Shia LaBeouf Sheds a Tear While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Shia LaBeouf finally takes on the wings of death for the Hot Ones Season 10 premiere! He's an actor, performance artist, and style icon, and he's got a pair of brand new films this fall: the much buzzed-about Peanut Butter Falcon, out now, and his semi-autobiographical story, Honey Boy, coming to theaters on November 8th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the "half-Cajun, half-Jewish" star battles the brand-new Hot Ones lineup and discusses everything from wrestling with Tom Hardy, to giving Kanye West his Indiana Jones hat. Welcome back, spice lords-Season 10 is finally here!
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Season 10
Episode 1
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 5 mesi fa
Welcome back, spice lords! Who do you want to see Season 10?
OdellisaurusRex - Mese fa
Game Grumps!
Meagan Testerman
Meagan Testerman - Mese fa
Chappelle duh.
clankdimxx - 2 mesi fa
Antonio brown
Allen Tonnesen
Allen Tonnesen - 3 mesi fa
Petition to have Wim Hof on the show. Or maybe do the show in an ice bath or out in the snow at his place. That would be epic!
Anastasia - 4 mesi fa
Digital Swagg
Digital Swagg - 14 minuti fa
LaBeouf got barz, RESPECT!!!!
Caresse Music
Caresse Music - 17 minuti fa
"This is a real show" .... u the real one shia, a real real 4 real, real... real....... REAL
MrFlipgraf - 29 minuti fa
Tbh I did not expect Shia to be such a great kind guy, loved the episode.
Sequoia Martinez
Sequoia Martinez - Ora fa
shi labeouf should make a sequel to the movie disturbia such a good movie
Danelle Copps
Danelle Copps - Ora fa
shia you are a cutie dream
wiiplaya25 - Ora fa
You should get Tom Hiddleston
Polygon - 2 ore fa
It's crazy to think Shia almost didn't make it out
Jabba Fan BOI
Jabba Fan BOI - 2 ore fa
He will not decide us Pepe
Kiowa - 2 ore fa
Loved peanut butter falcon
Bal Rog
Bal Rog - 3 ore fa
“I probably look so sad right now.”
Sluggy HD
Sluggy HD - 3 ore fa
Thats such a shia thing to do
Brian J.
Brian J. - 4 ore fa
Hes just a normal guy who's trying to deal with his very difficult past as best he can
Nicolas Mitchell
Nicolas Mitchell - 4 ore fa
Shia labuff
Trollfaced Mario
Trollfaced Mario - 4 ore fa
This man.
He hs a true person of culture. Memes are the internet's art.
Sean Bonvie
Sean Bonvie - 5 ore fa
Damian Wood
Damian Wood - 5 ore fa
Best one ever, authentic
Paul Dall
Paul Dall - 5 ore fa
Very interesting guy
Bunjip - 5 ore fa
How about sylvester stallone and daniel craig as guests. That'd be good.
Bunjip - 5 ore fa
I love how the hot sauces keep everyone honest
Tyler Pierce
Tyler Pierce - 5 ore fa
That Bilderberg Meeting chicken story fuckin' killed me.
Aly Perrie
Aly Perrie - 5 ore fa
Please bring Gerard Butler
Kiah Aleyce
Kiah Aleyce - 6 ore fa
I just wanna hug Shia he reminds me SO MUCH of my late god brother just honest and goofy and smart in his own Shia way. Emotionally intelligent and just love able.
Andrej Stanič
Andrej Stanič - 8 ore fa
This guy is genuinely one of the best interviewers ever because he makes the interviewees interested in his questions and he has a great radio voice.
Berualdo Bareal
Berualdo Bareal - 8 ore fa
okay I see everyone talking about how Shia is a great guy (and he really seems to be), but is no one actually going to talk about the AMAZING soundtrack to this episode? Every sound/song choice was absolutely mesmerizing and, when united with the quality content that both Shia and Sean brought to us, this episode becomes a true chill masterpiece of fried-wings-eating-interview.
Devil’s Advocate
Devil’s Advocate - 9 ore fa
*10,000+ dislikes are from Trumpy’s triggered herd of sheep!!*
Plutonium - 10 ore fa
“500 dollars into breast cancer charity”..........F#$k Hollywood
davide bortoli
davide bortoli - 10 ore fa
Man he pushed through a full da bomb wing with extra sauce on top better than some guests after a tiny bite of the third wing. Loved the guy, great episode!
