Portugal v Nigeria [Highlights] - FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019™

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Portugal overwhelmed Nigeria, defeating the Super Sand Eagles 10-1 and scoring eight unanswered goals.
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Jamilu Magaji
Jamilu Magaji - 12 giorni fa
🤣😂🤣😂let me pretend I didn’t see it
Gigi Hymen
Gigi Hymen - Mese fa
this is sooo tragic
Preeti Theeng
Preeti Theeng - Mese fa
I am from nepal I support Portugal
FiLiP - Mese fa
That's a new world record
10 goals in 2 minutes
ni nir
ni nir - Mese fa
lol Nigerian goalkeeper sucks
Moussa Dia
Moussa Dia - 2 mesi fa
Kepper for nigeria😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Lalpi Jr
Joseph Lalpi Jr - 2 mesi fa
Congratulation to Portugal i'm from United States
mboup ibrahima
mboup ibrahima - 2 mesi fa
Dawson Toons
Dawson Toons - 2 mesi fa
Poor Nigerian Team
Gozzie Chigozie
Gozzie Chigozie - 2 mesi fa
They should smuggle themselves from there to brazil bcos the country gets bad day&day though i trust them bcos non have ever return from olympic or commonwealth games
Chuck Bond
Chuck Bond - 2 mesi fa
This what you get if you pay your way into a competition ..... My grand Mom can perform better .
Dominik Ławniczak
Dominik Ławniczak - 2 mesi fa
What a smash! 😂

Love from Poland (Szczecin city)! :D
Hak najej Mess
Hak najej Mess - 2 mesi fa
Was Sczczny born in this city. I located it in map
Sebastian Tito Sal y Rosas
🇸🇻 El Salvador 1-10 Hungría 🇭🇺
🇵🇹 Portugal 10 -1 nigeria 🇳🇬
seif hammad
seif hammad - 2 mesi fa
heres ronaldo
cshekar14 arkati kharvi14
Fifa beach soccer world cup game💞👍👏
Charles Snow
Charles Snow - 2 mesi fa
That's what you get when Hausa/Fulani people are playing soccer now
Дарья Чубарова
Congratulations to Portugal from Russia.
DD - 2 mesi fa
Portugal needed to be provoked first 😅😂🇵🇹🇪🇺🤞
Don Mikel
Don Mikel - 2 mesi fa
This Nigeria jersey is caused
Idrisativities - 2 mesi fa
Aati toja
Benfica SLB351
Benfica SLB351 - 2 mesi fa
Força portugal !!!
Richard Raithby
Richard Raithby - 2 mesi fa
How can they host a beach volleyball game in a landlocked country?
Oluwafemi Falola
Oluwafemi Falola - 2 mesi fa
@Ranieri Santiago you have to realise that many people on the internet are daft.
Ranieri Santiago
Ranieri Santiago - 2 mesi fa
Because beach football is played in the sand, not in the sea😂
WantedAmmo - 2 mesi fa
EA needs to make this a mode in FIFA .
Khalfan Al Kindi
Khalfan Al Kindi - 2 mesi fa
I think it will come, just a matter of time like volta mode.
Hiếu Nguyễn Thị
Hiếu Nguyễn Thị - 2 mesi fa
Tomthelegomaster - 2 mesi fa
Imagine Scoring The First Goal For Your Team, But You Concede 10 Goals Afterwards
Tijja Ni6368
Tijja Ni6368 - 2 mesi fa
* RadeQ *
* RadeQ * - 2 mesi fa
Nigeria 🇳🇬
Heroe Wahjoedi
Heroe Wahjoedi - 2 mesi fa
Where is Cristiano Ronaldo?
Chi Cha
Chi Cha - 2 mesi fa
Ranieri Santiago
Ranieri Santiago - 2 mesi fa
CR7 don't play beach football
CDoyle777 - 2 mesi fa
Almost a beach soccer game with no over head kicks
Mr Obvious
Mr Obvious - 2 mesi fa
Iyobo Festus
Iyobo Festus - 2 mesi fa
They should stop this nonsense leagues, we Nigerian's don't play this type
John Carter
John Carter - 2 mesi fa
@Iyobo Festus all the beaches in Nigeria, they can't do well in Beach soccer... That's a shame.
Iyobo Festus
Iyobo Festus - 2 mesi fa
@Johnny Erinn we don't like this league please
Johnny Erinn
Johnny Erinn - 2 mesi fa
Lol, even if it was a different type of soccer, yall won't win against Portugal.
