Joji and Rich Brian Have a Pizza Battle with Sean Evans (Part 2) | Feast Mansion

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Last week the boys learned how to make the perfect homemade pizza. But who can create the craziest pie with the most ridiculous toppings? Buckle up, because we're about to find out. Armed with some of L.A.'s most beloved ingredients, Joji, Rich Brian, and Sean Evans go head-to-head in a pizza battle for the ages. Will Sean's chili dog-inspired dish top Joji's Alfredo-fueled pie? Will Brian's pastrami-packed pizza finally win the approval of chef Anthony Falco? Find out when a very special guest judge drops by Feast Mansion to crown a winner.
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Season 2
Episode 2
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 3 mesi fa
Hey Zeus Cree Stow
Hey Zeus Cree Stow - 3 mesi fa
Yo where can I get that intro track? Don't make me get my bootin legs
Myron Green II
Myron Green II - 3 mesi fa
Could I please be on the show?
Ali S
Ali S - 3 mesi fa
We want Andrew Yang next!!!
Jade Mills
Jade Mills - 3 mesi fa
Joji losing his mind priceless!
Dario Hall
Dario Hall - 3 mesi fa
A 4oz bottle of that hot sauce is 30 fucking dollars what a joke!!!!
Izzie ez
Izzie ez - Giorno fa
i can feel filthy frank wanting to come back and possess joji
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken - 2 giorni fa
Goodbye Camera!
Sr. Pagliuso
Sr. Pagliuso - 3 giorni fa
I swear to God Niki is so annoying
Mr. Spicy
Mr. Spicy - 4 giorni fa
Fr the tastiest snack here is

Jimins _Jams355
Jimins _Jams355 - 6 giorni fa
I guess you can say that joji improvised his "Asian pizza" 😔👊😂😂
Shmitt Reuben
Shmitt Reuben - 8 giorni fa
rdr's interpretation was on point
adri r
adri r - 9 giorni fa
Sean fucked up everyone in the last part lol
Weirdo - 9 giorni fa
i’m never going to get over the fact that george went from cooking hair, piss, and vomit into cake and eating it to this
Nathan Ghazi
Nathan Ghazi - 10 giorni fa
14:12 they're all dying and sean's chillin like. bruh
J.A Caalem
J.A Caalem - 19 giorni fa
BosS finally habe his Pizza
Karma - 21 giorno fa
That's the same guy that made a vomit cake
persephone is goddes
persephone is goddes - 29 giorni fa
Please make Joji vs Niki and Brian being the judge
persephone is goddes
persephone is goddes - 29 giorni fa
Please make Joji vs Niki and Brian being the judge
persephone is goddes
persephone is goddes - 29 giorni fa
Please make Joji vs Niki and Brian being the judge
Ayudh Dhupar
Ayudh Dhupar - Mese fa
but is this pizza really dough?
J’Aabi Joestar
J’Aabi Joestar - Mese fa
I hate Niki cause she doesn’t fold her pizza.
sumedh kapse
sumedh kapse - Mese fa
Cant believe its the same buy who did cake trilogy
ロリコンYamete - Mese fa
Joji should’ve just made *Asian pizza*
Epic gamer Siller 69
Why does Sean have the most generic expressions
Jae Lee
Jae Lee - Mese fa
Went from bad acting to real with that hot sauce! Loved it
KIRTI RTN - Mese fa
Why is Joji so awkward around Niki?😅
Concrete Slav
Concrete Slav - Mese fa
Joji: ahhhhhh uhnnnnnn
Me: yes
Pebrero - Mese fa
This should be a Netflix series
siwoo kim
siwoo kim - Mese fa
" ThiS onE's CaLLeD ThE I'LL mEg YoUr MoThEr"
omy de
omy de - Mese fa
[intense edited back sound]
joji and brian:
(hold hand)
Etnad Lebrøn
Etnad Lebrøn - Mese fa
I think I just caught the chef calling joji’s Alfredo joke “gay” 😅🤔 5:22
DRock - Mese fa
No. Brian said "that's good."
Green Beacon 5
Green Beacon 5 - 2 mesi fa
Jojis such a pussy

Well I guess you are what you eat
Angel Orellana
Angel Orellana - 2 mesi fa
There should be a playlist of every song used in feast mansion
Sérgio Silva
Sérgio Silva - 2 mesi fa
My 5 left braincells while I'm having a panic attack: 13:34
Etnad Lebrøn
Etnad Lebrøn - Mese fa
Sérgio Silva that’s such an underrated comment 😂😂
Zachary Moon
Zachary Moon - 2 mesi fa
Niki is so cute
Katie Van
Katie Van - 2 mesi fa
sean’s inability to express spice pains me.
Rafi Toriq Ramadhan
Rafi Toriq Ramadhan - 2 mesi fa
I think that joji pizza made by papafranku
Luki Ravioli
Luki Ravioli - 2 mesi fa
I wanted to see Sean's foot long special.
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz - 2 mesi fa
damn, i missed my chance
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz - 2 mesi fa
oh my god, it’s this huge thing, isn’t it? good on you, george.
Ctrl Alt Delete
Ctrl Alt Delete - 2 mesi fa
was i the only one who kinda say a little bit of joji’s past shine through during all this
May Rose
May Rose - 2 mesi fa
Brian please get on TikTok.
jose calderon
jose calderon - 2 mesi fa
That was hilarious😭😭😭😭
Miaou - 2 mesi fa
2 Children and 2 grown up.
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