Sean Evans Tastes the Best Burgers in Chicago | The Burger Show

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Hot Ones host Sean Evans eats the best burgers in his hometown, Chicago.
From unique regional specialties, to high-end classics, Chicago has built a reputation for being a major burger destination of the Midwest. So who better to combine forces than with the city's hometown hero, the Spice Lord himself, Sean Evans.

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Season 4
Episode 5
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 5 mesi fa
What are the three best burger cities in America?
zemar's 51 backwards guys
@Aidan Wolf 😂
zemar's 51 backwards guys
@Aidan Wolf Wal-Mart aint a city....
zemar's 51 backwards guys
james Huitt
james Huitt - 10 giorni fa
1 Sid's EL Reno OK2 Keller's Dallas Tx3 Barnacle Bill's Rumson, NJ
Samantha Mari
Samantha Mari - 12 giorni fa
Herbs burgers in corpus christi but they got shut down 😭
Troy Lee
Troy Lee - 3 ore fa
It was fun.. through meat, cheese, and bun xD give this man the Nobel Peace Prize already
Jagger - 22 ore fa
Wasn't at all hungry and in a meh mood while working and then started binging this series and now I'm starving and smiling, thanks ❤️
zemar's 51 backwards guys
"Who is mia khalifa, sorry?"
Oh you fuckin liar!
zemar's 51 backwards guys
Kevin sounds more american than me....
ZiggyZeg 2005
ZiggyZeg 2005 - 2 giorni fa
Sean shows a much cooler side in this video, than he normally does. On hot ones he just stays calm, but here he fucking throws food in the air, and catches with he's mouth! Who has ever done that before?
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata - 4 giorni fa
I think i found someone who will finally appriciate Ted from HIMYM
Randy Hudgins
Randy Hudgins - 4 giorni fa
Got to toast that bun!
Eric Robbins
Eric Robbins - 6 giorni fa
If you think there is good food in the Midwest you have very low standards, or no standards at all. Stopped at 0:22. Quit smashing the beef down. Let it cook naturally bozos. It’s not complicated.
Aaron Reed
Aaron Reed - 7 giorni fa
Those were the saddest, palest looking tomatoes I've ever seen in my entire life.
William Delaney
William Delaney - 7 giorni fa
So no Kuma’s Corner?
Alvaro Hernandez
Alvaro Hernandez - 8 giorni fa
6:28 no you fucking cant you fat fuck! nobody can. ground beef is ground beef. all that matters is fat content...and theirs looked coarse ground.
sean wilkens-hays
sean wilkens-hays - 10 giorni fa
But the burgers are amazing
sean wilkens-hays
sean wilkens-hays - 10 giorni fa
They forgot to mention Portillios
Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson - 10 giorni fa
I'm from Chicago, love the food scene here, and I am a burger guy; however, Chicago Dogs are number 1, seven toppings to Heaven. The lacy-edge burger is fantastic, but not nearly so classic as Deep Dish Pizza, which says Chicago much more emphatically than any hamburger could.
AkodoAkira1 - 10 giorni fa
Wait. You're going to use Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" to describe what makes a good hamburger? Are you insane?
Jeff C
Jeff C - 11 giorni fa
I was dying when they mentioned mia khalifa 😂
Badre Benjelloun
Badre Benjelloun - 12 giorni fa
i fucked up my first ever smash burger ...
Joseph Silva
Joseph Silva - 13 giorni fa
That big dude makes a mean burger, but seems very ignorant at times. Some people don't like onions like Tony Hawk, Marshawn Lynch doesn't give a fuck about umami . He needs to be more emotionally intelligent and create those same burgers, but make a small addition to fit the persons tastes. Example you could give me the best burger in the world but I won't enjoy it if it has tomato, it's all I will taste.
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell - 14 giorni fa
My favorite burger joints is, Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide.
jl_nxtlife - 17 giorni fa
"You were the quarterback."
"Now we're eating burgers."
Samantha Mari
Samantha Mari - 17 giorni fa
If Sean Evans is looking for a date, I'm available.
metalheadblues - 12 giorni fa
@Samantha Mari try before he has a heart attack
Samantha Mari
Samantha Mari - 12 giorni fa
@metalheadblues Alvin's way out of my league. I'm not even gonna shoot my shot with him.. I just can't handle that kinda rejection😭😭😭
metalheadblues - 13 giorni fa
I think Alvin is
HalfAwake - 18 giorni fa
ayyyyy fatso's my favorite dog in Chicago
Montage Matador
Montage Matador - 18 giorni fa
Billy Goats downtown has some good cheap burgers
Cokeboy FWT
Cokeboy FWT - 19 giorni fa
Haha, Sean’s voice is so distinct it’s a entity of its own
Luis Cummins
Luis Cummins - 21 giorno fa
We’re going to need a salad show soon.
kenan dzaferagic
kenan dzaferagic - 21 giorno fa
A burger should never cost more than 10 dollars. It’s a burger keep it simple. I am a burger enthusiast, and honestly the more expensive burgers are no better than any diner burger. Just my opinion guys.
Usama Tahir
Usama Tahir - 26 giorni fa
The Asian dude looks and talks like both Harold and Kumar combined
KT Da Prez
KT Da Prez - 26 giorni fa
Shoutout to schoops
Johnny Dabs
Johnny Dabs - 29 giorni fa
Try the a5 waygu double cheese burger at roister..
Spazus - 29 giorni fa
I like Sean, but he is by no means a “hometown hero”
Berkeley Garvelink
Berkeley Garvelink - Mese fa
Some of my two fav people just mentioned Wilco so I’m happy
Joseph - Mese fa
Who else is eating a burger while watching this?
Goace Florin
Goace Florin - Mese fa
Why burgers when you barley fit the chair?
phatty416 - Mese fa
Schoops! Smash burger with a green river was my childhood
Lobo82 yevi
Lobo82 yevi - Mese fa
Now I feel like I have to go to Chicago and try all that
Tom Degner
Tom Degner - Mese fa
I'm from the midwest and Chicago is not the midwest, Chicago is Chicago..... Chicago is different from Milwaukee, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, or Indianapolis. I personally say Chicago is different for the worse, but some will argue with me. I personally would take a rack of ribs over a burger, but I guess that's just Missouri speaking.
Rocco Jacobs
Rocco Jacobs - Mese fa
Song @5.30?
ThatGuy TV
ThatGuy TV - Mese fa
His voice sounds like that hot sauce is melting his voice cords
Willogi - Mese fa
The host is one hamburger away from a heart attack 💔 exercise help him
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