James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Following in the bold footsteps of Key & Peele and Banks & Steelz, James Franco and Bryan Cranston close out Season 2 of Hot Ones by becoming the third twosome to take on the wings of death. The co-stars of "Why Him?" break down their facial-hair history and share crazy pre-fame experiences while tackling some of the hottest sauces on the planet.
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Season 2
Episode 44
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings
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Heisenberg Blue
Heisenberg Blue - 16 ore fa
The Masterpiece = The Disaster Artist
Ledo the Kind
Ledo the Kind - Giorno fa
Is nobody going to talk about the “They never did catch me” line????
Andrew - 2 giorni fa
James Franco is not the person I thought he was. He has some serious social anxiety. I recognize that “I’m dying inside” look. I have that look on my face anytime I have to open my mouth to anyone outside my family 😆
i'm CaRNaG3
i'm CaRNaG3 - 2 giorni fa
Nothing better than watching Heisenberg and Harry Osborn eating hot wings
breanna ell
breanna ell - 2 giorni fa
am i the only one who heard the whole slice up an Asian in a wok thing hahahahahah omg
FTL OP - 4 giorni fa
Pretty good one. Wish they had done da Bomb.
Mitch Beley
Mitch Beley - 4 giorni fa
Put some more sauce on the wings. They look naked.....weakshit
TOOLruls - 4 giorni fa
just get him a full large toolbox (preferably red).. that would do it
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller - 4 giorni fa
Bryan Cranston is the greatest human being alive
MrFrogg Kokak
MrFrogg Kokak - 5 giorni fa
Iron man and Deadpool really need to do this. Seprately. Ryan and RDJ will be awesome. 🤙
Colonel Panic
Colonel Panic - 5 giorni fa
If you want dad to like you, you bring him a nice 1911 .45 or AR-15. He'll love you from that moment.
Rabbit rams
Rabbit rams - 4 giorni fa
Or a classic car
Mike Baker
Mike Baker - 5 giorni fa
Bryan obviously killed that guy
Eduardo Ocon
Eduardo Ocon - 6 giorni fa
So what's the prize
Sean: oh a 30 second plug
James franco: yeah that's great😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Siret Meleni
Siret Meleni - 7 giorni fa
Gorgeous men
peyton marrs
peyton marrs - 8 giorni fa
is that?? the guy from??? pineapple express????
BigBoyRob - 8 giorni fa
Sean Evans is the best interviewer of all fucking time
ImWat - 9 giorni fa
This is one of my favorites episodes and in my opinion one of the bests.
Edin Lopez Jr
Edin Lopez Jr - 10 giorni fa
I giggled when Bryan didn’t put as much mega death on his wing😂😂
Devastating Jerk
Devastating Jerk - 12 giorni fa
Please get Aaron Paul on here
Markovicsable - 13 giorni fa
Yeah, I was 20... and the never did catch me. The Face... I rewinded it like 10 times :D so funny!
David Fellows
David Fellows - 15 giorni fa
No if you bring me a good scotch anybody could f$%k my kid.
Charlie_Willie - 15 giorni fa
8:13 No please Mr. White
Belmont Boy OS
Belmont Boy OS - 15 giorni fa
I would be fanboying over James so hard he’s one of my favorite actors
elvis316 - 16 giorni fa
Franco drinkin' milk early. Not a good sign.
Brayton Porter
Brayton Porter - 17 giorni fa
We definitely need and Interview 2.
Brayton Porter
Brayton Porter - 17 giorni fa
Christopher Holden
Christopher Holden - 17 giorni fa
Francos gay??
BonesNeverLie - 18 giorni fa
Bryan Cranston came to my base while I was stationed in England. I got to meet him, shake his hand, and get me a signed copy of his book. Pretty awesome dude.
Necrotic Prolapse
Necrotic Prolapse - 18 giorni fa
11:20 shoutout to Horizon Organic Milk! 100% dank
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez - 19 giorni fa
How tf did I miss this one?
