Stromboli aliscafo incidente 16 giugno 2016

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Incidente die un aliscafo il 16 giugno 2016. Tutti i passeggeri sono stati salvati.
durata: 7:16


Achmad Mursyidy
Achmad Mursyidy - Giorno fa
Thomas Kautzner
Thomas Kautzner - 13 giorni fa
Schettino returns on a ship and damaged it again 😅😅😅
Thomas Kautzner
Thomas Kautzner - 13 giorni fa
Such a stupid Capitan ... when it’s impossible to go on land then take the next harbour in which is not so dangerous. Stupid Cpatain !
Gregg Keyes
Gregg Keyes - 21 giorno fa
I know, hindsight is perfect but , why didn't he just temporarily anchor 100 yds off shore until the wind died down.
Rob Napoli
Rob Napoli - 21 giorno fa
Invece d'aiutare, sti stronzi filmano...Inconcepibile...
everthinka - 21 giorno fa
Tutti fruiti arevaderchi bone journey.
Glenn Heard
Glenn Heard - 25 giorni fa
Michael Miller
Michael Miller - 26 giorni fa
Shettino's first day of work-release didn't go quite as planned.
Alan Fay
Alan Fay - 28 giorni fa
Bad captain. Bad seamanship, idiot?
kane solomon
kane solomon - Mese fa
Un vrai conard ce capitaine dans le code il devrait faire en avant tout sur la plage
Anthony Malvoso
Anthony Malvoso - Mese fa
What were they thinking...
There are still good people out there working as one, don't you wish our world could be like one?
Kev - Mese fa
Trying to dock in those conditions is way too crazy.. Way too shallow there for a boat that size.
Uğur Saron
Uğur Saron - Mese fa
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woodbutcher505 - Mese fa
Maybe he should have ran the bow up on the beach or as close as he could get .
goxoom - 22 giorni fa
@woodbutcher505 and maybe the front underwater wings looks broken
woodbutcher505 - 22 giorni fa
@goxoom It does look like a hydrafoil with all of the brackets coming out the sides in the front and back.
goxoom - 22 giorni fa
but maybe its not possible becouse maybe the ship is hydrofoil ship,so its wings under the water will or have stopped by ground
Anlema mac
Anlema mac - Mese fa
Cómo se puede ser tan inútil. Va el tío y se mete en plena rompiente.. Sin codera ni ná. Al final pasa lo que pasa. Si no hay condiciones no te metas cojones.
leonhardSR - Mese fa
ob man das nicht anders hätte lösen können ?
Jeffersondumbass Jefferson
Captain: ‘There’s lives at risk’.
Public; ‘Get out ya phones and record’🙈😢
P Phillips
P Phillips - Mese fa
The Captain caused this shipwreck by trying to berth in swells instead of standing off, dropping anchor and waiting for the wind to drop. I hope he has been sent to prison for being such an imbecile.
God of Thunder
God of Thunder - Mese fa
this skipper should be working at a thing he could of done is full throttle up on to the beach away from the warf atleast then you could do a repair and probably drive away at the next high tide.instead he lets it sink next to the warf and smash to pieces i bet there was nothing left of it the next day
Pedro - Mese fa
porque no regreso a napoles cuando le informaron las condiciones meteorologicas!!
rbodell - Mese fa
1:21 Nice hole. If that abortion of a spray rail didn't sink it, the abortion on the stern would have.
John Ryan
John Ryan - 2 mesi fa
They are afraid of the surf ,a surfer would have saved the day
Chris Duke
Chris Duke - 2 mesi fa
Somebody left the toilet valve open?
FranktheDachshund - 2 mesi fa
In true maritime tradition the captain went down with the boat, fortunately the water was only 8 feet deep.
James Hall
James Hall - 2 mesi fa
191246mann1 - 2 mesi fa
as already pointed out it was already sinking before it came in ,he should have gone full speed straight up the beach ,
goxoom - 22 giorni fa
but maybe its not possible becouse maybe the ship is hydrofoil ship,so the wings under the water will or have stopped by ground
stephen aylward
stephen aylward - 2 mesi fa
the only asshole responsible here is the Captain! He could have said no go! I hope no one died.
Stuiver - 2 mesi fa
this skipper deserves a second chance on a rowing boat...
willeb522 - 2 mesi fa
En La union de las personas esta la Fuerza! El Capitan fue el ultimo de desembarcar. Es un buen Marino. La Vida tiene mas valor que lo material.
Luiz Ripper
Luiz Ripper - 2 mesi fa
ci dovrebbe essere una barriera fatta di blocchi per spezzare le onde, come una piccola baia, fornendo così stabilità all'ancoraggio ... nessuno ci ha pensato?
Luiz Ripper
Luiz Ripper - 2 mesi fa
Es sollte eine Absperrung aus Blöcken geben, um die Wellen zu brechen, wie eine kleine Bucht, die für Stabilität am Ankerplatz sorgt ... hat das niemand gedacht?
shakenama - 2 mesi fa
This is a ferry with hydrofoils (like water skis for a boat). At high speeds the boats hydrofoil arms extend outward and the boat rides above the water. When the captain backed up away from the dock , the starboard hydrofoil collided with the pier ripping the hydrofoil arm off the boat. Lesson #1 - Always try the leeward side of the dock if possible. Lesson #2 - Avoid hard throttle when maneuvering around piers.
