DaBaby Crushes Ice Cream While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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DaBaby is a breakout rap superstar in the middle of one of the hottest runs in hip-hop, with more than 20 songs on the Billboard chart in 2019 and the release of his debut studio album, KIRK-which, of course, debuted at No. 1. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Charlotte emcee takes on the wings of death in front of a LIVE audience at ComplexCon and discusses everything from his smash-hit "Suge," to his love of Krispy Kreme donuts. Don't miss the iconic hot wing ice cream dunk!
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 2 mesi fa
Thanks to everyone who came out to ComplexCon! Let's make it a full spice lord takeover next year.
Javier Diaz
Javier Diaz - 4 giorni fa
they gave him the hot sauce with sum bop in it
Jacob Anteau
Jacob Anteau - 22 giorni fa
also the audio and lighting is kinda garbage. Much prefer the studio
Jacob Anteau
Jacob Anteau - 22 giorni fa
Is this video shot in like 30 or 60 fps?
Rayquaza God
Rayquaza God - 28 giorni fa
How do I come I’d love to
N048 h363rt
N048 h363rt - 28 giorni fa
I just replied so that it’ll be 200 comments😂
Simply Trinity
Simply Trinity - 20 ore fa
I love him!
John Givens
John Givens - 21 ora fa
Bruh he tried to call Sean for flippin the wing and his ass did
LaLa's World
LaLa's World - 22 ore fa
Love DaBaby voice 🥰
Eternal style
Eternal style - 22 ore fa
Da baby is really handsome 😂😂😂🙌🏽😭
sadae busby
sadae busby - 23 ore fa
so he never takes off his grills huh , his teeth prolly DIRTY!!!
MOneficent Diamond
MOneficent Diamond - 23 ore fa
that's why I love DaBaby
Jarrett Camera
Jarrett Camera - Giorno fa
Damn he bagged shawty at the end when he was taking bout turtle necks
Ghost - Giorno fa
6ix8eight5ive ?
6ix8eight5ive ? - Giorno fa
No to the audience idea it just feels forced and it ain’t as good as a 1 on 1
Ty Banks
Ty Banks - Giorno fa
My boy sufferin
Bach Tran
Bach Tran - Giorno fa
:20 whats tf is that girl on the right doing
Ashley Campos
Ashley Campos - Giorno fa
I don’t like the crowd idea
Its Sariah
Its Sariah - Giorno fa
yo after watching this video i don't wanna hear no one talking bout how DaBaby aint chill cuz he be vibin hard.
Corisha Davis
Corisha Davis - Giorno fa
DaBaby over there dying halfway through lol he trying not to tap out
Daniel Vela
Daniel Vela - Giorno fa
Is he the 1st one to do it with a grill
Brian Kearney
Brian Kearney - Giorno fa
Da Baby really eating with his grill lmao
Daniel Son
Daniel Son - Giorno fa
Larissa Dash
Larissa Dash - Giorno fa
DaBaby: *pours water*

Dumbasscrowd: hahahahhahehahaahhah
jmacsss - 2 giorni fa
I like how Sean has always been able to get people to talk and keep the convo going. I wouldn't be able to do it.
Gavin Hardwick
Gavin Hardwick - 2 giorni fa
Who thinks dababy should be a youtuber
Jabbari Muhammad
Jabbari Muhammad - 2 giorni fa
Jameel Clipper
Jameel Clipper - 2 giorni fa
took that like a champ
King Tris 07
King Tris 07 - 2 giorni fa
It low-key looked like DaBaby was putting on lipstick
Linden Miller
Linden Miller - 3 giorni fa
Jordyn Young
Jordyn Young - 3 giorni fa
DaBaby:pouring water
Crowed:laughing rolling on the floor dying of laughter
AverageSavage - 3 giorni fa
You should get Matt Stonie or Brian Shaw up here
Keudaneko Shidute
Keudaneko Shidute - 3 giorni fa
Baby go baby on baby
Barbara L
Barbara L - 3 giorni fa
12:05 🤣🤣🤣 the meme
Ethan Cryder
Ethan Cryder - 3 giorni fa
DaBaby seems like one of the most respectful and intelligent rappers out there. He said “ I’m trying to watch my language cause I see some kids out there”
Luis Solis
Luis Solis - 3 giorni fa
DaBaby literally doesn’t show any emotion
Cypress Jane
Cypress Jane - 3 giorni fa
I like the old set up better. This live audience thing is stupid.
Khiara Castro
Khiara Castro - 3 giorni fa
“that’s what yo ass get”😭😂😂😂
Khiara Castro
Khiara Castro - 3 giorni fa
they need roddy ricch on this😂’
Cole Page
Cole Page - 3 giorni fa
yall need to get kevin gates on here
Michael Catalanello
Michael Catalanello - 3 giorni fa
He spits fire and shits fire
Tina Monique
Tina Monique - 3 giorni fa
Oreo - 3 giorni fa
2:23 gulps*
Sverre - 4 giorni fa
Dababy: Fuck it.
The crowd: HAHAHAHH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂AHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA
Myles SPONGEbob
Myles SPONGEbob - 4 giorni fa
This and Juice's had the potential to be some of the best ones but they were live :|
KDS - 4 giorni fa
DaBaby is the type of dude who eats hot wings with grills in.
Capitalhill 9000
Capitalhill 9000 - 4 giorni fa
My boy is really an under rated interviewer
Zane Marsh
Zane Marsh - 4 giorni fa
No one:
Dababy: you know
Łøomy - 4 giorni fa
dababy is the popular kid that literally does nothing and the whole class laughs
Miles Brewer
Miles Brewer - 4 giorni fa
That audience lame as hell
Abraham Ramos
Abraham Ramos - 4 giorni fa
I don’t like this but ig😒
Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima - 4 giorni fa
Please eliminate the crowd
Gabrielle Rogers
Gabrielle Rogers - 5 giorni fa
Da Baby is so cute
glamorous fatale
glamorous fatale - 5 giorni fa
this dude is not even black ! after the Third sauce he gets in pain !!!
Omar Gomez
Omar Gomez - 5 giorni fa
West side
DoraCantAim- - 5 giorni fa
Why baby look short
Aniela Muñoz
Aniela Muñoz - 5 giorni fa
why would he eat with his diamond grilzz
Big Babi
Big Babi - 5 giorni fa
Crazy how first we feast was so small and I was there for that I’m glad to see that it got big and is now very known to the public.
MyAccGot Hacked
MyAccGot Hacked - 5 giorni fa
My mans is eating chicken with grills
Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson - 5 giorni fa
The live audience... Yeeeahhhh never do this again lmao.
Fleonsky - 5 giorni fa
why the fuck is there a crowf
Michael Shean
Michael Shean - 5 giorni fa
Baby was just in Miami now he in LA he think he LeBron
Bow Bow Bow Bow
Bow Bow Bow Bow - 5 giorni fa
“Aye............ fuck it”
LORE’ K. - 5 giorni fa
Dababy is sexy asf 🤬😍 like damn his walk, his way of talking, the diamonds in his mouth like damn 😩😩😩
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