Jimothy Snooker
Jimothy Snooker - 20 giorni fa
"that's not an easy pull from the drive thru" maybe not for a male running the register but I've picked up a few females as a teenager and it was quite easy
Jimothy Snooker
Jimothy Snooker - 20 giorni fa
I disagree. bring Dad some weed he'll be aight
Heybella - 22 giorni fa
Aaron Paul need to do this
Elizabeth Herrera
Elizabeth Herrera - 22 giorni fa
Gina Z
Gina Z - 24 giorni fa
This is my favorite hot ones, Bryan Cranston stories are so interesting and I triple love James Franco. I actually went crazy for James for a solid six years +... I'm so jealous I can't even watch him on the Duece with all those naked women...I ❤️James Edward Franco. #The Interview # Why Him #127 hours,#Eat, Pray, Love. #Pineapple Express. 😘❤️, I went on a date to Titanic too, while pregnant, lol...I was so in love with Leonardo...#Jack in the movie, I said if I have a boy I'm naming him Jack ....but I gave birth to my little girl.. #Ilove you James
Asma Al Hajri
Asma Al Hajri - 24 giorni fa
Bryan Cranston looks he would totally have killed Peter Wang
NoobMaster69 - 25 giorni fa
Walt and harry
Luis Garza
Luis Garza - 25 giorni fa
When i look at my crush

Butter Muffin014
Butter Muffin014 - 25 giorni fa
Should’ve did Bryan separate. And idk maybe do James with Seth Rogan. But it was upsetting that there weren’t any breaking bad related questions or Mitm questions. James didn’t even seem like he wanted to be there either.
Clown Sans
Clown Sans - 25 giorni fa
We need Marshmello or Garrix for this
Nouran - 28 giorni fa
Bryan is hot
Stefen B. Echols
Stefen B. Echols - 28 giorni fa
There is no “Da Bomb”. This one doesn’t count.
Stefen B. Echols
Stefen B. Echols - 26 giorni fa
aangita yeah they don’t know real life yet lmao.
aangita - 26 giorni fa
Right! After watching the newer episodes, this seems like child play. Haha
Donald Lee Jr.
Donald Lee Jr. - 28 giorni fa
Has anyone else started using way more got sauce as well?
Morissa Duke
Morissa Duke - 29 giorni fa
James Franco, on girls' dads liking him just because he's a star: ".... .... ... Yeeeeeeah, they still don't."
The Wolf
The Wolf - Mese fa
I literally sweat just watching these...
beautyyy bybri
beautyyy bybri - Mese fa
Bryan Cranston is my favorite person, ever
Javer Auntik
Javer Auntik - Mese fa
Where's da bomb?
Hyper_ Ent
Hyper_ Ent - Mese fa
Bryan: are you immune to this?
Sean: this is my existence
kelly c
kelly c - Mese fa
J Franco ist always ca
Smokey 01
Smokey 01 - Mese fa
I loved the interview tho
Nate Ward
Nate Ward - Mese fa
They have great chemistry. Bryan seems like a cool dude
Ace bongo
Ace bongo - Mese fa
Joe Rogan
Arjun Bhatnagar
Arjun Bhatnagar - Mese fa
James Franco after hot wings sounds like Dave Franco
live free
live free - Mese fa
Through all the heat an conversation yet . Epstein still didn't kill himself
Elevated Mindset Company
Cranston is a gangster
Proz33Builds - Mese fa
This was awesome 👏🏻
Scott A
Scott A - Mese fa
The amount of hand motions Sean does in this one is insane
Ghostfacekilla - Mese fa
Why do I feel like there’s subtle tension
Charles Mawson
Charles Mawson - Mese fa
I feel like Franco doesn't like Cranston for some reason. Maybe some history working on the movie that they weren't past yet.
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Imaginerd - Mese fa
Bryan Cranston will do great as Batman Voice !!
Adrianne Ollivares
Adrianne Ollivares - Mese fa
Can we a James Franco redo! I could stare that dude all day. #gettaouttaheremrwhite
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