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Krisha Batheja
Krisha Batheja - 58 minuti fa
hold up .... help out a girl here ... im new to this channel... whats the scandal????
Brendan - 59 minuti fa
She needs the ad revenue for the legal bills lol
Bianca Jolyn
Bianca Jolyn - Ora fa
This comment section is so pathetic. Having pleasure in seeing people fail, no matter rich or poor, is the worst. Olivia is a young girl. And it isn’t Olivia’s fault she grew up rich. Just because most of us didn’t grow up rich and she can’t relate to our problems doesn’t mean we have to shit in someone who never got to any different. I’m tired of these CANCELED parties: it tears our community as a society down. We need to be there for one another as guide. Everybody is doing a shitty job in trying to make her realize the bigger picture. She’s in the middle of healing. Have some empathy pls.
roouit patan
roouit patan - Ora fa
Like her parents, this girl has NO shame. They are passionate about buying their way through life. Privileged scammers!
Ash Mindrup
Ash Mindrup - Ora fa
Everyone makes mistakes sweetie. You're under a microscope so your mistakes sadly are magnified. I will be watching regardless. Your videos always made me smile. I hope you're doing well. Smile honey. Things will get better ❤
Melad Esha
Melad Esha - Ora fa
i don’t get it, what happened ? she scammed her way into college?
I understand her mother will be starring in a new sitcom... "The Big House"
Troy - 11 minuti fa
@roouit patan Do you Trumptards do not know how to read. Lori is a Republican. It makes me feel good making you feel stupid lol.
roouit patan
roouit patan - Ora fa
Panetrain12 - Ora fa
No wonder she had to pay to get in.
sachabuttet - Ora fa
hey the comments will be harsh but don't let that discourage you from piking yourself up and trying to do sth great
Darlene Ortega
Darlene Ortega - 2 ore fa
You go Olivia, just keep doing ur thing and dont pay attention to haters. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to urself! All this stuff that happened is not ur fault. Keep ur head high! 🌝
Maddie Dillabough
Maddie Dillabough - 2 ore fa
waiting for the vlog need it asap ily so much
Kate Ramsay
Kate Ramsay - 2 ore fa
Krystan Maleknia
Krystan Maleknia - 3 ore fa
Hey Olivia, I cannot imagine what you are going through. Experiencing bullying on a whole larger scale. We preach about a no bullying society but when society is introduced to someone who did something bad what do we do? Hate on them and don’t let people forget their mistakes.
Yes what you did wasn’t moral and was unfair but we shouldn’t define you as that, I’m am quite sure you will learn from this and grow from it. It will take people time to accept it but just keep doing you, I have done questionable things that is considered shameful. If I lived life where people hated on me and reminded me what I did, I would break down and be depressed. I grew from my mistakes and refuse to let it define me. It is still in the back of head but all you can do is live your life. Honestly, some would say what I did is worse than you, I still have people who hate me from it and because of it has the wrong impression of me. People who don’t even know me which I find ridiculous, how can you judge someone without knowing them and based on one bad mistake. If we lived life judging everyone’s past, it would be a miserable society,,, oh wait,,, we do and it sucks.
All my life I have been known as a ditz and people would hate on me for that, just like people are calling you dumb, I used to change my personality because of this but realized I don’t care anymore and I am just going to be me. I love your personality and please don’t change that part. Just grow from this and ignore the haters. Rich kids get hated on but that’s all you grew up with. If you grow up with parents who want you to be perfect and get into the best school well of course you are going to agree with them and do what they say. It’s your parents! We are all victims of our prospective. I guess people just don’t understand.
Lars Tanctum
Lars Tanctum - 3 ore fa
To everyone who is wondering why she hasn't deleted comments - She may be functionally illiterate and is waiting to have someone read them to her. P.S Come back in 5 years when a new crop of munchkins is available to entertain.
alexis triplett
alexis triplett - 3 ore fa
Please don’t come back we were better without ur silver spoon baby drama
Renee Wright
Renee Wright - 3 ore fa
You are all horrible in the comments. I've watched many of her vids, I became curious, like a lot of people, after what happened. I saw nothing in vid after vid except a polite, humble, sweet, beautiful young woman. She didn't flaunt wealth, I think she genuinely loved YT, and just wanted to make everybody happy, including her parents. Wealthy people have been giving their children a leg up thru donations to colleges since the inception of college. Her parents are to blame, not her. Everyone deserves a second chance... If you see this Olivia, you hang in there. This too shall pass. ❤
ALF WIDERSEIN - 3 ore fa
Some of her earlier videos are really cringe worthy. Full of self ... Sorry honey, you ain't anyone's ideal .
