Sean Evans Interviews Rich Brian in a Castle

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To celebrate the release of his new album, The Sailor, Rich Brian has invited Sean Evans for an intimate tour of his royal estate. Here, the Internet’s favorite interviewer and Indonesia’s most beloved cultural export sit down for a definitive conversation around the new project, touching on everything from Brian’s obsession with cooking steaks, to thoughts on immigration and Asian identity, to new-age meditation techniques. Stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of the interview!
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 4 mesi fa
Who's ready for Feast Mansion Season 2??!!
satya w
satya w - Mese fa
edwin pitono
edwin pitono - 2 mesi fa
Let's do it!
Gaming With Kent
Gaming With Kent - 3 mesi fa
audia’sV - 4 mesi fa
leslie is malfunctioning
First We Feast I AM!!
Zoey Azarraga
Zoey Azarraga - 5 giorni fa
I can never ever in my life, think that a rapper can be so wholesome. The way he describes how cooking steak makes him happy also makes me happy.
Zoey Azarraga
Zoey Azarraga - 5 giorni fa
Can we talk about how brian is wearing this Christmas sweater like he's not a rapper?
Emily B.
Emily B. - 6 giorni fa
Rich Brian really be living up to his name
Soar Lewis
Soar Lewis - 27 giorni fa
So brian does own this castle?
Man That's crazy
gudda117 - 28 giorni fa
dude his house has to be best house of all rappers🤦🏾‍♂️
Ummm hello?
Ummm hello? - Mese fa
Damn brian knows his streak bro lol
Poor Chris! I'm the poorest dude on the internet!
Hasan Al Banna
Hasan Al Banna - Mese fa
it’s been 3 months straight... but where’s the season 2 guys...
HOLLY Helmstetter
HOLLY Helmstetter - Mese fa
I love your house, and it's so appropriate for you to have such a home. You are, I'm sure you realize, a true Renaissance Man. I also want to mention that I appreciate your kindness and hospitality when I stop by your day job to watch a performance with you and whatever guests you may have. Unlike most reactors, you don't dismiss me, but make me feel welcome, even when the discussion is male-oriented. I have 3 grown sons, and of course, they had fathers. I now have 28 descendants and one on the way. But all that aside, you have a great show. Whatever you're doing is working. Keep being a good person. I've been referred to you by several other admirers of yours, so your fame is spreading, as well it should.
Fonzo Castro
Fonzo Castro - Mese fa
Stopped watching at "can you not touch that?"
frances_ - Mese fa
i watched niki's zach interview before this. and they kinda talk and sound the same. choice of words and stuff. imma find joji interviews next
李凯 - Mese fa
Pun - Mese fa
Thank you for the shout out on Acupoints. Future acupuncturist here! Love the house and I love cooking steak too 💕
Yung Tragedy
Yung Tragedy - Mese fa
This kid is full of shit and that house isnt his
electros20 - Mese fa
if you came here for guga, here it is

sukinova777 - Mese fa
Hate to say it.. but Sean seems a little weirded out by Brian. lol 
And I think Brian needs to grow up and reevaluate "fortune". He is impressive for what he has accomplished, but not so much for the materialism and self-importance. 😐
Darth Maul
Darth Maul - 2 mesi fa
Your Rich chigga we will never call you rich brian you shoulda switched your name before you blew up like a C4 connected to dynamite
88Ambeze - 2 mesi fa
He seems like a cocky asshole. I've never even heard of him, probably just another mumble rapper
ActvistMe - 2 mesi fa
1:05 My car engine
taemin shinee
taemin shinee - 2 mesi fa
26:24 "are you going to take a bath?"
sean: iS the temperature good for you?
I'm death he's so funny 😂
Roy Mchunter
Roy Mchunter - 2 mesi fa
I've learn English for like 30 years and I'm not even half as good as him. Far from it actually. He makes good steak, paintings and he's funny as hell. This young man is a genius..he's like the modern day Mozart..
SingingWithJeff - 3 mesi fa
What I would give to kick it with these two for a half day...
1minute booster
1minute booster - 3 mesi fa
Indonesia bangga punya Rich Brian 🇲🇨💯🔥🔥
Esterlina Pangaribuan
Esterlina Pangaribuan - 3 mesi fa
Kok gak ada komen bahasa Indonesia yah? Capek nerjemahin nya nih!
fa dil
fa dil - 3 mesi fa
Chris Gott
Chris Gott - 3 mesi fa
Sean does have a nice watch. I think a Rolex but I can't tell exact model
xyzk - 3 mesi fa
Brian face after sean come in LMAO
xyzk - 3 mesi fa
BeanMarioCow - 3 mesi fa
lmfao the ending bit after the outro
BeanMarioCow - 3 mesi fa
*_is this temperature good for you_*
Adhe Pradipta
Adhe Pradipta - 3 mesi fa
HOw could Rich Brian affords a castle? just curious man..
Jason Suchanek
Jason Suchanek - 3 mesi fa
Best part of the interview was the bath scene. "Is this warm enough for you? You coming in?"
Muhammad Habib
Muhammad Habib - 3 mesi fa
pleas sean subt indo:((
Yanti Lacsana
Yanti Lacsana - 3 mesi fa
Rapper with passion for cooking, painting, meditation and great sense of humor, no tattoo - he should go for acting as well w/ his dead serious joke pretending to be the owner of the castle... 😀😀😀
achooibnida - 3 mesi fa
Atia Tobing
Atia Tobing - 3 mesi fa
lmao i didn't expect a fucking cooking tutorial but this is everything
Atia Tobing
Atia Tobing - 3 mesi fa
lmao i can't with brian's sarcasm
Atia Tobing
Atia Tobing - 3 mesi fa
the level of extra in this video is indescribable. i love it.
Atia Tobing
Atia Tobing - 3 mesi fa
sean and brian, please keep making videos together. thanks.
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