael Porter - 9 giorni fa
Cj Marthins how
Cedrick West
Cedrick West - 11 giorni fa
Glad no. 45 tapped tl16 on the helmet at 9:21
DAWGS Airsoft
DAWGS Airsoft - 12 giorni fa
When you play on rookie with arcade mode on.
Edwin Felix
Edwin Felix - 12 giorni fa
Sport of further education. College debt. Ffs America.
Darnell Darden
Darnell Darden - 13 giorni fa
This guy Chase exposed Clemsons corners
gerald 413
gerald 413 - 13 giorni fa
This was Burrow & LSUs' year! LSU 🐅
gerald 413
gerald 413 - 13 giorni fa
Do ya' ever get tired of watching Burrow throw that 30-40 yrd pass to #1!!!!!????
Max Stone
Max Stone - 13 giorni fa
For all the dislikes; Everything alright at home? I got a lime for your Coronav.
Cory the goat
Cory the goat - 13 giorni fa
Clyde Edwards went over 100 rushing yards in this game! Where's his highlights?
Shopz - 13 giorni fa
9:01 thats on defense the freak
Jake Shuford
Jake Shuford - 14 giorni fa
8:50 How in the world is that pass interference on Tee Higgins, clemson’s #5? If anything it’s pass interference on LSU’s #5. He literally just slipped. He wasn’t shoved.
Steve - 15 giorni fa
Lsu has some studs in that offensive line too I think they get very underrated
Steve - 9 giorni fa
Leon Roberson I did not know that. Thanks for that info!
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson - 9 giorni fa
No they won the best oline award
JordanForeverGoat 🐐
JordanForeverGoat 🐐 - 16 giorni fa
When Trevor Lawrence blew that kiss it woke LSU up
Hogan T.
Hogan T. - 13 giorni fa
Lol, yeah all them gayboys got exited then.
Graham Schwalb
Graham Schwalb - 16 giorni fa
I am a LSU fan but I have to Clemson they played a good game Geaux Tigers
White Ovos
White Ovos - 16 giorni fa
I swear joe burrow is a different breed
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee - 17 giorni fa
Clemson: LSU make a play. LSU at 2:00: hold my beer
*whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️*
1:08 💟🔥🔥
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee - 17 giorni fa
The poor girl qb got her feelings hurt
johnbs199 - 19 giorni fa
Clemson is lucky that first pass got called back. would have gotten ugly quick
Josh Cummings
Josh Cummings - 20 giorni fa
Please find another commentator to replace Chris Fowler , who can read the roster and call correct names in a National Championship! Also , someone who doesn't describe an offensive drive as sexy or not. Fans would appreciate it. Fowler =pro Clemson obviously.
Caleb Watson
Caleb Watson - 20 giorni fa
Best parts: LSU wins and no Bama in the game
Daniel Glen Timms
Daniel Glen Timms - 20 giorni fa
That never gets old!
Turav Alpha Cygni
Turav Alpha Cygni - 21 giorno fa
LSU missed all the filed goals this game.
Mr Dugas
Mr Dugas - 21 giorno fa
Never gets old National Champions GeauxTigers LSU 🐅🏈
12BJJohnson - 22 giorni fa
Great for LSU, but now everyone is leaving.
7 win season next year.
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson - 9 giorni fa
@Phillip Angeron so what year lsu only had 7 wins? Lsu always been a face of college football
Phillip Angeron
Phillip Angeron - 9 giorni fa
@Leon Roberson that's because you a joke
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson - 9 giorni fa
I dont remember the last time lsu only had 7 wins IF EVERRR
Phillip Angeron
Phillip Angeron - 17 giorni fa
I ll take the bet if I could I could use your money I like it when people show they speak and have no facts about the future. Your wrong it's funny
Raymond Jackson
Raymond Jackson - 22 giorni fa
There are literally bots in this comment section wow
Andrew Black
Andrew Black - 22 giorni fa
Anyone watching in March ?
David Vega
David Vega - 23 giorni fa
I’ll still never understand how that was offensive PI like man didn’t even push him or hold his jersey?
