Meet Carly Rose Sonenclar -X FACTOR USA 2013

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13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar makes it through her Providence audition with Nina Simone's "Feeling Good."
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Angel Monreal
Angel Monreal - 11 ore fa
How is she not famous right now
Jabran Elahi
Jabran Elahi - 16 ore fa
If Simon stood up that means she did something extra ordinary
Qpid 1986
Qpid 1986 - Giorno fa
You know he's beyond impressed when he gives that look of constipation @ 1:48
BIG NUT - 2 giorni fa
2:29 gives me goosebumps every damn time. the “GOOOOOOOD” is what gets me
Bianca Bosio
Bianca Bosio - 5 giorni fa
this is literally the BEST cover.
mari - 5 giorni fa
here in January 2020
Nana Kwesi
Nana Kwesi - 5 giorni fa
One of the best auditions ever and my favorite of them all✨❤️🌹
Rayshawn Cannon
Rayshawn Cannon - 7 giorni fa
Who came back in 2020?
NIRVANA - 7 giorni fa
it’s 2020 and i can’t stop myself
zoraida laguna
zoraida laguna - 7 giorni fa
I still can’t believe that a fucking country singer won that shit and not her.
Solosystem - 8 giorni fa
britney shook
Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs - 9 giorni fa
Honestly should've gotten a golden buzzer
MrKooderna - 6 giorni fa
X factor doesn't have golden buzzer
Arise 0_0
Arise 0_0 - 9 giorni fa
The beginning is my favorite part
(The part without the tune/audio)
jd chy
jd chy - 9 giorni fa
ahh i remember her as my most favorite x factor contestant ever.. that tone & range & control at that age is just mindblowing i know she ‘disappeared’ after x factor but i really hope she comes back to pursue music now that she’s much older
Kartier Keeks
Kartier Keeks - 10 giorni fa
2020 anyone ? this never gets old
Mustafa Haider
Mustafa Haider - 10 giorni fa
She taught me how to sing this song... I’m A 23 year old male LOL
RichardCypher2100 - 10 giorni fa
Well Casting shows in the US... They have her and she loses to a generic country singer... :/
Megan Steynberg
Megan Steynberg - 11 giorni fa
it’s 2020 and i still get goosebumps each and every time i watch this !
Chad Defranche
Chad Defranche - 11 giorni fa
Shyr Orapmale
Shyr Orapmale - 11 giorni fa
I like this girl, i like her taste for music yet she didnt pull it off like Nina did.
lovely dreams
lovely dreams - 12 giorni fa
wasteland baby
wasteland baby - 13 giorni fa
I met her a few years ago. She was soooooooo genuine and sweet and smiled the entire time. And she sat through taking selfies with me lmao. Great girl.
michael ovonjiodida
michael ovonjiodida - 14 giorni fa
but cool
michael ovonjiodida
michael ovonjiodida - 14 giorni fa
Stop using black songs
keoko 99
keoko 99 - 14 giorni fa
I wish the screaming of the audience doesnt exist even though i cant blame them
United Differences
United Differences - 15 giorni fa
2020 new day new life new year and still watching 💜
Mood Hot
Mood Hot - 15 giorni fa
that armpits as clear as daylight
anıl kocaman
anıl kocaman - 16 giorni fa
Still listening...
Sandy Omo
Sandy Omo - 16 giorni fa
Is 2020 and am still here🤦‍♀️ stock here forever 😫❤️❤️
Boul Shyte
Boul Shyte - 16 giorni fa
She should've won
Day Dream
Day Dream - 16 giorni fa
What happened to her? Wish she would have released music bc todays artists just ain’t doin’ it.
Aura Sherylia
Aura Sherylia - 17 giorni fa
Nina simone
Sandra Lizondro
Sandra Lizondro - 18 giorni fa
I'm looking forward to your First Album!!😊👍🙏💜
Sandra Lizondro
Sandra Lizondro - 18 giorni fa
Carly Rose YOU HAVE IT!! Who's loving you by Michael Jackson! Please sing that for me.🙏❤👍
SoberBeatz - 19 giorni fa
Even though Carly didn't win, she could have a promising music career if she continued to make music after this
Look at Bea Miller (9th place) & 5th Harmony (3rd place), they didn't win yet they went on to be successful & gain millions of fans
I feel like she had an opportunity, but losing probably made her feel like she didn't
jame roko
jame roko - 19 giorni fa
what a legendary voice
Arinda Pusparani
Arinda Pusparani - 20 giorni fa
2020 anyone?
1 - 21 giorno fa
#2020 January still watching this 🥰🥰🥰
Armin sherin
Armin sherin - 22 giorni fa
Its 2020 and I can't stop watching these. How like me?
Student's Life
Student's Life - 23 giorni fa
gman - 23 giorni fa
Still watching this in 2020.
Tone Sick
Tone Sick - 23 giorni fa
His dad always drop his jaws
Maaan T
Maaan T - 24 giorni fa
Still watching in 2020❤️
Who is still watching 2020?
RoboRuby Robotics
RoboRuby Robotics - 25 giorni fa
Holy sh*t I cried so hard I moaned like a girl and my parents ran over to my room to give me a condom

You should’ve seen their faces
Tone Sick
Tone Sick - 25 giorni fa
0:43 WHAT?!
Olly Tijani
Olly Tijani - 25 giorni fa
It’s 2020 & I still love this ❤️
Bella Bassett
Bella Bassett - 27 giorni fa
So incredible
Tiberius Edwards
Tiberius Edwards - 27 giorni fa
Wow how old is she now
Supernova - 27 giorni fa
AJ Thom
AJ Thom - 27 giorni fa
I went on a 5 day hike. The entire time i was hiking i had this stuck in my head. Soon as i got back to civilization i listened to this like 10 times.
The Geisha
The Geisha - 29 giorni fa
Here 29 Dec 2019... just love tis! Makes me feel good 💋
Julia - 29 giorni fa
Anyone 2020?
JAZZ n MOTION - Mese fa
2020 anyone!?
Gidjet Bryant
Gidjet Bryant - Mese fa
I keeps coming back and back to her singing this... Still ❤ it Dec 2019
Grumpy Bastard
Grumpy Bastard - Mese fa
This child is a true CROONER!
Grumpy Bastard
Grumpy Bastard - Mese fa
This world needs new female crooners!
salmon chicken
salmon chicken - Mese fa
Her voice is so controlled and powerful. Honestly everytime I watch this it's just still so ashtonsihing and shocking to listen to because her vouce is so perfect
Wolfe Pack
Wolfe Pack - Mese fa
She still got robbed and it’s a damn shame
Yuh Not
Yuh Not - Mese fa
Years later... still gives the back of my head goosebumps 😅 great performance!! 🖤
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Ilove you 🤩🤩
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