Gabriel Iglesias Does Wrestling Trivia While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Gabriel Iglesias is a stand-up veteran, entertainment powerhouse, and one of the best voice actors working today. But how is he with hot food? Find out as "Fluffy" battles the wings of death and discusses his outlandish food adventures, iconic wrestling catchphrases, and the keys to getting out of a speeding ticket. Don't be surprised when the scorching sauces bring some other "characters" out to play.
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Season 5
Episode 10
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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Joey B
Joey B - 4 ore fa
Please get the impractical jokers on here
rrecotta9972 - 16 ore fa
I can give you a shortcut how to debone wings if you want the secret if no finger way to do it extra basically itsy bitsy eating the meat off the bone yellow pill with figures the words one bite that's on you if you want free shows going towards people or yourself but eating a tamale what out athlete the same damn thing one bite challenge that's what I look at is he give him time basically to let the Heats chicken I should
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - 18 ore fa
Im not a big fan of his stand up, but he is a cool person
Bill Loman
Bill Loman - 19 ore fa
See, the problem with the upper range of sauces here is that they all taste like shit. They are just capiscum with nothing to add flavor or taste at all. Thats boring and stupid. Everything above Dawson's in this video is like that. Hot just to be hot is dumb, add some flavor
EpicAsian420 - 23 ore fa
What’s the point of making really hot hot sauce if no ones going to on eat it
Lane Kuper
Lane Kuper - Giorno fa
“Yeah I think I have to” 😂. That’s the best lol
Rob Hill
Rob Hill - Giorno fa
Pain is not a flavor, except maybe to masochists. Then again, they like having their balls squeezed in a vice. But you know it may be a great way to lose weight if every time you ate anything good it hurt like hell.
Barry the bee
Barry the bee - Giorno fa
Can somebody drink a shot of “da bomb”.
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins - Giorno fa
Ok but it's so wasteful to not finish the wing
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins - Giorno fa
VW bus? Do Americans have wrong names for everything?
Alex Reisner
Alex Reisner - Giorno fa
8:03 “Thank you papa John” that didn’t age well😂
beautyiskey52 - Giorno fa
What are you gonna do with a lawnmower oh idk maybe cut some grass 😂😂😂
Jefferie Miller
Jefferie Miller - Giorno fa
I'm new to this channel, is this where the Shaquille O'Neal meme cam from?
Esperanza G
Esperanza G - Giorno fa
Eat the wing fatty! Luv u fluffy
Glenda Bruner
Glenda Bruner - 2 giorni fa
Just subscribed, and right back at you 🤟
Adriana Ramirez
Adriana Ramirez - 2 giorni fa
Dammmm fluffy LMBOL
Taylor Cleary
Taylor Cleary - 2 giorni fa
6:07 “hey dere I done got this here for you” I’m fuckin dead lmaooooo
Cristopher Dominguez Diaz
If you drink any soda it's gonna make the spicy food worst!!!🔥😱
Caleb Brockway
Caleb Brockway - 3 giorni fa
I don't care how hit the wings are, would like to try those wings
Wood Knight9 LR
Wood Knight9 LR - 3 giorni fa
Big man little dogs weird combo
Raymundo Cervantes
Raymundo Cervantes - 3 giorni fa
Erin Vaughn
Erin Vaughn - 4 giorni fa
Oh boy ... your butt is gonna hurt 🤣
a 2
a 2 - 4 giorni fa
I love how all the guests get so real at the bomb
Brody Headings
Brody Headings - 4 giorni fa
16:27 “tHaT sOuNdS g0oD”
Bruh fluffy sounded like Batman 😂
Marshall B
Marshall B - 4 giorni fa
Lord jamar hahah
TextuRePro - 4 giorni fa
How many ads does this shit have... holy fuck
Daniel Asuncion
Daniel Asuncion - 4 giorni fa
Anyone notice Fluffy turning into a Tomatoe on the 4th or 3rd to the last wing lol
Agent Percival
Agent Percival - 4 giorni fa
Dan To Draw
Dan To Draw - 5 giorni fa
Bet I can do it
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 5 giorni fa
I love when his voice changes 🤣😂
Geoff Miller
Geoff Miller - 5 giorni fa
I bet those wings aren't even really hot tho.
Geoff Miller
Geoff Miller - 5 giorni fa
That dab looked like bird shit.
Geoff Miller
Geoff Miller - 5 giorni fa
Gabe is just a baby stuck inside a fat man who eats babies.
Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright - 5 giorni fa
Erichblas - 5 giorni fa
I feel sorry for fluffy. What goes in must come out.
MrMan - 5 giorni fa
At 3.00 Was that really a glazed do-nut with bacon, cheese & beef.....Really.....Suppose when ya pissed you eat anything
Sergrdz - 5 giorni fa
210 nigga
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - 6 giorni fa
Do you have to be famous to get in?
James Wilson
James Wilson - 7 giorni fa
Fluffy 😝😝😝😝
Demetri Cyvka
Demetri Cyvka - 7 giorni fa
Me and the fluffy man have the same Metallica shirt, fuck yeah!!
AvanCrazyTv - 7 giorni fa
Fluffy is the champ he clear everything LMAO
saturnative - 7 giorni fa
Could you do Roger Clark?!?
Lord Shaun Grant
Lord Shaun Grant - 7 giorni fa
Not 1 of them are hot it is awful that you get cheap shit that is bland and just disgusting
Stoner Strains
Stoner Strains - 7 giorni fa
I'm digging that Metallica shirt.
marco berkelaar
marco berkelaar - 7 giorni fa
fake fucking morron
TRIPPY LIFE - 7 giorni fa
Am I the only one who comes here to see the Da Bomb hot sauce reaction? No? Okay.
playa0789 - 7 giorni fa
cowfish is the shit
Stinkburger - 7 giorni fa
He's not funny at all...
potato potato ching chong tomato
"almost like a "don't do it" type of thing"
"..Ya wanna do it?"
Chris Sartain
Chris Sartain - 7 giorni fa
These ads have gotn ridiculous
skymaster4ever - 7 giorni fa
I remember when this show came out. Wow nice to see how much we have grown together. Thank you for being free :-)
minimin0425 - 7 giorni fa
I love Fluffy...But I couldn't care less of what he says. I want those wings and hot sauce! ME HUNGRY!😫
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson - 8 giorni fa
13ish minute mark: For those who think it's fake....
Dude, your face turning bright red shows it's not lol.
Arturo Coronado
Arturo Coronado - 8 giorni fa
jimo moon
jimo moon - 8 giorni fa
i dig the chocolate milk change :)
Cesar Rabadan
Cesar Rabadan - 8 giorni fa
The cake dad has arrived
Julian Gozzola
Julian Gozzola - 8 giorni fa
Have you ever done something for example . . . . Drinking a whole bottle of hot sauce for no reason at all
Vargas Lestrae
Vargas Lestrae - 8 giorni fa
You think these are hot? I've got three words, Gabe...
Monarch Studios V781
Monarch Studios V781 - 8 giorni fa
That Papa John bit didn’t age well
Karurosu R
Karurosu R - 9 giorni fa
I feel like "the bomb" hits more then the last dab
Jacob Aubertin
Jacob Aubertin - 6 giorni fa
My brother snuck Da Bomb into some Salsa a few years back. It was mostly sauce, but topped it with salsa to make it look legit. I survived, but my mother vomited.
Karurosu R
Karurosu R - 6 giorni fa
@Foreign Warren I watch some. Just noticed that they start dying when they hit the bomb
Foreign Warren
Foreign Warren - 6 giorni fa
👍 you've been watching a lot of hot ones lol
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