Derek Chatham
Derek Chatham - 23 giorni fa
1000 of these views are me alone
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson - 23 giorni fa
I remember at one time in the past Clemson fans thought they were untouchable & thought they were the real tigers
darkangelfeu - 24 giorni fa
It’s wide out
darkangelfeu - 24 giorni fa
Nvm the we
darkangelfeu - 24 giorni fa
Yep randy moss was a awesome we same as is son now
I know randy moss I knew his son did the same
Laura Poe
Laura Poe - 24 giorni fa
I am a Clemson fan but why the heck did LSU copy are mascot
Laura Poe
Laura Poe - 24 giorni fa
I am a Clemson fan but why the heck did LSU color are mascot
Ini Ubaha
Ini Ubaha - 26 giorni fa
Watching this still get me fired up!!
dusterbuster - 27 giorni fa
At 3:31 on this video- does anyone mention that Chase caught the ball with one hand? Not mentioned by Chris or Herb even after the replay (for a better view). His left arm gets tangled with the defender and (the ball) drops right into the bread basket/right hand. Perhaps someone somewhere else saw it- but it seems (to me) that this went unnoticed.
FlyestSavageEver isawesome
I was so happy LSU won cause Clemson fans were acting as if Lawrence was some God, but really he never played any competition at all till this game.
LetItSinkIn - 28 giorni fa
Joe Burrow has done it, he not only won the natty but broke Colt Brennan’s season TD Record (I’m ready for the draft)
RhynoEst92 - 28 giorni fa
Clemson vs LSU aka Terrell #8 also being used as NFL highlight footage
Baburo101 - 28 giorni fa
Here's a bet: Clemson will win the ACC again. 😂
D P - 8 giorni fa
Yup. They play absolutely no one.
Sun from our solar system
Sun from our solar system - 29 giorni fa
Thanks LSU!
-Ohio State Fan
Kenneth Womack
Kenneth Womack - Mese fa
They are so good
lecil2 - Mese fa
WHere is LSU rated in the new polls??? Not even in the top 10.  Who's #1  ---Clemson.
lecil2 - 16 giorni fa
Well Duh I see Clemson rated #1 in the 2020 polls. DUH you dummy.!!!
rivershark - 18 giorni fa
@lecil2 That would be LSU. Duh
lecil2 - 18 giorni fa
SO who is the mighty team????
rivershark - 18 giorni fa
@lecil2 Yes, Notre Dame is a high school team. They choke in big games and only handle cupcakes. Clemson plays nobodys until the playoffs.
lecil2 - 28 giorni fa
Most Likely HAHAHA
Victor Wroth
Victor Wroth - Mese fa
Number 9 is a KILLER!
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson - Mese fa
Love coming back to watch this lol
Hogan T.
Hogan T. - 13 giorni fa
So you love watching big boys in tights play grabbutt?
Donald Beard
Donald Beard - Mese fa
No doubt LSU by far the best team in college football and I'm a Bama fan always Roll LSU
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell - Mese fa
Joe reminds me a lot of an in his prime Aaron Rodgers
Corey Chatelain
Corey Chatelain - Mese fa
Joe Geauxt
It was kinda hard to root for either team, you had Clemson ( gets away with playing a easy schedule every year ) or LSU ( literally cheated every game )
Michael Porter
Michael Porter - 9 giorni fa
How tf did we cheat😐
JayyEx - Mese fa
Joe burrito is goated
bolithofly - Mese fa
Burrow is amazing
clifton beary
clifton beary - Mese fa
LSU is America's Team
Will Cosper
Will Cosper - Mese fa
Still disappointed that Clemson didn’t win, but LSU was obviously just a team of destiny. No one was beating them this year
rivershark - 18 giorni fa
Clemson is overrated. They play cupcake teams all year and then they lose when they played someone good.
Austin Moss
Austin Moss - Mese fa
This was a result of not playing anybody all year and when you finally do face good teams you just aren’t ready for the physicality and pace the good teams play with. Osu almost had em and LSU did have them. I know how it feels bc I’m a bama fan, we played nobody all year and when we played LSU we weren’t ready for how good they were. We got beat out right and that’s the way it goes.
Ducks Sport
Ducks Sport - Mese fa
Oregon is going to be in national championship next year
Ybn_litkid Litkid
Ybn_litkid Litkid - Mese fa
Clemson wh0?(just got my phone back)
Corbin Shaddock
Corbin Shaddock - Mese fa
Who’s still hyped about the Title🏈🔥💪😤😁🟣🟡🐯🐯!!!!!!!!!
therealrocknrollla - Mese fa
Clemson didn't get beat, Terrell did. Had his worst game of his career.
Craig Fletcher
Craig Fletcher - Mese fa
LSU just destroyed every one. What a season for the ages.
KiKi Aldrich
KiKi Aldrich - Mese fa
Please stop calling LSU the Bayou Bengals. Please. I get we have two Tiger teams here. But you call them that in all games. Ugh.
MrBundy15 - Mese fa
If you have a winning streak, don’t play LSU
MrBundy15 - Mese fa
Who cares. We gonna celebrate until next year champs.
therealrocknrollla - Mese fa
Next year they will be garbage
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