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Idris Elba is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, with an extraordinary career in film and television that spans more than 20 years and includes cult classics like The Wire. He's a renaissance man, a DJ, and the creator of his own fashion line, Two Hour Set. And now, you can catch him starring alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as "the hottest Hot One" takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from UK hip-hop legends, to Cockney rhyming slang, to the biggest slapper in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats." You don't want to miss this one!
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Season 9
Episode 10
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 5 mesi fa
Which was the best Idris story?
A) Getting cast in The Wire
B) Hanging with Drake and Nipsey Hussle
C) Convincing Jay Z to let him on the American Gangster album?
Renato Gjokaj
Renato Gjokaj - Mese fa
First We Feast B definitely
Cosmic Goddess
Cosmic Goddess - Mese fa
A- casting story 👍🏻
Daniel Capel
Daniel Capel - Mese fa
Jimothy Dr Strange
Jimothy Dr Strange - 3 mesi fa
500th reply
René L
René L - 5 mesi fa
Ellis Cleveland
Ellis Cleveland - 19 ore fa
Oh god, he must be so embarrassed for starring in Cats
Sissivanska - Giorno fa
Idris has now officially gone past Denzel on my fav actor's list. Wings down.
Gabriella - Giorno fa
So you guys know all your pics aren’t of idris right? Woow 😂
Norman Laidlaw
Norman Laidlaw - Giorno fa
19:27 when she's giving you head, then thanos snaps
Norman Laidlaw
Norman Laidlaw - Giorno fa
19:27 when you late on you're child support and the police show up at your crib
Jason Brown
Jason Brown - Giorno fa
I Love how guests who have seen the show before ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING? when they do the last dab.
Jeni Tapia
Jeni Tapia - Giorno fa
I’ve had the biggest crush on him. So happy he got to be on my favorite show!!!!
JR Reed
JR Reed - Giorno fa
Idris: “Chris, you have forgotten the face of your father”!
acLewBert - Giorno fa
19:14 Da Bomb hot sauce. What y'all wanted to see. #yourewelcome
I Smell Panties
I Smell Panties - 2 giorni fa
19:27 when NBA Youngboy kisses you
sotsu - 2 giorni fa
Jesus: *is at the last supper*
Judas: Well since it’s your last meal- I mean... Sunday...
Jesus: 19:27
ModestCZB - 2 giorni fa
I wanna be on this show
TheRedHood - 2 giorni fa
22:30 you’re welcome
Davey Daf
Davey Daf - 2 giorni fa
19:27 when Dajjal meet Mahdi
Strongarm Rebel
Strongarm Rebel - 2 giorni fa
Uk hip hop and didn't mention Derek B c'mon bruh
Juan Tellez
Juan Tellez - 3 giorni fa
Get Floyd Mayweather he says hes the champ
Brendan Kennedy
Brendan Kennedy - 3 giorni fa
"smell of gasoline going through the thing." He really knows his cars.
pbee73 - 3 giorni fa
I love when they do that distorted picture and sound FX after someone starts choking or being affected by the heat hahahaha
Nikos Thanopoulos Sarlis
Nikos Thanopoulos Sarlis - 3 giorni fa
Get Dave Chapelle pleaaaaaase.
Dog shit Has feelings too
European man contracts the bubonic plague,circa 1347,colorized. 19:27
Matt Parsons
Matt Parsons - 3 giorni fa
How is this guy not James Bond, yet?
Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball - 3 giorni fa
When Magic Johnson says he put his blood and tears into the food
山爪míku - 3 giorni fa
19:28 this turned into a meme
Delray Brewer
Delray Brewer - 4 giorni fa
19:58 how the fuck did he just pronounce "Adidas"? Ad-did-dass. Wow, it took me forever to get what he was saying.
꧁༒ Edie ༒꧂
꧁༒ Edie ༒꧂ - 4 giorni fa
Who else here just to see the original of the meme 😅
randzioful - 4 giorni fa
Is Idris drunk or he's like that all the time?
