Italy vs Portugal 3:2 - All Goals & Extended Highlights RESUMEN & GOLES (Last 2 Matches) HD

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Italy vs Portugal 3-2 Resume From Last 2 International Friendly Matches HD
1) Italy vs Portugal 2-2 (2008)
2) Italy vs Portugal 1-0 (2015)
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Italy vs. Israel: World Cup 2018 Qualifying Live Stream, Preview. Italy continue their World Cup Qualifying campaign on Tuesday with Israel the visitors to the Mapei Stadium.
HUNGARY 0 PORTUGAL 1 Hungary 0 Portugal 1: Andre Silva’s second half strike edges the visitors closer to World Cup qualification against ten-men
Isco runs the show as Spain thrash Italy 3-0 in World Cup qualifying. MADRID -- Spain had too much quality for Italy in Saturday's big World Cup qualifier, rounding out comfortable winners.
Cristiano Ronaldo takes time out to meet young superfan ahead of Portugal's crunch clash with Hungary.
Portugal vs Italy 1-0 ~ All Goals & Highlights Friendly (16/062015) [HD]
Italy 3-1 Portugal - 06.02.2008 Friendly Match Highlights
Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Italy (06/02/2008)
Italy vs Portugal 0-1 All Goals & Highlights Friendly. 16/06/2015

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Italy vs Portugal 3-2 *Summary Result* from Last 2 International Friendly Matches HD
1) Italy vs Portugal 2-2 (2008)
2) Italy vs Portugal 1-0 (2015)
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A seleção do portugal sempre é melhor que a da italia
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Esse jogo e veio
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Agora que agente ve msm a importancia do jogador na seleçao ... com time menores expressao arrebentam ...agora quando pegam.time competitivo a estrela diminui um pouco
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