HIGHLIGHTS | Liverpool 3-1 Man City (Fabinho, Salah, Mane, Bernardo Silva)

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Despite having some tremendous passages of play, City were stunned by two first half Liverpool goals. The first from fabinho and second from Mo Salah. City started the second half with drive, but conceeded a third as Sadio Mane headed from close range. Bernardo Silva got a goal back for the blues, but it proved only to be a consolation.
Liverpool stay top of the Premier League whilst City sit in 4th
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What's in a name
What's in a name - Giorno fa
Scores do no justice to the performance displayed by Manchester City. And I am pretty sure by now that referees, VAR etc are all in Liverpool's pocket.
Omar Sheikh Doon
Omar Sheikh Doon - Giorno fa
Just wow
Ahmed Alqadi
Ahmed Alqadi - Giorno fa
ليفربول.. قاهر الكبار واولعن السيتي
Vip Bandung
Vip Bandung - 2 giorni fa
Ho hooo... Liverpool yes...
Ghorib Syeiba
Ghorib Syeiba - 2 giorni fa
The VAR was troble ..... 😂😂😂
مصطفى امين
مصطفى امين - 3 giorni fa
Mo salah
Gloria Kongolo
Gloria Kongolo - 5 giorni fa
Flat. 17. Sheridan. Court. Ridgewood. Avenue. Manchester. Saheed. Soleye. Cause. Problems. Harassment. Bullying. People
Crusader Chatilon.
Crusader Chatilon. - 5 giorni fa
Why are city owners still wasting time with this over rated coach? Chase him away and bring in another. See the expensive and very good players he has but he can't do what a less glamorous team like Liverpool can. I don't know why they over rate this guy and mourinho? I am sure he earns higher than the Liverpool coach. If he can't win the champions league with this team then what is his worth? Living on past glory? The problem is that the success he enjoyed at Barcelona has made him look at himself as a god. He scattered Bayern Munich, then came to Manchester united and bought loads of players he liked and chased talented and dedicated players like Yaya Toure just to massage his ego. He couldn't even reach the champions league second round for two seasons. Had City got a level headed coach like the Liverpool coach or even former Leicester coach who won the league with unknown players, they could have won the champions league at least twice. Enough of him and mourinho and only a fool will hire them if they don't repent of their huge ego.
Vimal Shergill
Vimal Shergill - 3 giorni fa
You wrote a big paragraph and still nobody read it, don't worry bro, I'll read it for you👍
Obaid Al Ali
Obaid Al Ali - 6 giorni fa
2 handballs
Hamid alg
Hamid alg - 8 giorni fa
Mahrez is very efficient compared to Bernardo Silva. why João Cancelo and Kevin De Bruyne do not pass the ball to Mahrez. Mahrez lives hell in this team led by this racisite Guardiola. Yaya Toure, Samuel Eto'o ... were his victims in the past, today is the turn in Mahrez. I beg you Manchester City supporters do some things to help Mahrez.
MSC TheGamer
MSC TheGamer - 9 giorni fa
Hendra Ginting
Hendra Ginting - 10 giorni fa
Liverpool I love you👍👍👍👍👍⚔️
Aiden Nyutu
Aiden Nyutu - 10 giorni fa
I liked because man city were beaten
Victor Carvalho
Victor Carvalho - 11 giorni fa
badi bahro
badi bahro - 12 giorni fa
Guardiola racist Guardiola racist Guardiola racist Guardiola racist Guardiola racist Guardiola racist
Alan Silva Lobinho
Alan Silva Lobinho - 12 giorni fa
Vai perder pro Flamengo
Jim Kòi
Jim Kòi - 14 giorni fa
iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini 4 - 14 giorni fa
Come on LFC
Zillur Rahman
Zillur Rahman - 15 giorni fa
i think it is the best match
Zillur Rahman
Zillur Rahman - 15 giorni fa
i like the match
Hoàn Phạm
Hoàn Phạm - 15 giorni fa
Con qoai vat mcity da bi guc ngha chuc mung an phiu
Tweneboah Koduah
Tweneboah Koduah - 16 giorni fa
This Is Anfied.The Spirit Stands Still 👍👌
Mishel Serin
Mishel Serin - 16 giorni fa
trent handballed twice in which it should have been 2 penalties. WTF Michael Oliver
Racerton 4566
Racerton 4566 - 14 giorni fa
Mishel Serin Bernardo handballed the first sow however it was the correct decision.
Tyrell Rollins
Tyrell Rollins - 16 giorni fa
They are lucky sane was not around.
#alexander Arnold
umaru yare
umaru yare - 16 giorni fa
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Kik edwales47
Wickr jameson49
umaru yare
umaru yare - 16 giorni fa
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mohamed firaq
mohamed firaq - 16 giorni fa
Fabinho is the best player
Wanper 11
Wanper 11 - 17 giorni fa
SUBSCRIB channel WANPER 11 thank you
Arin Reis
Arin Reis - 19 giorni fa
Respect To City Putting Liverpool Names
Bimmer LFC
Bimmer LFC - 19 giorni fa
Worst commentator on planet earth.
hybe - 19 giorni fa
The cytizen nowsday are not serious they thought they got the last league and now they think its easy Liverpool will take champions leaf and premier league
FORD PRODUCTION - 20 giorni fa
Man city yoo
Marco Castro
Marco Castro - 20 giorni fa
Sadam Bahtoun
Sadam Bahtoun - 20 giorni fa
Guardiola doesn't like mahrez
Sadam Bahtoun
Sadam Bahtoun - 20 giorni fa
If I had entered Mehrez it would have been tied
Sadam Bahtoun
Sadam Bahtoun - 20 giorni fa
لماذا لم يدخل محرز افضل لاعب فالشهر خرجت فيه دعوات الجزائريين ونتكلم بالعربية افهمو ولا بات تزطل يا غوريلا تحيا محرز
The best mahrez
jordan nouaze
jordan nouaze - 20 giorni fa
Liverpool is the best Club in England
moha med
moha med - 20 giorni fa
Ryad Mehrez going from Manchester City, Guardiola must play Mehrez he is an important player
MoodMe Augmented Reality Face Insights
Shame on referee ! Shame on EPL, shame on VAR 💩💩💩
Yousef Brahmi
Yousef Brahmi - 21 giorno fa
The best solution to Mehrez is to leave this wretched and racist club
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