The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

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Film e animazione
durata: 10:30


ASHLEY A - 10 secondi fa
7:12 got me dying
21st_century_americanidiot - 11 secondi fa
James: I made a review on a movie from 35 YEAAARS AGO!
Me: Listens to bands from the 90s and early 2000s!
Me: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM How interesting!
Hufsa Iqbal
Hufsa Iqbal - 19 secondi fa
this is number one on trending
Elon Musket
Elon Musket - 27 secondi fa
*ah sh*t, here we go again*
Pizzaking Booming network
Pizzaking Booming network - 33 secondi fa
Sub to me for mony
king bloody
king bloody - 39 secondi fa
Noob Destroyer67
Noob Destroyer67 - Minuto fa
The Netflix series you need to watch is "The Office." BEST. SHOW. EVER.
Iridylailic A.
Iridylailic A. - Minuto fa
I love watching videos at 2x speed ! Cuts right through any slow parts.
no thanks
no thanks - Minuto fa
that shrek thing was the most detailed thing i have ever seen and i put it at 2x speed when you said ITS ALL GOOD is two times speed :>
fruitypanda 101
fruitypanda 101 - Minuto fa
The funny thing is I had the movie and put it in and I had NIGHTMARES FOR A WEEK. It was not fun.
Scholarr 3.1415
Scholarr 3.1415 - Minuto fa
Don’t End Racism End Race
Nehmann - Minuto fa
Hey why is this Video at the first Places of the Trends... in Germany?
The Great Whale Shark
The Great Whale Shark - 2 minuti fa
James number 1 in trending *
Cheesey Burger
Cheesey Burger - 2 minuti fa
Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger - 3 minuti fa
I disagree with your opinions but I respect your opinions
Darling Cazares :b
Darling Cazares :b - 3 minuti fa
Congrats on #1 on trending :D
CrazyKat 2165
CrazyKat 2165 - 3 minuti fa
Tbh (aka to be honest) Netflix makes sloooooooowwwwwww shows I mean even stranger things was slow in my opinion. I’m just like Netflix could you just speed up your plot just a bit. Most of their shows have 1hour-45min episodes! Not to be mean to Netflix because Netflix really does a good job at their shows/movies and most of their shows/movies are good. Their. Just. Slow. And long.
Kimberly Del Valle
Kimberly Del Valle - 3 minuti fa
Me: Sees thumbnail and title
Also me: It is TIME!!!
xxJman&David - 3 minuti fa
HEY odd1sout ive been a fan since you started youtube. AND PLEASE CAN I GET A SHOUTOUT. BTW I come from britain so i cant get merch at target cause it doesnt exist here
0MindSwept0 - 4 minuti fa
That fan art thOwO
Wonders Of Animation !!
Wonders Of Animation !! - 4 minuti fa
How did I just know you were going to make a video on this? I just KNEW IT!
Is it bad that I watched the entire series three times xD
Valentin Cruz
Valentin Cruz - 4 minuti fa
Logan paul real
Shadrll Fenrir
Shadrll Fenrir - 4 minuti fa
What's with the furry art at the end?
Freya Porter
Freya Porter - 4 minuti fa
For gods sake since when did u get 13 mil subs
Pastel Cactuses
Pastel Cactuses - 4 minuti fa
I haven't watched it yet- but I'm tramotized from the three pee stream...😕
Ack Man
Ack Man - 4 minuti fa
#1 on trending gj!
Montgomery Bridges
Montgomery Bridges - 4 minuti fa
Congrats on getting 1# on trending keep up the good work :)
Kevin Poveda
Kevin Poveda - 4 minuti fa
Logan Aeschbacker
Logan Aeschbacker - 4 minuti fa
Is James a furry
Uzma Saghir
Uzma Saghir - 5 minuti fa
#1 trending
Le Cobra
Le Cobra - 5 minuti fa
Mind controlled MK ULTRA zombies are triggered by the flashing lights & sirens from cop cars, ambulances, and fire trucks.
