The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

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Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5? Which game would you play on this gaming PC setup?
Visit and use discount code “Unbox15”(letters in discount code ARE case sensitive) to get an Unbox 24hr exclusive of 15% off Arctis Pro + GameDAC:
The Chair -
The Monitor -
The Gaming PC -
(More info on gaming PC specs etc. in this video -
Is this the ultimate gaming PC setup?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - Anno fa
Visit and use discount code “Unbox15”(letters in discount code ARE case sensitive) to get an Unbox 24hr exclusive of 15% off Arctis Pro + GameDAC:
Azlan vlogs
Azlan vlogs - 10 giorni fa
plz do give Azlan vlogs a shout out i will pay more than $1500 for it !!!..
Alexandeer - 15 giorni fa
Wait a sec. Can i have it?
Alexandeer - 15 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy and herr i come with a $1000 dollar gaming setup including chair mouse and all the other stuff xd
YelloW !
YelloW ! - 23 giorni fa
Is noob
0:50 He sounded like Heath ledger Joker
FINISH HIM - 7 ore fa
This guys is just showing off now
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez - 15 ore fa
does it a have a toilet?
Green Flare
Green Flare - 20 ore fa
It’s not a full pro gamer set up without the scuffed controller
diviya V
diviya V - Giorno fa
Nice dude, but this is not unboxing
Eli Moua
Eli Moua - Giorno fa
And yes it can make u get glasses
XxTheLxgendXx x
XxTheLxgendXx x - 2 giorni fa
What the music a 2:41
NASA limbu
NASA limbu - 2 giorni fa
Grimmhat Tv
Grimmhat Tv - 2 giorni fa
This setup would leave me blind day one ☝🏼
MOHAMED aThLeTiC - 2 giorni fa
if you stay there for a week I will stay for a 10 years HHhh...., if I bought that my mom and dad get me out of the house but maybe when you have a Ferrari and you retired ....Fççç Yeah Bro. why Not
KMG - 2 giorni fa
Now I'm sad for not having this...
ShyBlade - 3 giorni fa
Anyone else’s pants wet rn?
Teo Zisi
Teo Zisi - 3 giorni fa
Brother you payed 30k and you play with

80 FPS total.......
ADzZzHD - 3 giorni fa
Just imagine cyberpunk 2077 on this.....
Paolo Serafini
Paolo Serafini - 4 giorni fa
Hi guys, i should change my laptop. What configuration is more powerful? R7 3750h with a 1660ti or an i7 with a gtx 1650? And considering also a daily use? Please help me
Saluted Firestarter
Saluted Firestarter - 4 giorni fa
Mines probably better... It costs about 220$, 200 for the console and 20 dollars for the tv.

Oh, and a bed
Alexx gaming
Alexx gaming - 4 giorni fa
my sister uses setups like this to play dressing games
excel gang
excel gang - 5 giorni fa
Subscribe to my YouTube channel I do gaming videos and funny with same Fortnite videos if you do you will have a great day
Michael - 5 giorni fa
All of this $ could have helped the poor.
Jordi W
Jordi W - 5 giorni fa
imagine spending 30k and playing a windows 95 solitaire graphics level game ..... SMH
Maxim Heidenreich
Maxim Heidenreich - 5 giorni fa
I will buy this whats the name
TheDidek - 5 giorni fa
Mix with with the Origin Big O!
Neil McGuy
Neil McGuy - 5 giorni fa
the only thing that its missing is a hole in the seat that you shit in so you dont have to get up
big mama
big mama - 6 giorni fa
imagine the glare on the monitors
Reef Galloway
Reef Galloway - 6 giorni fa
Does anyone know where he got the coke fridge from?
Shadow of Yharnam
Shadow of Yharnam - 6 giorni fa
This is the worst 30k spent...
I feel so uncomfortable watching this chair and that small desk...
I would prefer having just this gaming rig with 144hz 2k monitor on a HUGE DESK with only 5k dollars !!!
I pee your setup my friend
RedstonePanda8811 - 6 giorni fa
80fps I play on 200fps
Legy - 7 giorni fa
Mrbeast on the budget
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar - 7 giorni fa
How much just for the chair without all the other garbage?
Tibbs-Medina Morgan
Tibbs-Medina Morgan - 7 giorni fa
In the beginning I thought I was being hacked
Fuzion Key
Fuzion Key - 7 giorni fa
Pc gamers: Ha imagine spending 5K on clothes,supreme
*Also pc gamers*
PuggyOG - 7 giorni fa
Power Bill: i'm about to end this man's whole career
DaleAdam Roodt
DaleAdam Roodt - 8 giorni fa
I haven't seen anything this cool ever in my entire life, "ever" :D
Xtianz - 8 giorni fa
$30,000 Gaming PC: *exist*

Apple: Are you challenging me?
Reza Sh
Reza Sh - 8 giorni fa
cmon, fortnite, really?! what a waste of power!
Anyona Herbert
Anyona Herbert - 8 giorni fa
Lol 😁HAVE YOU SEEN uraconsumer set up?
phantom King 7
phantom King 7 - 8 giorni fa
if i sit in that chair then the world would DROP and my channel would shot up the 24M subs in a instant
Vasilis Saratsiotis
Vasilis Saratsiotis - 9 giorni fa
You forgot the rage button 😂😂
Yaro - 9 giorni fa
i think he doesn't even play games he just did it for fun at this point
no way in hell fortnite would be the first game i'd try on that setup
MKGOOPLES - 9 giorni fa
this video just called me poor in 143 different languages
UNCHIUL MARO - 8 giorni fa
Me to
Octo - 9 giorni fa
Noob's gaming PC =30,000$
Pro's gaming PC = 500$

It's a fact
dean nanku
dean nanku - 9 giorni fa
I bet this is heven
nika gamer
nika gamer - 10 giorni fa
1500$ setup mi
_ SAYMAKER _ - 10 giorni fa
But can it run Crysis
_ SAYMAKER _ - 10 giorni fa
What's your chair
Simon Kradjian
Simon Kradjian - 10 giorni fa
Can I buy this for $25k
cookiezz - 10 giorni fa
tbh, id get this to watch netflix
Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe - 10 giorni fa
You’re a real idiot...
Ginsonmang Naulak
Ginsonmang Naulak - 10 giorni fa
imagine the electricity bill
Larry Coburn
Larry Coburn - 10 giorni fa
Me: I want this damn thing so bad, haha
Unboxtherapy: your to broke brother I am sorry but... *YOUR TWO BROKE*
hamza hamza
hamza hamza - 10 giorni fa
I am a software developer and I really need a such piece of inspiration machine 😢
Į ĹĮЌẸ ϻẸϻẸŜ - 11 giorni fa
Play minecraft on that but with extremely good shaders and a fuck ton of mods
SammyVan - 11 giorni fa
shouldve made it where you can drive the whole thing
James Davis
James Davis - 11 giorni fa
Late on this but those portrait displays, being uneven to the main screen, drove me crazy...
Bigboy _steven
Bigboy _steven - 11 giorni fa
My head hurts from looking at it through my phone🤣
Molnár Zoltán
Molnár Zoltán - 11 giorni fa
Not worth it should've went with a smaller monitor
GIORGIO VERCELLIO - 11 giorni fa
I dont like It im not joking
ReRe Aglipay
ReRe Aglipay - 12 giorni fa
no toilet?..
I'll pass..
grandma - 12 giorni fa
Origin BIG O will fully complete that.
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