Said v Ecuador [GOAL OF THE TOURNAMENT] - FIFA U17 World Cup 2019 ™

Said's outside of the box stunner against Ecuador helped Nigeria finish with a 3-2 win.
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durata: 0:25


Lil Umi Vert
Lil Umi Vert - 2 mesi fa
He said shoot and scored
Sirleon Juniour
Sirleon Juniour - 2 mesi fa
Best of the best
olabintan nobil
olabintan nobil - 2 mesi fa
Rashif Hadiyan
Rashif Hadiyan - 2 mesi fa
Why nothing replay this video???
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Ivanhoe Sanchez - 2 mesi fa
kipaspusing2 - 2 mesi fa
This goal is the best between oristacio..if this two don't win I don't know
Milad Ibrahim
Milad Ibrahim - 2 mesi fa
I got confused with his name 😂
Mark Mcd
Mark Mcd - 2 mesi fa
Robo a mexico fifa y conmebol son ladrones no era penalti enla final robo a mexico??
Ricardo Castro
Ricardo Castro - 2 mesi fa
Ya superalo wey. Soy mexicle pero ya que, ya paso
John Peter
John Peter - 2 mesi fa
Indeed it is the Goal of the Tournament!!
FF DYNAMO - 2 mesi fa
What a strike!
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