The police are the handlers to these Gang Gang niggas out here killin' for no reason.
These satanic cops be hoping someone will get triggered and we (God's children) get shot. This is the secret way they have been using niggas to wipe each other out.
I know this to be true. As a child of God these hoes been trying to kill me and set me up for years. The
Most High always reveal they plots and schemes to me and I pray for their demise daily.
The Lord has already took out a few satanist who tried to sabotage my life. This spiritual battle is real!!!
They are body snatching...and putting people under mind control too. Won't be getting my ass though. Sorry for the long windedness, hope this comment helps someone. To God be the Glory. We got this!!!
Alex Medina
Alex Medina - 5 minuti fa
#1 trending🤘🔥
Thomas Schexnaydre
Thomas Schexnaydre - 6 minuti fa
*S.P.O.O.K.Y. P.U.P.P.E.T. S.C.A.R.E. M.E*
Cotton Ball
Cotton Ball - 6 minuti fa
Me at the end of the video:wHaT u SAy aBoUT mY mOm
Geoff Yeet
Geoff Yeet - 7 minuti fa
Subscribe to me plz anyone
LeesaDeAndrea - 7 minuti fa
And save your money.
Alyssa Johnson
Alyssa Johnson - 7 minuti fa
how is this number 1 on trending maybe because he is that best :>
Gamingwith Conner123
Gamingwith Conner123 - 8 minuti fa
Who’s hear before trending is done
SHAYLENE CROSBY - 8 minuti fa
ARE YOU sure ABOUT that
Stefan Priestley
Stefan Priestley - 8 minuti fa
All My Hero Acedamia fans are getting triggered over the Bakugo Easter egg at 4:44😂
Mr Atomic TTV
Mr Atomic TTV - 8 minuti fa
#1 trending BTW Team James
Kid1b - 9 minuti fa
Quick! Everyone tweet James twice as much as before!
Markan Reshma
Markan Reshma - 9 minuti fa
I’ll never, ever had to worry about getting overly famous and being forced to be an extrovert.
Netflix (Busts In):
Doggoperson626 - 9 minuti fa
Good job. #1 on trending
Wolfie Playz
Wolfie Playz - 9 minuti fa
Yay another vid so happy!
Seal Boi
Seal Boi - 9 minuti fa
#1 on trending
Abhishek Patawari
Abhishek Patawari - 9 minuti fa
Hmmm hmmm paid hmmreview
Malcolm Baker
Malcolm Baker - 10 minuti fa
Hey James did you know they reboot The Dark Crystal
Mandy Diao
Mandy Diao - 10 minuti fa
And I was so confused why this was on netflix now. I remembered your Video and tried watching the movie but I was just like "oh hell no" after about 15 minutes or so.
imemeplays yt
imemeplays yt - 10 minuti fa
Who is watching at 2x speed?
Randoms fandoms
Randoms fandoms - 11 minuti fa
#1 on trending!
Walter Bulman
Walter Bulman - 11 minuti fa
Me: Sees the description, expects the comments to be filled with "MMMMmMMmmmmmmMMmmmMmMm"
reality is often disappointing
China Wilson
China Wilson - 12 minuti fa
Do u post I Video then don’t post for a month?
Fredber Freddy
Fredber Freddy - 12 minuti fa
I am a latin american suscriptor😁
Chuchi the deer
Chuchi the deer - 13 minuti fa
I knew he would make this video
•* Golden Krispie *•
•* Golden Krispie *• - 13 minuti fa
Good job James! #1 On Trending
*Woodland_Rose* Blossom
*Woodland_Rose* Blossom - 13 minuti fa
One on trending! And I’m early!
Rainy Day
Rainy Day - 14 minuti fa
Blake Romo
Blake Romo - 14 minuti fa
..... when he said watch it in 2x speed, I watched the rest or this video in 2x speed..... and understood
EarthMan Abomination
EarthMan Abomination - 14 minuti fa
I really didn't like the show lol
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