Joji and Rich Brian Grill Exotic Meats for a House Party | Feast Mansion

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It's Joji and Rich Brian's final night at Feast Mansion, and they're going out with a bang. With 88rising's end-of-summer blowout finally upon them, the guys decide to grill up a feast full of rare, hard-to-find meats, from snake and alligator skewers, to camel kebabs and bull testicles. Joined by Chinese barbecue prodigy Luther Chen, Joji and Brian ditch the hot dogs and hamburgers for one of the most exotic backyard barbecue sessions in L.A. history. Will Joji's Indomie-glazed bull testes win the approval of 88rising bossman Sean Miyashiro? Will the alligator skewers give Brian flashbacks to Jurassic Park? Find out on the season finale of Feast Mansion.
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Season 1
Episode 6
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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First We Feast
First We Feast - Anno fa
Shout out to Brian's dad for feeding him the protein he needed to become 5'8".
Kien Magnus
Kien Magnus - 28 giorni fa
lol thanks brian's dad, you're rich...umh get it?
Joey The Kangaroo
Joey The Kangaroo - Mese fa
Lol he looks shorter I'm 4'10 lol it's not about protein its about exercise and Genes. I eat protein I like protein dishes. I dont exercise my legs alot I'm lazy n my parents r short lol
IAmVince - 3 mesi fa
He’s 4’20”
StateOfTheGamePodcast - 3 mesi fa
Dimas Bintang wow it hurt my head reading this sentence
BIG CHIVO - 4 mesi fa
Im 5'6 lmao
Cash got hacked
Cash got hacked - Giorno fa
Brian:”there not that big”
*nervously laughs*
Cheesydude88 8
Cheesydude88 8 - 6 giorni fa
lol she was struggling with that snake
Noemi A
Noemi A - 7 giorni fa
The only party that I would love to attend to 😂
Aaron - 8 giorni fa
Why do the bull nuts look like they’re covered in peanut butter
Donna Leyran
Donna Leyran - 8 giorni fa
Daddy joji is a mood
persephone is goddes
persephone is goddes - 11 giorni fa
What is the girl blonde with black hoodie name? in 10:58
Overkill_M41 - 11 giorni fa
_Now Thats A Healthy Dose Of Testosterone_
death. trap
death. trap - 12 giorni fa
Where is the dog?
Mrdoodoo 91
Mrdoodoo 91 - 15 giorni fa
Joji sure knows a lot about chicken hearts
Ara Torosyan
Ara Torosyan - 18 giorni fa
damn did not expect to see Justine here i went to GHCHS with her
Arctic adventurer Foxtrot
Arctic adventurer Foxtrot - 26 giorni fa
If i have remembered, pink guy dosent know how to cook
Nate Hawks
Nate Hawks - 26 giorni fa
Who's the girl that comes in at 10:55 ???
Kien Magnus
Kien Magnus - 28 giorni fa
dude don't eat turtles
nighttracker the yeetson
Franks been eating that kinda shit but worst like wtf is this fake shit bruh
Caesar - Mese fa
Joji "what does this remind me of.....oh chicken hearts"

ME. remembers the filthy frank video when he through chicken hearts
klien lux
klien lux - Mese fa
Joji: It taste like chicken hearts.
Me: 😳
roman arip
roman arip - Mese fa
4:02 Ive eaten weird stuff like turtle

Joji in his head: My godness frank youve eaten worse than that
Elijah Cedillo
Elijah Cedillo - Mese fa
joji dosent know how to cook....but filthy frank does
TVAsian Kid
TVAsian Kid - Mese fa
Should’ve gotten red dick to cook for you
//h// - Mese fa
Brian saying “I almost died” when a baby fire happened is so me
X AmplE
X AmplE - Mese fa
Exotic meats! Rats are exotic
amytb - Mese fa
yo i saw diablo
Rider tho
Rider tho - Mese fa
The in n out looked so exotic.
Nathasha S
Nathasha S - Mese fa
I really want to be invited to his party and invite him to my party 🙉😭
Ko D
Ko D - Mese fa
damn how was that white haired girl the highlight of this video jesus
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves - Mese fa
Are we gonna talk abt the girl hitting the pinata
kontoru 69
kontoru 69 - Mese fa
62+ like
kura kanji
kura kanji - Mese fa
who’s the girl at 11:00 and what’s the @?
Ame -
Ame - - Mese fa
spent fucking ages looking for her her @ is @areyoukitty on instagram
obesity. exe
obesity. exe - 2 mesi fa
Joji has experience with chicken hearts
Ilayda Sivri
Ilayda Sivri - 2 mesi fa
i wonder if joji had flashbacks
Thomas Ingram
Thomas Ingram - 2 mesi fa
Joji is an expert in cooking mice... and Ramen... and Hair cakes.
Chizay Baker
Chizay Baker - 2 mesi fa
Vsco girps: SAVE THE TURTLES!!!!!
hiimmarie - 2 mesi fa
Habe you seen chef?
SS-Anubiss - 2 mesi fa
I swear Joji and Brian have that brother relationship
San Shine
San Shine - 2 mesi fa
Did somebody say chicken hearts? There's still pieces of it in the apartment jsajajjjajajsks
Marcelino - 2 mesi fa
That testis tho
TheOverExceed - 2 mesi fa
where are the dogs?
BeanMarioCow - 2 mesi fa
I don’t know why but i started tearing up at the ending... this was such a greatly produced and edited series, thank you all for this
ItzHyprrr - 2 mesi fa
Franku u found you!!!!
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