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Is This Contestant Really Lip Syncing? Judges stop contestant Aida Nikolaychuk from The X Factor Ukraine... wait until you see why!
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Andreea C
Andreea C - Ora fa
I can't remember how many times I returned to this video
Chitra Naava
Chitra Naava - Ora fa
I don't know the meaning of this song but madly addicted to this video
Savannah Casey
Savannah Casey - Ora fa
The ear rings
Random Name
Random Name - 7 ore fa
Plot twist: Her talent is actually lip syncing
Cheese Kimbap
Cheese Kimbap - 10 ore fa
*Autotune was created in 1998*

Artist in 1997:
dead mau57_
dead mau57_ - 12 ore fa
In the yellow
dead mau57_
dead mau57_ - 12 ore fa
After she was done singing that girl clapped hella weird
Glowstick :p
Glowstick :p - 14 ore fa
Sings good
Them:it’s fake
Isabel Shanar
Isabel Shanar - 15 ore fa
Bro them judges didn’t even apologize to her!!! They suck
Sonic Hedgehogged
Sonic Hedgehogged - 19 ore fa
how could she lip sync the technicians would KNOW though
mahesh karukachal
mahesh karukachal - 20 ore fa
She is awesome 😘
mahesh karukachal
mahesh karukachal - 20 ore fa
killer_benfica 13
killer_benfica 13 - 22 ore fa
*How tf did i ended up here*
Asanthi Deepani
Asanthi Deepani - 22 ore fa
Are you from heaven
Olivia York
Olivia York - 23 ore fa
There is digital effects on it you can fear it the first time I’m not saying it’s fake but she was using digital effects the first time
Jayden Gacha
Jayden Gacha - 23 ore fa
She the song better than the original song
Notoriginal Oí
Notoriginal Oí - Giorno fa
The turns have tabled
Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness - Giorno fa
2:04 how her mouth is way to far from the mic and the tone is still the same
Emad Makishima
Emad Makishima - Giorno fa
Clearly plotted.
Anindyka Shah
Anindyka Shah - Giorno fa
her voice has an unique effect... 😁 oh wow
Hugh Bockett
Hugh Bockett - Giorno fa
They obviously check the tape before you come on anyway so of course she wasn’t lip syncing
papaya milk
papaya milk - Giorno fa
if this ain’t scripted I don’t know what the frick is going through those judges heads-
Agent Doodle
Agent Doodle - Giorno fa
I can't understand her but her voice is beautiful. I only speak one language, but i wish I could speak more languages. I'm just too lazy to learn another one.
Kruthiga Sweety
Kruthiga Sweety - Giorno fa
Devil judge's.... Angel singer👸
one love sister forever kkom
what language is that do you know????
Rokaleta R
Rokaleta R - 2 giorni fa
3:28 - 3:30 😂😂😂😂
The Yellow Bull
The Yellow Bull - Giorno fa
Now that was a bruh moment
My channel Rosenkrans
My channel Rosenkrans - 2 giorni fa
Why does she look like that Grandma who lives in like Europe and is fancy and the only one that is mentally ready for a funeral
LifewithDarya - 2 giorni fa
she sounds like an actual angel i-
Shang Gorme
Shang Gorme - 2 giorni fa
Omg!! I been listening and omg like omg it's soooooooooooo amazing!!!!
Nuraamin Syam
Nuraamin Syam - 2 giorni fa
Omg suaranya, sampe-sampe dikirain lip syncing oleh juri.
MiAlex 05
MiAlex 05 - 2 giorni fa
People are really like that:
They don't believe how beautiful people performed
And if the performance was not ok (who tried their best), they expect them to do beautiful stuff
Renya Karasuma
Renya Karasuma - 2 giorni fa
Bobong judges
daniel ogg
daniel ogg - 2 giorni fa
i fell in love with her voice the first time i heard this. then i realized the reason for their reaction. the microphone has a loose element in that vibrates along with her voice. incredible, beautiful girl with amazing voice made even more amazing by i minor malfunction in the equipment. she deserved to win. i wish she was fluent in english. we need a talent like hers in the u.s.
BearFrom YT
BearFrom YT - 2 giorni fa
Uno Reverse Card :P
javed ebrahim
javed ebrahim - 2 giorni fa
I like her expression when they asked her to sing again like it was gonna be a disaster but she was like back in your faces judges. U like judges but dont judge too soon
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - 3 giorni fa
Just saying
She won
Has here own youtube channel and has a career in singing
Tylerz . Illy
Tylerz . Illy - 3 giorni fa
Singer:*sings so good*
Mind: shut up bruv cuz you ain’t got a talent like that
•*Little Lullaby*•
•*Little Lullaby*• - 3 giorni fa
Jhinal Rajput
Jhinal Rajput - 3 giorni fa
Can't understand the language....but I always enjoyed, when listened to it...
Asima Ahsan
Asima Ahsan - 3 giorni fa
What is a capella?
marley rochester
marley rochester - 3 giorni fa
Judges: can you sing again please
Aida: honey,

*you got a big storm coming*
Blissxfull_Mxnchy! 7381
Blissxfull_Mxnchy! 7381 - 3 giorni fa
They didn't even apologise at all... Very disappointed! :(
_R.N.04_ Bluefaceb
_R.N.04_ Bluefaceb - 3 giorni fa
Yeah almost does sound fake
Andi_Pasolangi Petta_baso
what is the title this is song?
Itzel Russell
Itzel Russell - 3 giorni fa
Her makeup tho-
Al G
Al G - 3 giorni fa
StupidVideos HD
StupidVideos HD - 3 giorni fa
3:24 lmao that girl just waited to clap
Arfistic Wolf
Arfistic Wolf - 4 giorni fa
Instead of complementing her they should have gave at least the smallest apology. Even if it was a “complement” it still was a bit rude
It really is not that hard to say “I’m sorry” that’s a 2 second sentence.
Leonides Castro
Leonides Castro - 4 giorni fa
Amazing 😍 perforce very true indeed 😃💓🌎
James Evangelista
James Evangelista - 4 giorni fa
They were suspicious because of the echo's. I think🤔
Anuj V
Anuj V - 4 giorni fa
Judges: are u real ??
She: No, its actually a CD player stuck in my throat
s_ shaddows.
s_ shaddows. - 4 giorni fa
I bet the judges use auto tune they do on all of these shows tho don’t believe it study it then come back to this comment it’s been proven they do and these people who are compete don’t need it
Emily Victoria
Emily Victoria - 4 giorni fa
*her voice is a paid actor*
Heartless Mimi
Heartless Mimi - 4 giorni fa
Auto Tune?
What’s that?
Morgan Charles
Morgan Charles - 4 giorni fa
The sky is moaning
Simeon Gvozdev
Simeon Gvozdev - 4 giorni fa
How come 77% of people think that she isn’t lipsyncing?
•Blue Winters•
•Blue Winters• - 4 giorni fa
Such an amazing voice♡ (Jealousy strikes again)
Hikmaat Bsnet
Hikmaat Bsnet - 5 giorni fa
Wtf. They should apologize. She is more talented than them.
Keng Yang Kam
Keng Yang Kam - 5 giorni fa
Dont say autotune has left the chat

Because it never joined
amy wellman
amy wellman - 5 giorni fa
I think the backtrack over shadowed her and thats why they though she was lip syncing
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