Lars Tanctum
Lars Tanctum - 3 ore fa
USC ??? I'm still wondering how she graduated high school...
bananapie - 3 ore fa
You are cancelled Felicia
bananapie - 3 ore fa
Why hasn’t she shot herself yet
T C - 4 ore fa
umm.. girl so are you gonna actually apologise or..?
Richie Ricky
Richie Ricky - 4 ore fa
This popped up on my feed ... who is she ??? Never seen this lady b4
TheReady500 - 4 ore fa
Azzan Khan
Azzan Khan - 4 ore fa
To everyone disliking her video the reality is she didn't even know her mum was doing this and y'all are most. Likely hating on someone innocent
Chas - 4 ore fa
I was pissed when the college admissions scandal was brought to the publics attention and I voiced my opinion and I still stand by what I said but I also think that everyone deserves a second chance even the rich and over privileged. maybe now's not the time to try and make a comeback. allot of people are still pretty pissed over the whole situation because it shows that no matter how hard you work it's not always enough when you have the 1% of the world buying there seat at the table instead of getting it based on their own merit. I think you need to take this time to reflect. If people can forgive a YouTuber for posting a video of a man who committed suicide then maybe they can forgive you for a mistake that was made by your mom. because bullying you isn't rite either I hope you realize that opinions are like assholes everyone has one including me. eventually everything will get better it will just take time.I hope you have a happy holiday and that it is spent with those who mean the most to you.

Frechelle Jules
Frechelle Jules - 4 ore fa
Why is no one mad at USC though? They were aware and they were willing. yall wanna point fingers soooo bad
Tyce Abbott
Tyce Abbott - 5 ore fa
Nobody likes you spoiled ho
Salena S
Salena S - 5 ore fa
You’re already a rich snobby person get tf off YouTube no one was waiting for you to come back 😂🙄
Nicole Vardaro
Nicole Vardaro - 5 ore fa
Mommy's going to jail. How could u even show your face after this?? NO SHAME. Smfh!!
Arenita Turiaco
Arenita Turiaco - 5 ore fa
How about rowing lessons? I always wondered how celebrities looking practically illiterate obtained their university degrees, here you have the answer, happy falsehood
m3lm m9ry
m3lm m9ry - 6 ore fa
Wow you are finally back. I am so happy. I can't wait to see more of your videos as I used to before yay..
Jana Sou
Jana Sou - 6 ore fa
Honestly what‘s your problem? If you don‘t like her, go ahead and unfollow her! It‘s disgusting to see how many people are lurking around the corner just to see her fall. You are sick. Sorry but how is it possible to be so hateful while being happy? You are even more embarrassing than her actions. Be kind or go home.
Melissa Skillens
Melissa Skillens - 6 ore fa
Hi everybody! It’s me! A spoiled rich girl whose mother won’t see a minute of jail time because of white privilege.
Beatrice Ho
Beatrice Ho - 7 ore fa
Cant believe how many people here actually thinks being rich and famous makes your life easy and happy. How many people here that are vomiting hate on a human being. I am wondering what you are teaching your children or how you are treating people around you. I think they made a mistake, yes, but thats their karma. And what I say or do, is mine. Her or her family’s actions doesn’t make what you are saying any less okey.
Spreading hate and bullying is one of the ugliest things I know. This comment section is so contradictory.
Zama Dlamini
Zama Dlamini - 7 ore fa
You guys know she paid for these "thumbs up" right, no way she got that many likes.
Lona O
Lona O - 7 ore fa
Waiting for you?????? No one cares child no one cares
flamedancer44 - 7 ore fa
Too soon
PeachFlame - 7 ore fa
*insert guillotine gif*
PeachFlame - 7 ore fa
The French had the right idea of beheading the bourgeois
Ghost - 7 ore fa
Narcissistic barbie doll!?
Ghost - 7 ore fa
Stay off YouTube
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