Is This The Best Audition EVER? 4th Power Smash It! | X Factor UK

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Is This The Best Audition EVER? 4th Power show us how to smash an audition! Get ready guys!
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Shirlyn Escaño
Shirlyn Escaño - 9 giorni fa
Still watching this..january2020
Hazel Fabrigar
Hazel Fabrigar - 10 giorni fa
What more if its the AEGIS who sang and auditioned in their front. They're sisters too with amazing, rock and powerful voices.
Myrene Celira
Myrene Celira - 11 giorni fa
The answer is already in the thumbnail
Yell Sayson
Yell Sayson - 11 giorni fa
Remember this is love performance and they sound so good no autotune.
Kellyanne Silva
Kellyanne Silva - 17 giorni fa
Carl Gaudia
Carl Gaudia - 18 giorni fa
Proud to be Filipino
Choose One
Choose One - 18 giorni fa
Amira- The singer
Selena- The pretty girl (they are all beautiful)
Mirene- The dancer
Milene- The rapper

All=10000000000% completed
Minkyu_ Mingyu09
Minkyu_ Mingyu09 - 23 giorni fa
Alie Balayang
Alie Balayang - Mese fa
I just wonder what happened why they didn't win..
Anime Fan
Anime Fan - Mese fa
This is amazing and if people hate them than I'll be like:
You need to get your ears fixed.
neosapiens - Mese fa
Yes it *IS* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lalramz Seepaul
Lalramz Seepaul - Mese fa
D best by test
Rich Sage
Rich Sage - Mese fa
SB19 x 4th Impact
SB19 x 4th Impact - Mese fa
It's already December 2019! Still watching? Can't move on in this audition? Me too 💜
madhusrilatha kuchibhatla
Who r still watching in December 2019
Faye Dixon
Faye Dixon - Mese fa
Why where they eliminated? All four girls are extremely talented. I watching November 2019 over and over.
Martin Kulkarni
Martin Kulkarni - Mese fa
How do over three thousand areseholes down vote these adorable brilliant singers?!
Hannah M
Hannah M - Mese fa
Filipinos ain't playin
Teddy Kyer
Teddy Kyer - 2 mesi fa
Not only Wonderfully Beautiful, but these ladies "can " sing.Best girl band Ever!!!! Love them.!!!!!!!!
Jory Marc Bebing
Jory Marc Bebing - 2 mesi fa
Almira- Voice 😁
Irene - Leader 😄
Mylene -Sassy 😆
Celina - Sexy 😅
Cali Bleu
Cali Bleu - 2 mesi fa
BEWARE!! phillipinas with a mic 🎤 in they hand DID NOT COME TO PLAY!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽
random user that wastes your time
imagine the person who is auditioning after them
random user that wastes your time
I kinda think most of the time they're yelling........ just saying
Cris - 2 mesi fa
This is the best girl group, or maybe girl group audition in the universe who joined internationally competition. The choreo, voices and blending etc. were so fantastic. God bless you, 4th Impact! I am so proud of you, girls! 💖💖💖👏
Fernan Alvir
Fernan Alvir - 2 mesi fa
150 million views in official X Factor account as of November 2019.Listening 4 times using B&O head phone. See the difference.
Roger Wiseman
Roger Wiseman - 2 mesi fa
Omggggggg there so good 4 th power
Car Mina
Car Mina - 2 mesi fa
Watching Nov 2019!
Watched this video a hundred times now.
Filipino here!!
Richard Ashton
Richard Ashton - 2 mesi fa
The four girls are more than brillent . The best I've ever seen for years and years. Go girls
Solange Sol
Solange Sol - 2 mesi fa
Mawa Momo
Mawa Momo - 2 mesi fa
When u find simon smiling? *It's gotta be something*
Martin Kulkarni
Martin Kulkarni - 2 mesi fa
John paul acalain
John paul acalain - 2 mesi fa
Who's still watching this November ??
mel bermundo
mel bermundo - 2 mesi fa
musmanTubes - 2 mesi fa
Watching this in November 2019??
Ashley Hoàng
Ashley Hoàng - 2 mesi fa
Irene 💖
Celina ❤
Mylene 💙
Almire 💛
IssaMeAiden - 2 mesi fa
If they were in America’s got talent they would got the golden buzzer for SURE 🔥🔥
Sebi the gamer
Sebi the gamer - 2 mesi fa
Omfg. This 4 girl have so much power in their voices. I hear this song like 100 times ??? Omg omg
It’s better than the original version
keullaliseu jeiseun
keullaliseu jeiseun - 2 mesi fa
Still watching this in November 2019 💕
Eps Vlogs
Eps Vlogs - 2 mesi fa
Still watching November 2019
Pablo Aguila
Pablo Aguila - 2 mesi fa
4 great voices. These girls are super'professionals. And this coming for someone who never paid attention to this kind of music'rap.
Mark donan
Mark donan - 2 mesi fa
Im proud because im a filipino!❤
alanwake 4tw
alanwake 4tw - 2 mesi fa
Who is still watching this in November 2019😜
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb - 2 mesi fa
Loved it when I first saw them on here and still watch it over and over
Darwin Vonschirmer
Darwin Vonschirmer - 2 mesi fa
amazing performance. vocals, dance. just asome .
imran khan
imran khan - 2 mesi fa
This is the best audition ever.
Kenia Perez
Kenia Perez - 2 mesi fa
2019 anyone?
Rajen Basdeo
Rajen Basdeo - 3 mesi fa
Currently ignoring life and bingeing 😊
Rosephil Reyes Pagligaran was so great . i really must say that filipino are all talented
Gacha Player
Gacha Player - 3 mesi fa
Every Filipino can sing and dance!! 👍
Henrique Pinto
Henrique Pinto - 3 mesi fa
At @2:33, Almira does the sign of the cross. That's how you know they are real people.
Keith Rideout
Keith Rideout - 3 mesi fa
The loneliest cowboy zombie gives props up to power to the 4th
Albina Jeta
Albina Jeta - 3 mesi fa
Still bad auditions are way more interesting.
Albina Jeta
Albina Jeta - 3 mesi fa
I thought they are going to be bad
Sandra blackrose
Sandra blackrose - 3 mesi fa
Who is cutting onions from my eyes 😅😅
rosemarie cuadra
rosemarie cuadra - 3 mesi fa
pilipino talaga
z9944x -
z9944x - - 3 mesi fa
Us Usa
Us Usa - 3 mesi fa
Yes! All female power in 4 small packages. I can't speak a word of Filipino and they blew me away in English. When you got 'it', it doesn't matter where on the Earth you're born, because you must be stars from heaven. Thank you ladies!
MsLindamee - 3 mesi fa
And they can all sing,,,,,,different to most girl or boy bands !.!.!
Pyniohbor Kurbah
Pyniohbor Kurbah - 3 mesi fa
Having the time of their life.
Mio chan
Mio chan - 3 mesi fa
I heard the Philippines and I knew this was about to go down! Go Philipinos 🤣
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