Tommaso Ciampa & The Velveteen Dream crash The Undisputed ERA’s celebration: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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The Undisputed ERA look to bask in their recent glory, but their rivals have other plans.
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durata: 4:44


C Joe
C Joe - Giorno fa
Velveteen and Paul Pogba are the the same person.
C Joe
C Joe - Giorno fa
Velveteen and Paul Pogba are the the same person.
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez - 15 giorni fa
Bobby Fishe''s expression when Ciampa'' music played
Specimen 6
Specimen 6 - 22 giorni fa
And where is Velveteen Dream today?
Specimen 6
Specimen 6 - 9 giorni fa
@Jean Gentry oj
Jean Gentry
Jean Gentry - 10 giorni fa
Didn't he just return from injury?
Yasmin Bi
Yasmin Bi - 23 giorni fa
Chi Jones
Chi Jones - 23 giorni fa
I wanna be like Ciampa, he’s really intimidating and a psychopath
Kentiar - Mese fa
And with two words, one who was once spat on became oh so much more beloved.
HA 10
HA 10 - Mese fa
I wanted dean ambrose vs tomasso Ciampa
Drumming With Nelson
Velveteen were you at bruh
Johnny Bate YT
Johnny Bate YT - Mese fa
adam cole is just so good on the mic they need to put him on it some more
Sunny Supercharged
Sunny Supercharged - Mese fa
What Happened to Dream
game Johnson
game Johnson - 17 giorni fa
@Julian Davis oh
Julian Davis
Julian Davis - 17 giorni fa
game Johnson Not sure unfortunately 🤷🏽‍♂️
game Johnson
game Johnson - 17 giorni fa
@Julian Davis for what shaking all day
Julian Davis
Julian Davis - 17 giorni fa
game Johnson
game Johnson - Mese fa
I think hes left
Abc sin
Abc sin - 2 mesi fa
Who writes these nxt shows!!can anybody tell me??
joe guy
joe guy - 2 mesi fa
Michael Van der Elst
Michael Van der Elst - 2 mesi fa
Damn, I wanted dream at wargames
cRichYall - 2 mesi fa
The Dream Can Save WWE
The Giraffe King
The Giraffe King - 3 mesi fa
gold dust? but black
Patrick Phan
Patrick Phan - 3 mesi fa
undisputed just bunch of kids and act badass like mma style but just a poser and suck group
DaProdigy - 3 mesi fa
That NXT championship is beautiful compared to the WWE title.
Spylassyreviews - 3 mesi fa
3::07 I like how Velveteen Dream just stands there like "Oh man, this about to get real" in his little corner.
Ronin Wolf
Ronin Wolf - 3 mesi fa
2:31 Kyle trying not to laugh
landmark22 - 3 mesi fa
Wwe full of it Velveteen is Prime time
Edmund Denzel
Edmund Denzel - 3 mesi fa
TC is not even talking to some Member of UE. Only Goldie matters.
Jamin link Briones
Jamin link Briones - 3 mesi fa
erron - 4 mesi fa
ciampa should be the wwe world champion
MrTantraMan - 4 mesi fa
That is how you troll a champ: using imagery and burning them REALLY bad!!!
Rary Gabriel
Rary Gabriel - 4 mesi fa
Im voting ciampa to cast as Mandarin in the next Marvel Movies
FTW_DK - 4 mesi fa
Wait a minute Undisputed Era that's plagerizim that's the nexus gimmick
MKT - 4 mesi fa
Naaaah Velveteen is too funny😂😂
BlueWolf Gaming
BlueWolf Gaming - 4 mesi fa
Ash White
Ash White - 4 mesi fa
The Dream promo sounded sus af
Derick mcclain
Derick mcclain - 4 mesi fa
I hope all the undisputed era guys get hurt
Ian MD
Ian MD - 4 mesi fa
skinny jeans
Travis Fuller
Travis Fuller - 4 mesi fa
This has such a 2000 Smack down attitude era feel with Cole as HHH, Undisputed Era as DX, Velveteen Dream as The Rock, and Tommoso Ciampa as Stone Cold Steve Austin. I know Gargano is not is this segment but if he was he'll definitely be Kurt Angle
Ricardo Margera
Ricardo Margera - 4 mesi fa
I love how Ciampa's only words were towards the NXT Title.
