The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)

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Vixx Celacea
Vixx Celacea - 6 ore fa
The OK one is extra dumb because it vaguely can make a W and a P, IE white power. But the symbol is so old and almost universally understood much like the word OK which has interesting history. A misspell of all correct which became a universal acknowledgement that nearly transcends language.
Fuck the racists and supremacists and the news media. Then can all shove it up their patookus.
Jt Burkett
Jt Burkett - 6 ore fa
King Bryant
King Bryant - 6 ore fa
Kurt Suffoletto
Kurt Suffoletto - 7 ore fa
Soooooooo... why can I still use “👌” as an emoji? Why don’t these news outlets go after Apple and call them racist?
Journalism has became weak and pathetic over the decades.
Also, the crybaby culture now is trying to make our lives painfully boring to suit their agenda.
Nakz_z z
Nakz_z z - 7 ore fa
What's next, boomer is a saying for a terrorist bombing plan, get outta here
PTNLemay - 7 ore fa
How is 12 a hate symbol though?
Gacha lover I hope I die
pewdiepie ad on his own video

Wham Meister
Wham Meister - 7 ore fa
People can just be so damn stupid
Elijah sherrill
Elijah sherrill - 7 ore fa
Airen Shield
Airen Shield - 7 ore fa
people: *breathes*
news: hey the Nazis breath you're doing a hate crime
C_V.Paradox - 7 ore fa
Some of us humans are stupid, we argue about stupid things and make a fuss over one thing. One is fighting that one does not, and one is fighting that one does.
Angel Dusti
Angel Dusti - 7 ore fa
Me: *crosses my legs*
Revant Pamidi
Revant Pamidi - 7 ore fa
Brody Bryan
Brody Bryan - 7 ore fa
Superior Zodaic
Superior Zodaic - 7 ore fa
I like how if a Boomer doesn't get a joke they turn it into something it's not
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez - 8 ore fa
Can Marzia talk without making the 👌? The important question
Flint_ - 8 ore fa
Wtf the fact the the ok symbol sign is now a racist symbol is stupid. The fact that people are so stupid and sensitive to add this symbol👌 to the hate list is so dumb. Humanity is so dumb🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
The child wasn’t even doing the ok sign
ZZZ TITAN ZZZ - 8 ore fa
👌 👌 👌
Crunchyfroggamer CFG
Wtf I didn't know this was a thing before now this is just stupid f*****g hell
joshua Maggard
joshua Maggard - 9 ore fa
Do a video on the FTC
gabsr - 9 ore fa
Old PewDiePie logo:
DarKnightKilla13 - 9 ore fa
How about the fact that people who are Deaf and Hearing Impaired use the OK sign daily as literally their language. It is the letter "F" in American/English Sign Language...and when pointed pointed downward and forward towards someone is also the sign of calling the person it's pointed at an "asshole"... among many other uses in that language. Like wtf, so everyone who uses Sign language to communicate on a daily basis and attempt to live perfectly normal lives are racist? Pssht.
Franzis Studios
Franzis Studios - 9 ore fa
It’s ok in my language
Øath betrayer
Øath betrayer - 9 ore fa
Pepe was never a bad thing.
Funtagious - 9 ore fa
They had the nerve to censor the ok gesture.....smh
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 9 ore fa
This is Definitely one of the best videos I've ever seen from you. Good job 👍
Daniel gaming359
Daniel gaming359 - 9 ore fa
Anything: becomes popular
US: You are the enemy of the people
Cap Doing Things
Cap Doing Things - 10 ore fa
Ben Shapiro doin the circle hand over there
umar Istamov
umar Istamov - 10 ore fa
NotActuallyGoku - 10 ore fa
I Swear The Media Is Super Dumb.
Horrer Doire
Horrer Doire - 10 ore fa
I got a Pewdiepie add, on this pewdiepie video, this is epic
AHSS Türkiye TR
AHSS Türkiye TR - 10 ore fa
Rock - 10 ore fa
America land of fruits and easily offended
Rock - 10 ore fa
But blacks can do it
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos - 10 ore fa
👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 _it means ok_

*I spammed it*
Wow Wow
Wow Wow - 10 ore fa
I never knew people thought that the ok symbol thought it was white power. ????
Lama Bara
Lama Bara - 10 ore fa
How did i not know this. WTF!!
Niel hephep
Niel hephep - 10 ore fa
Trolls are way smarter for the woke community
Niel hephep
Niel hephep - 10 ore fa
Brinkhoe - 10 ore fa
this honestly makes me want to blow my brains out people are so dumb
OK BoOmEr - 11 ore fa
👌 💥 😐
the music and the gaming channel
Pewdiepie:"brofist is an hate thing"
Brofist fandom and me:*crys and gets determined to save the brofist for pewdiepie and disobeys the president and breathes heavly in anger*
the music and the gaming channel
Blaque Link
Blaque Link - 12 ore fa
At 5:00 perfect music
ChineseApe Aka Real Oof Clan
Jet set radio!!!
Billy Bob incorporated
What if a black person uses the 👌
oof master
oof master - 12 ore fa
My freind:i am offended
Tim johnson
Tim johnson - 12 ore fa
Edoardoscp - 12 ore fa
How are people that dumb...Boomers...
Edoardoscp - 12 ore fa
CrispyBoi1990 - 13 ore fa
Jacob Frost
Jacob Frost - 13 ore fa
What was the music played over the news?
TheOldSin - 13 ore fa
Okay sempai we follow till dead
Kevynn Santiago Prieto Rodriguez
The best clickbait for ever
Tangent Whisper
Tangent Whisper - 13 ore fa
First we had the satanic panic, now we got this. What's next? The hand heart shape is gesture of a hatred?
Hari Gopal Adamus
Hari Gopal Adamus - 13 ore fa
A pewdeipie ad on a pewdeipie video?
Zachary Akerman
Zachary Akerman - 13 ore fa
Sometimes I Question America.
IMPULSE - 13 ore fa
Dawwal Music
Dawwal Music - 13 ore fa
Your reasoning in general is a tad immature and not unlike a child to be honest...Some people just do shit...simple as that. Kids think everyone has a motive and good and bad people think clearly and act in accordance with some kind of plan....But the reality is that is not accurate.
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