It Hurts To Live
It Hurts To Live - 4 giorni fa
Genevieve Lewis
Genevieve Lewis - 5 giorni fa
Tay Norman
Tay Norman - 5 giorni fa
I'm sorry, but when I just LISTEN to Idris Elba without looking at who's actually talking...I hear Gordon Ramsay.
FINN VALOR - 5 giorni fa
Idris Elba is a cannibal for eating something as hot as him
Alcazar Steven
Alcazar Steven - 5 giorni fa
19:27 when they ask you if you can be a cast of cats
Luiger04 - 5 giorni fa
Really nobody:
All the coments of the video:
CREW BEATS - Giorno fa
That's basically everybody.....🙄
Popo - 2 giorni fa
Nobody: Literally Nobody: No one ever: Not a single living organism: Me: You: Him: Sister: Wifes boyfriend: Really Nobody: shut up...
Laury Maxis
Laury Maxis - 5 giorni fa
literally only here cus of all the memes i’ve seen on twitter 😂😂
bro boss
bro boss - 5 giorni fa
19:27 When Hitler saw USSR's 35,000 tanks.
Wide Dog
Wide Dog - 5 giorni fa
Woman drops 100 dollars and I pick it up. “Hey this is John quiñones with what would you do?” Me: 19:27
Lucid_ UnKoWn
Lucid_ UnKoWn - 5 giorni fa
24:48 When you invite your girl over to play SMASH and she starts taking off her clothes
GWL292 - 5 giorni fa
19:27 Me when I drink flavored water
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas - 6 giorni fa
Cats tanked!
Jshim The Brimmy
Jshim The Brimmy - 6 giorni fa
*Amateur brings water to Gordon Ramsey*
Gordon: 19:27
Lisandro Gomez
Lisandro Gomez - 6 giorni fa
Mans went from british to oh shit Im dying
Jevo43 - 6 giorni fa
19:13 right here 😂
Just A Meme Expert
Just A Meme Expert - 6 giorni fa
19:27 when mosquitoes bite The Rock
Rejector71 - 6 giorni fa
19:27 Me seeing Vore art
MochaDestiny - 6 giorni fa
Me: doesn’t give up seat for pregnant lady
John quinones: *comes in with camera crew*
Me 19:27
ryze298 - 6 giorni fa
omg heilmdal!!
PHNX - 6 giorni fa
Why do americans say "have an accent" when refering to "non-americans" ?
You - 5 giorni fa
ShadowHwkX7 - 6 giorni fa
"I fear no one.. but that THING (Bottle with Atomic Bomb).. it haunts me"
click bait
click bait - 6 giorni fa
the way i found this video was by searching “black guy hot ones”
Fishy_Barrett - 6 giorni fa
Quiet kid Is bullied
the quiet kid cocks his ak47
The bully: 19:27
Robert Duran
Robert Duran - 7 giorni fa
My Black Friend: Yo, you want some Kool-Aid?
Me: yea!
*after drinking it* : 19:27
Grant MacDonald
Grant MacDonald - 7 giorni fa
When you bite into a very hot chicken wing 19:27
kaza blancas
kaza blancas - 7 giorni fa
19:27 Judas when Jesus tells that someone will betray him
Baby yoda
Baby yoda - 7 giorni fa
19:27Heimball when get killed by thanos
Meme Dealer
Meme Dealer - 7 giorni fa
19:27 When you thought the WWIII memes were just joking and you see a draft notice from the Government a day later
bre memes
bre memes - 7 giorni fa
Fuck you charles minor
Ap 1k
Ap 1k - 7 giorni fa
19:27 when your trying to drink soda and then your friend makes you laugh so hard that the soda goes up you nose
GrimZ Zoid
GrimZ Zoid - 7 giorni fa
This the man from fast and the furious 10 right?
Eetu Saartila
Eetu Saartila - 6 giorni fa
Eetu Saartila
Eetu Saartila - 6 giorni fa
Ap 1k
Ap 1k - 7 giorni fa
19:27 when you have that one eye lash that falls into your eye ball be like
Nothing at all
Nothing at all - 7 giorni fa
19:27 7 years old me when i ate toothpaste
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