191246mann1 - 2 mesi fa
how about wait a while until your happy to do it safely ,no matter how he tried it wind and swell made it very will just have to wait
Rog Doger
Rog Doger - 2 mesi fa
What captain?
guy benett
guy benett - 2 mesi fa
L1 B2
L1 B2 - 2 mesi fa
Pero no lo entiendo como con esa mar tan picada intento atracar es de Juzgado de guardia se tenia que haber dado la vuelta y volver al punto de partida a ese capitan yo no le daria el mando ni de un bote de remos gracias a Dios que no murió y felicitar a esos héroes que se la jugaron para rescatar a os tripulantes y pasajeros
William Ogilvie
William Ogilvie - 2 mesi fa
No breakwater for that dock. Captain should have stayed in deeper water and tried to find a sheltered port. It looked like the engine blew after he missed his docking attempt.
İzzet Akçay
İzzet Akçay - 2 mesi fa
Do you see the hole?
el_realista - 2 mesi fa
Devon35 - 2 mesi fa
The dock is too close to land and is in the surf
Loaded Bladder
Loaded Bladder - 2 mesi fa
That captain sucks ass of a goat. Thank goodness everyone com out safely.
B TheMan
B TheMan - 2 mesi fa
Another dumb Italian captain lmao
Shifttube - 2 mesi fa
well that was a dumb ass move also the dock needs to be built anothrt500 ft out
freefly73 - 2 mesi fa
IO non sono un ci voleva poco a capire che le condizioni per l'attracco non c'erano.......gli era andata di lusso la prima volta.....invece di riprendere il largo ed aspettare condizioni migliori ha voluto distruggere l'imbarcazione e mettere a repentaglio la vita dei c'ero io dagli schiaffi al comandante lo rifacevo nuovo
eki alexander
eki alexander - 3 mesi fa
Stupid pilot boat...
Graham Nash
Graham Nash - 3 mesi fa
Should have drop ancor and gone stern to the dock.
Graham Nash
Graham Nash - 2 mesi fa
@incredible987 987987 I know that but with the sea state like that he would have been safe until they could dock (thinking time). Look at the clip again and then tell me that attempting to go along side with the sea like that would have been wise!! I think not. She would have rolled her guts out and have taken damage and the passengers would have still been stuck onboard.
incredible987 987987
incredible987 987987 - 3 mesi fa
@Graham Nash This isnt wisdom,this is bulsht. Learn that Hydrofoils cant dock stern,as there are the propellers and the foil.They are designed to dock by the side
Graham Nash
Graham Nash - 3 mesi fa
@incredible987 987987 I just did. A wise man will listen and use what is good.
incredible987 987987
incredible987 987987 - 3 mesi fa
You cant tell him his job
Gurt Smunta
Gurt Smunta - 3 mesi fa
Boat sinks then you hear a boom from the volcano
Ben Davis
Ben Davis - 3 mesi fa
Even under better conditions, the design is terrible. You need to be able to approach the dock INTO the wind.
Morgan Grey
Morgan Grey - 3 mesi fa
so..who was the retarded Captain who decided to try this stunt under these conditions,and putting peoples lives at great risk?..i really hope he was fired and charged with reckless endangerment.
Randolf Llige
Randolf Llige - 3 mesi fa
Lucky those cables did not snapped otherwise ....
windage - 3 mesi fa
while backing at 1:00...he makes contact on stbd side with the pier..and holes his hull
ChevaPate - 3 mesi fa
Ok, is this Capitano from the same school as the Capten of Costa Concordia?
Chia Thi
Chia Thi - 3 mesi fa
Thuyền trưởng chạy như con cặc vậy trời sóng vậy lủi đầu vô cho chìm
Max Hardover
Max Hardover - 3 mesi fa
Wow, trying to dock with a following sea like that, you've got to be really good or really nuts, or, hopefully, both. That said, one has to have the imagination to picture what will happen once you actually get to the dock!
Roy Gould
Roy Gould - 3 mesi fa
My first thought was they should have had a setup that allowed backing in to tie up on the other side. Bad choice by the Capt. But he did know to run it aground once it started sinking.
Phil UP6903
Phil UP6903 - 3 mesi fa
damn, come back another day. now you lost the whole ship.Stupid.
Sid - 3 mesi fa
Italian are the worst sailors in the world ! lol
Extrema Thule
Extrema Thule - 3 mesi fa
Fuck you, idiot. You prick.
Some Other Dude
Some Other Dude - 3 mesi fa when he aborts the first (idiotic) docking attempt, note there is then damage to the forward starboard side at the waterline. Maybe they were taking on water fast after that. There was a bad crunching sound as the hydrofoil structure caught the dock piling. 0:53 What an Effing mess. Lucky none of those well-meaning men on the beach got hurt either.
Julian V.
Julian V. - 3 mesi fa
Mengo-Drohne - 3 mesi fa
Ich hasse diese Smartphone-Idioten!
richard easther
richard easther - 3 mesi fa
Insurance job for sure just like the titanic but smaller and nobody died ,a better planned rip off -assholes do this sort of thing
Joey Jamison
Joey Jamison - 3 mesi fa
I didn't know they let Francesco Schettino out of prison.
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