E-40 Asks a Fan to Save Him While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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E-40 is a hip-hop legend with more than three decades in the game, two dozen studio albums in his catalogue, and a burgeoning beverage empire that bears his name. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Forty Water bravely faces the wings of death in front of a LIVE studio audience at ComplexCon. Along the way, he breaks down his influential slang, discusses his friendship with Guy Fieri, and calls on the fans for a little assistance as the Scovilles heat up. You never know what can happen when Hot Ones goes live-don't miss this one!
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Season 7
Episode 6
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings
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First We Feast
First We Feast - Anno fa
Top-notch interviewing, right there.
Tony Maxwell
Tony Maxwell - Mese fa
Bring on kevin gates
JAPETHEONE - 3 mesi fa
The best part was that the audience thought it was funny.
Millie mill
Millie mill - 3 mesi fa
Bring Nas on please and mk sure I'm there when you invite him PLEASE!!!!!!! I WILL POUR HIS WATER
J Alcatrazz
J Alcatrazz - 8 mesi fa
Can u guys open a restaurant in Vegas with all the sauces and some wings so we can try too
BayChevy 510
BayChevy 510 - 8 mesi fa
The bay stand up!
Moto Johnny
Moto Johnny - 4 giorni fa
first one that hasnt completed the challenge, but i still like the guest.
Alex C
Alex C - 5 giorni fa
I hate this interviewer so much
Carolyn Etter
Carolyn Etter - 6 giorni fa
I don't feel that the crowd embraced 40 as he should have been. I luh dat main✊🏿
Gary Hussey
Gary Hussey - 9 giorni fa
E-40 has always been the man
Ash Collins
Ash Collins - 11 giorni fa
I dont know e-40... but i loved him here! Love his personality! Great show!
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris - 11 giorni fa
😂😂 17:46 CHICKEN!!!
Mo49 Alshaif
Mo49 Alshaif - 14 giorni fa
Bang bang niner gang
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney - 15 giorni fa
Yeah theze live audiences are a horrible idea..completly destroy the whole show....
Queen Bell
Queen Bell - 15 giorni fa
Milk ain't good for black people!!!
FrnnkEducation - 21 giorno fa
A wing lifeline. A hot ones first
FrnnkEducation - 21 giorno fa
What an interesting man
FrnnkEducation - 21 giorno fa
I b savin hoes. But they ain't shit
jaayyy000 - 21 giorno fa
Omg E40?! 😭 ru serious?!
This just made my day In this binge
Mario Aguilar
Mario Aguilar - 22 giorni fa
E40 is built like a boobah
Thomas Ward
Thomas Ward - 22 giorni fa
Skii skurrr 😂😂😂😂
true soldier
true soldier - 24 giorni fa
Mike Tyson
true soldier
true soldier - 24 giorni fa
Get Mike Tyson on here
true soldier
true soldier - 24 giorni fa
Mike Tyson
The Forgotten Guest
The Forgotten Guest - 24 giorni fa
oh my god i have had da bomb sauce
David Mendoza
David Mendoza - 25 giorni fa
You should have lynch on hot ones
Salvador Toloza
Salvador Toloza - 26 giorni fa
“You gotta stand for something if not you’ll fall for anything” - E-40
Jay Caldwell
Jay Caldwell - 26 giorni fa
“Yeah i like that. That’s fuckin around”
Sean Evans: *slightly confused*
Me: *slightly confused*
Sean Evans: You like that? Clap it up for Los Calientes
John Robinson
John Robinson - 27 giorni fa
Kevin gates should be on here
John Robinson
John Robinson - 27 giorni fa
Mike M
Mike M - 28 giorni fa
Quitting on hotones cannot be good for your career
TyDreads - 28 giorni fa
Had to see this after DaBaby tried this when someone said "Don't pull a E-40"
Mr potato
Mr potato - 7 giorni fa
Yep 😂
Voltic_ FUSION
Voltic_ FUSION - 9 giorni fa
Edgar Scott
Edgar Scott - 25 giorni fa
Edgar Scott
Edgar Scott - 25 giorni fa
Taylor Patrick
Taylor Patrick - 25 giorni fa
Nicki Love
Nicki Love - 29 giorni fa
@17:00 It's MuthaF&ckaz out there that like hot shyt....that HOT.....DAMNNNN!!! LMAOOO
SlaughTer 19XX
SlaughTer 19XX - 29 giorni fa
SlaughTer 19XX
SlaughTer 19XX - 29 giorni fa
E 40 seems so cocky to me.... TBH 🤷🏼‍♂️
Kalico David
Kalico David - 27 giorni fa
SlaughTer 19XX u a bitch
Sysylai Donald
Sysylai Donald - Mese fa
I didn't know Hot Ones did live shows. Lucked up and found this one with 1 of my fav rappers (there's very few of them). Def saving this one. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE E40!
This episode just made me LOVE THIS SHOW EVEN MORE!! I literally binged watched the first night I found it bout a few months ago. I'm super late to the show. I love how versatile they are with their guest selection.
This episode, just like others is funny as heck. I also loved how they allowed crowd participation on behalf of E40. I think anyone who goes on here is crazy. I could never, it'd be a waste of everyone's time. I wouldn't clear round one.
Hate to see my fav go in the HALL OF SHAME. However, I completely understand. Still on top of my list forever. This episode will be too. #Greatshow!! #Keepthemcoming! #BLESSINGS&PROSPERITY!
CrappyGamesStudio - Mese fa
2:47 red dead redemption 2 wot !!!
Lamar Dwayne Brown
Lamar Dwayne Brown - Mese fa
Kanye 11:28
SeanteBrown - Mese fa
40 ball....I’m so disappointed. You was supposed to put on. Smack dem down like champ
Horror Top 8s
Horror Top 8s - Mese fa
Water only makes it worse 😆
Sacha Severov
Sacha Severov - Mese fa
Mannnnn what fucking SJW cunt shouted "WHOA" when 40 quoted the hook to IDFWU? like she actually got triggered
Luke, I'm on TV
Luke, I'm on TV - 2 mesi fa
I like Snoop. But let's be real. He only had one good album. There's no way anybody is putting him above 2Pac on any rap list or "Mt. Rushmore"
joe Parra
joe Parra - 2 mesi fa
didnt even put mac dre on the rush wow
Real Talk
Real Talk - 2 mesi fa
RIP Nate Dogg
MrChrisproductions - 2 mesi fa
You know, bruh?
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