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Japan Village is a 20,000-square-foot food hall in Brooklyn’s Industry City, and Reina Scully is ready to explore every corner. But no food tour is complete without a few friends. Joining Reina on her adventure is Strictly Dumpling’s Mike Chen, Bon Appétit’s Claire Saffitz, and NYC restaurateur Sakura Yagi. First, Reina, Mike, and Sakura tour Japan Village’s dizzying array of Japanese food stalls, sampling everything from street-food staples like okonomiyaki and yakisoba, to comfort-cooking classics like onigiri. Then, for dessert, Reina meets Claire for a Japanese candy shopping spree at Sunrise Mart. Together, Reina and Claire explore Japan’s love affair with Kit-Kats, sample a giant Pocky stick, and search for inspiration for Claire’s next big project.

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 26 giorni fa
Like if you would die for Claire from the B.A. Test Kitchen!
Jan Goodgarden
Jan Goodgarden - 3 giorni fa
When Claire reminds you of an ex gf u never got over and find yourself switching between adoring her and avoiding her videos cuz it still hurts 😩
BT - 10 giorni fa
Shut the fuck up, you guys are just using our affection for likes
Dave Guerra
Dave Guerra - 12 giorni fa
@MLG GAMER Clair is the "Rogue" of the culinary world. She is super great with super powers! :)
MLG GAMER - 12 giorni fa
Claire also reminds me of Rogue at least with her hairstyle. Totally love the hair
MLG GAMER - 12 giorni fa
I love it! I've actually heard of Onigiri like Mike from anime and I had no idea in Japan KitKat had so many flavours. I am so used to just dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Also Pocky reminds me of those straws where you could have it with milk and eat it. I know of an American version of it cuz I've seen ads but never tasted it myself but I would imagine it was inspired from Pocky. Those bamboo shoot and mushroom shaped snacks look pretty good as well. I was eating something while watching this and even though I am stuffed I am craving some of these anyway. The power of cuisine!
Carson Brown
Carson Brown - Giorno fa
3:12 👀
Kevin Patrick Anthony
Kevin Patrick Anthony - Giorno fa
Food maybe, maybe, the guide to ending racism. A bold statement, yet, I stand by it, timidly.
PaulGlitch - 2 giorni fa
Yo! This was sooooo 🔥.
Thanks for the suggestion! My fiance and I absolutely LOVED Japan Village! So much fun!
Aaron Reed
Aaron Reed - 2 giorni fa
Oh my god, it's Jackie Chan!
Pascal G
Pascal G - 2 giorni fa
I only clicked for Claire from the B.A. Test Kitchen but stayed for Reina sensei (and Claire from the B.A. Test Kitchen obviously)
Rajlaxmi Banik
Rajlaxmi Banik - 2 giorni fa
I'm here only for Claire ❤
Ruben Lindskog
Ruben Lindskog - 2 giorni fa
Claire from the BA test kitchen comes in at 9:38
Yang Zhang
Yang Zhang - 3 giorni fa
OMG what is happening?! My worlds are all colliding!
Raver Magik
Raver Magik - 3 giorni fa
Kit kat has 200 flavors in japan? WTF kitkat... bring that shit to america..
Bearded Serendipity
Bearded Serendipity - 4 giorni fa
Reina you are a wonderful welcoming swiss army knife
Bearded Serendipity
Bearded Serendipity - 4 giorni fa
Reina watched you since sourcefed... You are kicking ass!
jskwibble1 - 4 giorni fa
"It's not as big as I was hoping for but it's still large"
Tilly W
Tilly W - 4 giorni fa
I've watched Mike for so long, especially in middle school, and now im a huge ba fan and watch ba constantly, so i love seeing Claire and Mikey in the same video ! 💕
NochSoEinKaddiFan - 4 giorni fa
Actually, adult sweetness is very sexy because there is more savory mixed into it which makes the sweet more exciting and complex :)
NochSoEinKaddiFan - 4 giorni fa
For the love of my life, PLEASE tell me what the intro song is! I have to know, I love it!
And the type of rock you use is something I thoroughly enjoy. Oftentimes music in shows is either annoying or in best cases working in the background, but your picks work really well with the vibe of the show and stand out pleasantly. Goo stuff
BumbleBi99 - 4 giorni fa
er1038 - 4 giorni fa
Y'all need to put season 1 episode 1 on the title or something.
Raquellen Baby
Raquellen Baby - 4 giorni fa
abominablyawsm - 5 giorni fa
Claire AND Mikey? I clicked so fast. Love both of them.
Also, had never watched Reina before, now I might have to! Super cute personality!
Richard C.
Richard C. - 5 giorni fa
Two of my favorite people online in the same video
josseline - 5 giorni fa
im so sad i was expecting a mike chen and claire saffitz moment TOGETHER.. but this will do i guess.
Amy Laker
Amy Laker - 5 giorni fa
Just saying... 6 minutes in and still no Claire.... wtf?!
Amy Laker
Amy Laker - 5 giorni fa
A minute in and you don't say you are with Claire.... whhhaaaa! I'm only here because you have her in the title lol
tracy4jester - 5 giorni fa
I just got back to Aus from New York and I’m so upset I didn’t know that the Japan Village existed!
Lucas Cruz
Lucas Cruz - 6 giorni fa
Tonalli Garcia
Tonalli Garcia - 6 giorni fa
Dude I would die for Clare, also cool video.
Jaerb4 - 6 giorni fa
Chocolate burgers > bamboo shoots and mushrooms.
The Rocker X
The Rocker X - 6 giorni fa
I wish someone had included a timestamp for when Claire shows up in the video
nealrutgerskid - 6 giorni fa
Does he look like young Jackie Chan?
xWr3ck3dx - 6 giorni fa
Everyone talking and Mike in the back just eating everything lol
Max Spechter
Max Spechter - 7 giorni fa
Max Spechter
Max Spechter - 7 giorni fa
What attracts you to food stalls?
Mike: the Hunger
Igor Kurtz
Igor Kurtz - 7 giorni fa
Let me do you guys a favor: 9:37
Becster Brisbane
Becster Brisbane - 8 giorni fa
OMG it's ClairefromtheBATestKitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yellow curtains
yellow curtains - 8 giorni fa
Reina and Claire together?? the last crossover I every expected
Tien Luu Quyet
Tien Luu Quyet - 8 giorni fa
jump to 10:00 if u just here for Claire
sleepup7931 - 8 giorni fa
half sour Saffitz
LouLou - 8 giorni fa
Is that woman from buzzfeed before?
FEED_Jamie1613 - 9 giorni fa
Mike 8:55 you gonna eat that haha
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