Austin James
Austin James - 11 ore fa
When people cuss this much they tend to be more real and chill type of people
Hector Moreno
Hector Moreno - 12 ore fa
haha im surpized he didnt puta bag over his head
Frannie - 14 ore fa
i thought this man was completely off the rails, wtf this man is like the most chill person I've ever seen
77Brainfreeze - 14 ore fa
Two bone technique (aka flappers) is to stick the whole thing in your mouth holding just the end of one side and then strip the whole thing off in one go. Never use two hands when eating wings.
paul murphy
paul murphy - 14 ore fa
best guest ever
oilpond - 12 ore fa
Nup he divided us.
Rochelle Rain
Rochelle Rain - 14 ore fa
Didn’t Sean tell Gordon Ramsey those bottles were just for show because they were out of date???
MrSammybucca - 14 ore fa
What a fucking beast, dabbed every wing and combined all sauces for the last one.
95blckfirebird1 - 14 ore fa
He's so chill, easy top 5 on the show
Ace Goodheart
Ace Goodheart - 15 ore fa
Best episode hands down. The dude legitimately ate the wings and poured extra sauce on each one. Hats off, I couldn't do that. Everyone else takes a small bite. Not Shia, the dude eats the whole wing.
Arlo Cordell
Arlo Cordell - 16 ore fa
🇰🇷 👈
Eric Ryan
Eric Ryan - 16 ore fa
Can see the host struggling more on this one as he was matching the amount of hot sauce Shia would put on the wings
Joe Pettegrew
Joe Pettegrew - 17 ore fa
Best one yet! By far!
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram - 17 ore fa
The baseball reference has more to do with a fast runner is more likely to take a large lead off of the bag and a lazy runner is going to take about a 3' lead off the bag to guarantee that you are not going to try and pick them off.
T Groce
T Groce - 17 ore fa
Best hot ones
JHue666 - 17 ore fa
I still remember this guys in Even Stevens. I fuckin loved that show
renagadebilly2007 - 17 ore fa
didnt this guy threaten a cop?
Everyone on YouTube is an expert
Shia still wants sean to answer the question at 11:31.
Tom Gilligan
Tom Gilligan - 17 ore fa
That was the saddest hotdog story ive ever heard
Tom Gilligan
Tom Gilligan - 18 ore fa
If there is one hollywood star id wanna be friends with its Shia.
Tom Gilligan
Tom Gilligan - 18 ore fa
BTW if anyone reads this and hasnt yet seen both those films you best get on it there awesome
Biba Pout
Biba Pout - 18 ore fa
I wish you could get Maynard on
Victor Mejia
Victor Mejia - 18 ore fa
Shia is effin cool
Crystal McCormick
Crystal McCormick - 18 ore fa
He is soooooo sexy
Hi9hli9ht - 19 ore fa
Shia’s on some testosterone. Notice the bloat in his face and neck despite not being high body fat%. Notice the voice much deeper than his early adulthood. Increased musculature. Common for hollywooders to do a little roids lol just funny he seems to be one of them
Andrea G
Andrea G - 19 ore fa
Jake Jones
Jake Jones - 20 ore fa
This is by far my favorite episode! It's awesome getting to see what Shia is like off the big screen, seems like a genuine dude.
David Clayton Freeman
David Clayton Freeman - 20 ore fa
SL has got to be the most No way. I love you dude. The only real actor in Hollywood. You can not have any PR firm because you just tell whatever you think and that is so gone in Hollywood. Keep it up man and I'll keep buying tickets to anything you do. Even the stinkers.
Riding Solo
Riding Solo - 21 ora fa
That Shia dude is leet although he kept saying he looks like he is sad I bet dropping a number 2 she-it-in through a screen door is what you will be sad about.
goblue 75
goblue 75 - 21 ora fa
Better than child Gambino 🤷🏻‍♂️
Samantha Pray
Samantha Pray - 21 ora fa
I would like to go camping with him 🤗
Cassondra Hamel
Cassondra Hamel - 21 ora fa
THE ZOOMED IN TEAR omg dying touched by an angel..
fire ninja 1
fire ninja 1 - 22 ore fa
This is cool it's good to see shia this is making me really happy to see that he's doing good
Evan Tinney
Evan Tinney - 22 ore fa
If you don't get Keanu Reeves on the show RIGHT AWAY, I'm gonna start a boycott to unsubscribe to your channel !!! ..........jk.........

I love your show
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