Joji Judges a Boba Tea Battle Between Rich Brian and NIKI | Feast Mansion

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Boba is one of the world’s most beloved beverages. But what happens when NIKI and Rich Brian decide to trick out their drinks with some crazy toppings? After learning the bubble-tea basics from Boba Guys founder Bin Chen, NIKI and Brian go head-to-head in the boba battle of the century. Gummy bears? Check. Gushers? Check. Pop Rocks? Check! The only thing keeping NIKI and Brian from achieving bubble tea perfection is the limits of their own imaginations. After finalizing their flavors, Brian and Niki bring their concoctions to the judges’ table to see which drink comes out on top. The winner? Well, that's for Joji to decide.
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 3 mesi fa
1 like = 1 prayer for Brian's potatoes 🙏
Byun Dae Hwi
Byun Dae Hwi - Mese fa
@maddielovelee joji
Aftah Official
Aftah Official - 2 mesi fa
Cris I1
Cris I1 - 2 mesi fa
That sounded gay😂😂
Owl's Mood
Owl's Mood - 2 mesi fa
Don't worry I gave a prayer
Owl's Mood
Owl's Mood - 2 mesi fa
Hani Hassan
Hani Hassan - 5 ore fa
Like seriously? Besides a singer, is Niki an actress too? 11:20 Cause she should be 😆😆😆
SkateForLife304 - 2 giorni fa
Brian shouldn’t have put the gushers in his lol, they seem like a good idea but they’ve never gone well in anything.
alva3d - 2 giorni fa
I also am better than everybody
I dont salt
Like je/shot
alva3d - 2 giorni fa
Those IRON straws sucks.

Like no
No Name
No Name - 2 giorni fa
Joji kinda looks like Mitch lucker without tattoos
kalj - 3 giorni fa
the fact that Brian and Niki are indonesian but speaks English to each other is kinda weird
Edit: i understand its for the media, but its just noticeably funny
najahh ainun
najahh ainun - 3 giorni fa
Niki u r Indonesian without a doubt ❤️
Uma Munandar
Uma Munandar - 4 giorni fa
Niki and Rich Brian sounding confused as as fuck 76% of the time is relatable
no one
no one - 5 giorni fa
how about hair boba tho
S.ØPHIA - 5 giorni fa
Gets dropped from the label im 😂
Windblownsun - 5 giorni fa
Would lowkey eat joji’s spit out boba
Matias Astorga
Matias Astorga - 6 giorni fa
Welcome to the rice field mtf
TheNeonRedstone - 7 giorni fa
Joji, when will you stop turning straight dudes into gay people. I had a girlfriend and then watched this video. Now I'm dating a guy named Jesse
Sarah Malik
Sarah Malik - 7 giorni fa
Nikis boba just looked so cute... it’s no wonder she won
Rafi Pangestu
Rafi Pangestu - 8 giorni fa
6:51 LMAO 🤣
michi kool
michi kool - 8 giorni fa
I can be Niki's little bitch
Patricia W
Patricia W - 8 giorni fa
my brain said that Joji looks like he could literally cry anytime on this video
G A R R Y 16
G A R R Y 16 - 8 giorni fa
Came here for filthy frank comment
Sadly couldn't see a single comment about pink guy😔
DELED dd - 5 giorni fa
Hey boss, I have cancer
the noscoper
the noscoper - 9 giorni fa
Papa franku
Joao vitor domingues
Joao vitor domingues - 10 giorni fa
I wonder why guys are better at shaking 🤔
Fariston - 11 giorni fa
Indognesia itu anjing 🇵🇱
Jenny clark
Jenny clark - 11 giorni fa
Look how cute Joji is getting! He no longer has to say "my better looking cousin" Ezra Miller.
Phan Chi Mai
Phan Chi Mai - 12 giorni fa
Damn jojis arm muscle
Amandianti A
Amandianti A - 12 giorni fa
Joji looks gangster yet adorable 😂
Stattrak Bread
Stattrak Bread - 12 giorni fa
I was expectimg for NIKI's drink to be Indigo
Lil Llama uwu
Lil Llama uwu - 14 giorni fa
Bubble Tea be like: why not sucking balls?
Annisaa Nabilah
Annisaa Nabilah - 14 giorni fa
Ahahaha i love niki
KickstartGD [RS]
KickstartGD [RS] - 14 giorni fa
just a reminder that these are the same people that wrote Drive Safe and WHY AM I STILL IN LA
i cant be e lone
i cant be e lone - 15 giorni fa
i cant be e lone
i cant be e lone - 15 giorni fa
Joji so hot wtf
Santa Hoh
Santa Hoh - 16 giorni fa
lowkey bribe 10:53 bruh 100% Asian thing to do bruh
Dying Prince
Dying Prince - 17 giorni fa
Well that was the best opening ever
hanif farhan
hanif farhan - 17 giorni fa
3:29 what song iz dat?
M. Fahmi Randika
M. Fahmi Randika - 17 giorni fa
5:59 Looks how brian reacts to niki statement lol
xdezakx - 17 giorni fa
Being the 30 years-ish old man over here, I want these 2 youngsters to date. I want to take them out haha
Juniirianti Sianturi
Juniirianti Sianturi - 18 giorni fa
Boba boys said "Teh Tarik" 😅😅
Just why
Just why - 18 giorni fa
2020 anybody
a e s t e t h i c c
a e s t e t h i c c - 25 giorni fa
Imagine replacing joji with niki. Eek
wafa ben mansour
wafa ben mansour - 26 giorni fa
« Little bitch » I felt that 😂
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