Frank Glogau
Frank Glogau - 2 mesi fa
@FIFATV Could you please omit the result in the thumbnail
Sabine Blume
Sabine Blume - 2 mesi fa
@FIFATV Could you please not include the result in the video title?
Theophilus Akhimie
Theophilus Akhimie - 2 mesi fa
Smh..all football competitions or qualifiers Nigeria teams attended this year, they did poorly. From junior & senior team (male & female) we have performed badly..I think the technical Department should be revamped. Smh
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez - 2 mesi fa
68 son mejores
68 son mejores - 2 mesi fa
Dale bldooooo
Đăng Cao
Đăng Cao - 2 mesi fa
Too strong, Portugal
Chino Gonzalez
Chino Gonzalez - 2 mesi fa
Y el comadante ? 😥 cr7
Lord Hades
Lord Hades - 2 mesi fa
El comandante es Madjer. M7
Ranieri Santiago
Ranieri Santiago - 2 mesi fa
Él no juega fútbol playa
Victor Ayodeji Ogundola
As a Nigerian, this is shameful to watch..
MIGHTY AVENGER - 2 mesi fa
No not at allll becuz NIGERIA is one of the african teams who consistently qualify for FIFA tournaments
Hak najej Mess
Hak najej Mess - 2 mesi fa
Especially when you are 1-0 up
International embarrassment ni yi ooooo
Edi George
Edi George - 2 mesi fa
Enderby 201
Enderby 201 - 2 mesi fa
Oh Nigeria howwww
Felipe Costa
Felipe Costa - 2 mesi fa
Todo mundo já sabe quem é o campeão desse torneio aí 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
tuelo3 - Mese fa
Raul Barata
Raul Barata - 2 mesi fa
@Fernando Fidalgo desculpa, nada tem a ver com o número da população. Muitas das vezes tem a ver com o número de praticantes e a paixão pelo desporto, daí se destacarem. Se fosse pelo número da população a Rússia, China, etc seriam os melhores.
Fernando Fidalgo
Fernando Fidalgo - 2 mesi fa
@Matt Bar 210 million people compared to Portugal's 10 million, we're not bad for such a small nation!
Elrik Vonreg
Elrik Vonreg - 2 mesi fa
Yeah, I'm from USA but I'm supporting Portugal!
Zev - Mese fa
C C I stopped supporting the Us since 2010 they are so bad
Elrik Vonreg
Elrik Vonreg - 2 mesi fa
USA sucks at soccer, plus I just live in USA, I don’t have any ties to it
Tom R
Tom R - 2 mesi fa
C C support your own country
HyNarix ConeRose
HyNarix ConeRose - 2 mesi fa
Luizinho portista benfiquista
Luizinho Gus
Luizinho Gus - 2 mesi fa
Thanks for supporting my country
IceSyndicon - 2 mesi fa
Wait so Nigeria were 1-0 up for the first quarter? Lol
ζeclau GD
ζeclau GD - 2 mesi fa
1:00 offside
Mebansharai Khongwir
Mebansharai Khongwir - 2 mesi fa
No offside in Beach Football 😂😂 you didn't know??
cesarvegaz - 2 mesi fa
Vincent Ko
Vincent Ko - 2 mesi fa
I don't think there are offsides in beach football
Cian Mc
Cian Mc - 2 mesi fa
11 goals in 2 minutes🤯
Mr Kay
Mr Kay - 2 mesi fa
Chris M
Chris M - 2 mesi fa
In a small space 👌
Emperor Strider
Emperor Strider - 2 mesi fa
vava marques
vava marques - 2 mesi fa
Alô Brasil tem quero pegar goleada
Lucas Albuquerque
Lucas Albuquerque - 2 mesi fa
Brasil 9x7 Portugal hahaha
GB - 2 mesi fa
Nigerian goalie must’ve had a tenner on over 10.5 goals
B. Biaginni
B. Biaginni - 2 mesi fa
Tudo é festa, até topar com o Brasil, aí o bicho pega
Lucas Albuquerque
Lucas Albuquerque - 2 mesi fa
@Emerson Lourenço Brasil 9x7 Portugal hahaha
Emerson Lourenço
Emerson Lourenço - 2 mesi fa
Pés no chão que Portugal vem forte
Punisher - 2 mesi fa
@B. Biaginni sim, impressionante mesmo
B. Biaginni
B. Biaginni - 2 mesi fa
@Punisher só ganhamos 14 vzs o mundial !
Luis Felipe Aguero
Luis Felipe Aguero - 2 mesi fa
Que goleada
David Olubowale
David Olubowale - 2 mesi fa
Adam - 2 mesi fa
Il prossimo