Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones

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Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron-costars of the new romantic comedy, "Long Shot," in theaters everywhere May 3-have two simple choices in this Hot Ones spinoff: Tell the truth, or suffer the pain of the Last Dab. Watch as host Sean Evans drills the Hollywood legends with high-stakes questions about everything from the most difficult actors to work with, to Seth's secret rap album. The only way to escape the truth is to eat an incredibly spicy wing.
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 7 mesi fa
Seth Rogen's laugh would make a great guest on Hot Ones tbh
Ian Temchin
Ian Temchin - 12 giorni fa
it's so terrible and i love it
JackPowellDrums - 17 giorni fa
You guys should make a sauce named after his laugh
Watching it now and FKNG dyin
Robert Lawler
Robert Lawler - 2 mesi fa
@BS Killa maybe but she is smoking hot
Basilika - 2 mesi fa
i feel like hes laughing more the hoter wings
Josue Alvarez
Josue Alvarez - 6 ore fa
Cashew Milk had me dying!!
savin lamichhane
savin lamichhane - 7 ore fa
Irritating laugh
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife - 7 ore fa
I dont get why so many saying Theaters more than Cinema? I thought English word for movie is cinema as cinematic? :o When I hear theater I just think about William Shakespeare and Drama, Tragedy and comedy.
Kaitlyn Thomas
Kaitlyn Thomas - 2 giorni fa
Upset bc I thought this was going to be them smoking dab
Martin Gerdzhikov
Martin Gerdzhikov - 2 giorni fa
wtf seeing Seth i though Dab was going to be WEED smoking
Imal madhusanka
Imal madhusanka - 3 giorni fa
she is so hotter than hot sauce.. damn!!
InsaneMossMan44 - 3 giorni fa
Jesus Christ, I love Seth Rogan, but his laugh has gotten progressively worse and somehow even more annoying
NGHT RIZE - 20 ore fa
InsaneMossMan44 bro I’m sayin 😂his laugh is so annoying and cringy
Pia - 4 giorni fa
Seth Rogen's laugh is annoying. It's like he's got mucus stuck in his throat .
Santy Clause
Santy Clause - 4 giorni fa
Hearing Seth laugh is like cranking the starter motor on a running car.
Sockenstuff - 5 giorni fa
Charlize Theron has bigger balls than most people walking
Jasper Catley
Jasper Catley - 5 giorni fa
The reverb of Seth Rogen's laugh is my sleep paralysis demon
Ryan A.
Ryan A. - 7 giorni fa
me being a stoner i only clicked because it said seth and dab lol
I TRIGGER PEOPLE - 7 giorni fa
"Look Seth in the face and tell him something to get off your chest"

Charlize: *doesn't look Seth in the face at all*
daisy sandoval
daisy sandoval - 7 giorni fa
Can you get Keanu Reeves please?
Mia Allen
Mia Allen - 7 giorni fa
4:10 he cleaned the wing. he can *pick up a plate* from the cookout.
wujBat - 8 giorni fa
Seth laugh - honestly? Irritating af... ;)
Tom - 8 giorni fa
What the hell is wrong with this guy?? Can't him clear his throat? This is disgusting!! 6:33
jedenzet - 7 giorni fa
ur mom gay
MCham08 - 8 giorni fa
Holy shit His laugh made this extra funny
mike s
mike s - 9 giorni fa
I love how Charlize swears like a drunken sailor. Makes her even sexier.
PC Perf
PC Perf - 9 giorni fa
what does vegans dab?
Cam3 Cam3
Cam3 Cam3 - 10 giorni fa
Seth's laugh is so enjoyable, thank you for amplifying it.
Trippie Sac
Trippie Sac - 10 giorni fa
Bro Seth better quit playin and drop dat shit hahahah
S G - 11 giorni fa
Why am I just finding out about this show?! Sean you dropped the ball! You should have been promoting the fuck outta this on hot ones!!! My second fav show now 😍 after hot ones of course 🔥🔥🔥
cb7pwn - 11 giorni fa
shes effortlessly stunning
MVG X3 - 12 giorni fa
Yo these comments about Seths laugh got me dying 😂😂😂😂😂
Racer X
Racer X - 14 giorni fa
Charlize can make anything look sexy.
Dustin Shapiro
Dustin Shapiro - 14 giorni fa
Listen to this hot song!
Joe Werner
Joe Werner - 15 giorni fa
Her eyes are the sexiest things in the universe
Roberta 91
Roberta 91 - 16 giorni fa
I love seth's laugh lol
Cece Princess
Cece Princess - 16 giorni fa
His laugh sounds forced
mvrco h
mvrco h - 16 giorni fa
I almost stopped watching cause of Rogen’s laugh...
puchculi - 16 giorni fa
someone kill him and let him die/
xolainaaxo -
xolainaaxo - - 16 giorni fa
i hear seths laugh in my sleep paralysis
JackPowellDrums - 17 giorni fa
Hot ones should make a sauce named "Seth's Laugh"
Cece Princess
Cece Princess - 16 giorni fa
Sgt Cymek
Sgt Cymek - 17 giorni fa
Love the echo sounds effects
Stevedore Votes
Stevedore Votes - 17 giorni fa
I saw Seth Rogan on his vacation this summer. He was riding passenger of a car and rode by me while I was walking to work with my lunch. I just looked as he went by. He loves to eat at local businesses.
Kyla Cordero
Kyla Cordero - 17 giorni fa
Lmao literally. I love you Charlize! 😍😍
Kamaji - 17 giorni fa
I know Seth wishes he was doing a different kind of dab...
Kaique Mesquita Correa
Kaique Mesquita Correa - 19 giorni fa
I love how the comment section is all about Seth’s laughter
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