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Kristen Bell is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, with a career in TV and film that includes everything from box office smashes to beloved cult classics. Speaking of the former, Frozen II hits theaters this November. And, on the topic of the latter, you can catch new episodes of Veronica Mars streaming on Hulu now. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Bell tests her Carolina Reaper-trained palate against the wings of death and discusses everything from the moral philosophy of The Good Place, to the time her husband embarrassed her at the Met Gala with Jay Z and Beyonce.
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Season 9
Episode 11
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 4 mesi fa
So what are YOU doing with the death chili?! Share your thoughts here:
ruben Goodliff
ruben Goodliff - 2 giorni fa
candid0111 - 21 giorno fa
Nicki Minaj PPLEASE! She is from the place with the second hottest pepper in the world and I know she eats pepper sauce. Nicki Minaj please.
Silent Ghost
Silent Ghost - 27 giorni fa
Knock the waiter over done save everyone
musthavemoxie - Mese fa
First We Feast Well... I think you’re skewing the results by designating the one person as gluttonous, a less than desirable trait. It becomes a lot easier to kill off someone who is already doing something wrong... Now if you had said hungry vs not so hungry....or even if you had said the man was starving after not having eaten for a few days. I bet a lot fewer people would deliberately divert the death chili to that man vs letting things play out as fate had decided.
River pond
River pond - 29 minuti fa
just did a quick little The Good Place rewatch to prepare for when i watch the last season and it was so jarring hearing her say 'fuck' instead of 'fork' lmaooo
Universal By Design
Check out Twizz Fizz rap reviewing A Little Late With Lilly Singh - wow is she talented.
Miseree Candles
Miseree Candles - 6 ore fa
Where’s Emmy rossum 😭
Green Pigeon
Green Pigeon - 9 ore fa
You can tell how intelligent she is from the way she talks wow
Nathan X.
Nathan X. - 9 ore fa
The way he phrases those questions is just so genius.
Natalie A
Natalie A - 11 ore fa
I like how she said fuck 4 times and then asked if she could swear lmaooo
Candeyy - 20 ore fa
Verbal Kint
Verbal Kint - 21 ora fa
who else saw his hawkins hoodie???
pastorjasonanswers - 22 ore fa
"She's heart and soul of that film" classic!
Nilsa Tartak
Nilsa Tartak - Giorno fa
I love this show! I wish i could be on this show but i feel as if you have to be a celebrity to be on the show ,not in a bad way because i know you'd get more viewers and all and best believe im one of your biggest fans. I probably would last half way i eat a lot of hot stuff but not as much all the things you mention . I wish you'd have me on the show, but out of curiosity do you only have celebrities ? I will understand if you dont have me but what i want to know is it because you only have famous people on? Like I said I LOVE YOUR SHOW but i would love to be on It ❤
Jay YT
Jay YT - Giorno fa
How a 135,000 Scoville sauce has *more of a burn* than a 690,000 Scoville sauce is something I will never understand
SaltyyyHolly - Giorno fa
John Videll
John Videll - Giorno fa
Back in the 90s I got a job as a short order cook in a bar south of Buffalo, NY. My first night we went through over 100 pounds of wings. I worked there for just over 2 years. When I left that job I did not eat wings for about a year. I just could not stomach the sight or smell of them. Now, though, I eat them more than any other food.
ThePurpleSheep - Giorno fa
*Swears at least 1000 times* "Am I allowed to swear?" hahaha
David Messer
David Messer - Giorno fa
I like the fact that she can just confidently discuss philosophy without a hitch.
(However, Utilitarianism is totally immoral. You are responsible for what you do, not what you could've done.)
Explorateur - Giorno fa
I have that same tick with accents, I'm not sure what it is, but it's almost like I feel even more in tune with a character by imitating them 😅 like a weird, embodied empathy
simply the best
simply the best - Giorno fa
Morality. Check out The Lifeguard movie. Job Done! 😂🦴💦
Ernesto Miguel Pinto
Ernesto Miguel Pinto - Giorno fa
Men, she is beautifull
Nadine Junio
Nadine Junio - Giorno fa
love how she lost her cool when it was time to plug her projects, but she was totally zen with the hot wings HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
nanna0100 0
nanna0100 0 - 2 giorni fa
Bro yes wearing a stranger things shirt
XInfamousBullet - 2 giorni fa
@kristen. I love Anna 😊
XInfamousBullet - 2 giorni fa
Kristen and Dax are the cutest couple ever
ruben Goodliff
ruben Goodliff - 2 giorni fa
Tanner Michels
Tanner Michels - 2 giorni fa
I am 100% ecstatic that #hotones are also doing Vegan wings now!
Kat Ferneyhough
Kat Ferneyhough - 2 giorni fa
what are these vegan wings?? they are not cauliflower and look delicious! TELL US!!
David S
David S - 3 giorni fa
She shed more tears for the sloth then the last dab...
Emman Cardano
Emman Cardano - 3 giorni fa
This is the first time I've heard Anna curse.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 3 giorni fa
love this show and couldnt stand Kirsten so avoided episode forever. Had to shit and decided to check it out. thanx hot ones for helping me to unhate her and keep me occupied .
LoLa LoCa
LoLa LoCa - 3 giorni fa
I asked my 4 daughter's and they all agree. Anna is a great princess but Elsa has badass powers even though her personality is meh.
anthony bissonnette
anthony bissonnette - 3 giorni fa
Wow I'm seriously impressed by christin bell took it like a champ.
Kitbash Customs
Kitbash Customs - 3 giorni fa
I’ve seen a few of these and I always come back to this one major question, WTF IS A VEGAN WING, is it lettuce wrapped around a bone or a stick? Lmao. You can dress it up, shave it, butter it up, slap some sauce on it, and slap it across your face all you want. That shit should be called “vegan chunks of tofu lettuce on maybe sticks or bones” not wings smmffhh
Sunistha Chopra
Sunistha Chopra - 3 giorni fa
When she was saying that Anna doesn't get any love I was I like "I LOVE HER" she is my fave and tho I LOVE Elsa, Anna relates so much more to me due to her personality and I dressed up as her once as well so yeah
Melina Cortes
Melina Cortes - 3 giorni fa
You should get NF on the show
madison_face - 3 giorni fa
Haggus Lividus
Haggus Lividus - 3 giorni fa
Kristen Bell, the most interesting women in the world.
nicholas cicchillitti
nicholas cicchillitti - 3 giorni fa
she's really quite brilliant, isn't she?
Mary Sherman
Mary Sherman - 4 giorni fa
Kristen Bell, I have the same weird tick. I do the same thing and sometimes people think I am mocking them and I have to explain that I think how they are speaking is so interesting or cool.
Caroline Marie
Caroline Marie - 4 giorni fa
I cared about Anna everyone was like but hype about Elsa and I’m just over here like Anna was a more likeable character just better and had wayyyy more screen time than Elsa and I’m like what’s the hype and everyone is like Elsa was the star and I’m like no she wasn’t she only had like 30 min of screen time look it up lol sorry had to rant
Caroline Marie
Caroline Marie - 2 giorni fa
Kat Love exactly she was so nice and a likeable character and Elsa honostly wasn’t that good of a character she was more closed off i don’t even think we saw that much of her true personaliti
Kat Love
Kat Love - 2 giorni fa
I agree. Both of my daughters also really loved Anna. They have more Anna dolls (and Kristoff) than Elsa. They wanted to be just like Anna because she was so kind.
Kevin Marcial
Kevin Marcial - 4 giorni fa
What is Anna doing on this show
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