King_hurricane - 4 mesi fa
We could have a wrestlemania worthy match here, Adam Cole vs dream vs ciampa vs balor, if this match happens, it would probably beat most wrestlemania matches, survivor series raw vs smackdown matches, royal rumbles, this is a dream match right here, and it needs to take place in nxt, don't have this at wrestlemania or a main roster ppv, nxt Is the place it needs to be at
DaProdigy - 4 mesi fa
Ciampa looks like Joaquin Phoenix' brother. Both of them got that Joker look.
DaProdigy - 4 mesi fa
Am I totally off or does this guy look like a 1997 Shawn Michael's clone?
Jean Gentry
Jean Gentry - Mese fa
Adam Cole? Yes, he's got a VERY 90s HBK vibe.
Ceasar - 4 mesi fa
Did they really chant daddy's home? Jesus Christ this is actually gay now. The jokes became reality.
Stefan Wolf
Stefan Wolf - 4 mesi fa
Ciampa for aew!
Celtic Wolverine
Celtic Wolverine - 4 mesi fa
Undisputed Era = Least intimidating faction in history
Indigo Uchiha
Indigo Uchiha - 4 mesi fa
jamie carnegie
jamie carnegie - 4 mesi fa
the way that Ciampa came out. the reaction he got from the fans. the reaction and physical actions undertaken by the Undisputed Era, leaving the ring and keeping their distance. all this made Ciampa look like an unstoppable, feared GOD! Adam Cole vs. Ciampa is $$$ (and i'm an AEW fan over the WWE (main shows))
ReiSkully - 4 mesi fa
Damn ciampa is jacked
Christopher Pape
Christopher Pape - 4 mesi fa
At war games The Undisputed Era vs Ciampa, Balor, Gargano, and Dream Winner takes all
waynewastaken alt
waynewastaken alt - 4 mesi fa
Cimpa in 2k20 hell yeah
Brad Kevins TV
Brad Kevins TV - 4 mesi fa
So much better than Raw
George McCormack
George McCormack - 4 mesi fa
I'm sorry velveteen
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - 4 mesi fa
NXT is, by far, the best product that WWE has to offer right now. It's just too bad that it feels so small-time compared to AEW. They need to start touring because the Full Sail crowd really drags it down, IMO.
Soru CN
Soru CN - 4 mesi fa
When Is WarGames?
supermanXL - 4 mesi fa
i don't like that Era ran away from Tommaso
Random - 4 mesi fa
His gayness intensifies!
Titan Gamez
Titan Gamez - 4 mesi fa
Thank god I can just watch NXT on Hulu the next day, bc AEW be my Wednesdays
V SW - 4 mesi fa
2:27 That's not PG.
John Tarver
John Tarver - 4 mesi fa
6 man tag match in the future!
Jonno Gibb
Jonno Gibb - 4 mesi fa
Can we talk about how Ciampa scared off all of Undisputed just by walking to the ring?
MrThedwp - 4 mesi fa
Insert witty comment about how smart I am for seeing this is leading to War Games with the UE against Balor, Ciampa, Dream and Gargano.

Realize 5 seconds later that everyone already knows that
angelthecholo - 4 mesi fa
Nobody makes an entrance like Dream. He's definitely getting that win back over Strong
Charlie Chaman
Charlie Chaman - 4 mesi fa
Charlie Chaman
Charlie Chaman - 4 mesi fa
Vanilla Midgets Bay Bay!
Mark Froman
Mark Froman - 4 mesi fa
Damn Ciampa is shredded AF
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