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Who can forget these INCREDIBLE UNFORGETTABLE auditions from The X Factor UK? We most definitely can't. Let us know your favourite audition in the comments below...
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Life With Harmony
Life With Harmony - 6 ore fa
Holy>commercials.Batman :/
Alexia Simões
Alexia Simões - 23 ore fa
Little did Cheryl Cole know, she would be boning that 16 year old boy years later 😂
Joyce Pacheco
Joyce Pacheco - 2 giorni fa
Wow. Im not liking Louie very much ,if you watch some the bad auditions he sais yes when someone is actualy good and has hope he sais no. 😭
Nejka Reiki master
Nejka Reiki master - 3 giorni fa
Good ones are always so humble🥰Its shame you didnt put the judges reactions with most of the performances, really, cos its very interesting to see what they have to say!
ted smith
ted smith - 3 giorni fa
amy singing song..with you one of prettiest audition ive seen on any idol show over the years,,,,,,,,she sings it so gorgeous beautiful pretty...i always go back to watch her many times.she sings it perfect sublime perfection you are amy..........
Æthelstan Joe Alexander
Æthelstan Joe Alexander - 4 giorni fa
22:11 Bad ass.
Ulf Holmström
Ulf Holmström - 5 giorni fa
Sharon is so funny 😂
chris bond
chris bond - 6 giorni fa
Louisa from Essex is unbelievably brilliant. But why why ,on all other posts are comments blocked??These people guys and girls both, young and older, bring me to tears, to see and amateur talent, so brilliant in their own ways. We are so lucky in this day and age of the Net, to be able to share these joys. And if music and song can't unite the world in peace and love, tolerance and understanding then nothing can.
NiKki C.
NiKki C. - 6 giorni fa
Umm Louie really got it wrong that time... Still love the guy though, he's so funny! 😛
Lisa Garrison
Lisa Garrison - 7 giorni fa
Fantastic auditions
Jeanette Bird
Jeanette Bird - 7 giorni fa
Often think about the amazing Sam Bailey , can anybody tell me if she made a career out of singing ? So many great singers have fizzled out which is a pity ....
Jeanette Bird
Jeanette Bird - 7 giorni fa
Wow Jay was amazing , hope he makes a career out of singing , he put so much emotion into the song ..... 17 year old Louisa who has been working all her life for this was brilliant and such a lovely girl . Some great talent around !
GotA Copy
GotA Copy - 8 giorni fa
No Ads if you use Google Chrome Cast , tablet , smart cell phone not sure about regular computers , but I stream YouTube by way of chrome cast...and no Ads appear..
Diana f
Diana f - 12 giorni fa
This first guy could be the next James Bond with those eyebrows and his charisma. He is gorgeous
bts forever
bts forever - 12 giorni fa
Liam nailed it 😃😃😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
bts forever
bts forever - 12 giorni fa
Omg amy was just AWESOME 😄😍😍😍😍😍
bts forever
bts forever - 12 giorni fa
Harry cutieeee from bakery to singer good😍
bts forever
bts forever - 12 giorni fa
7:50 simon is in love🤣😍
Marie Thiebaud
Marie Thiebaud - 13 giorni fa
Who knew little Harry would become such a cash cow by this audition? I guess this is why Simon knows best.
Hasufel y Arod
Hasufel y Arod - 13 giorni fa
I only watch those things for Simon Cowell's insults, nothing more.
Hasufel y Arod
Hasufel y Arod - 13 giorni fa
If they are supposedly the most UNFORGETTABLE, why isn't anyone talking about them?
These Talent Shows are so unreliable.
Dong Borjie
Dong Borjie - 13 giorni fa
Where is Janet Devlin now ?
Manie Redelinghuys
Manie Redelinghuys - 14 giorni fa
Cheryl sounds like Ryan Taylor
Robin Powers
Robin Powers - 14 giorni fa
Oh my God the first guy....... I'm still in tears
Viral Clips
Viral Clips - 14 giorni fa
The baby's eyesssssss
Django Popango
Django Popango - 14 giorni fa
If Gary Barlow was a super hero,he would be "Captain Valium".Imagine the following situation: Man lies dead in his flat,wife comes in,sees him and screams "aaaaaaaaahhhhh".Captain Valium appears on the scene saying:"Oh my god,where have you been?Your voice is incredible".She would fall asleep immediately.Just like me.Good night.
Elena salas
Elena salas - 15 giorni fa
The first one was nervous, but he felt the song
Nandini Gupta
Nandini Gupta - 16 giorni fa
Sherry - 16 giorni fa
michael francisco
michael francisco - 16 giorni fa
life is wonderful that we are in the ourselves🙏🏻🙏🏻
Ilma1984 - 17 giorni fa
I didn't understand it: how did she know Amy?
Arga Satria
Arga Satria - 17 giorni fa
15:20 what's the song?
Karen Salveson
Karen Salveson - 17 giorni fa
That woman that was a guard was AMAZING!!!
marly Conceição de lima
marly Conceição de lima - 18 giorni fa
põe legendas por favor?
Julie Tucker Hughes
Julie Tucker Hughes - 19 giorni fa
*Harry* *Styles*, Simon was RIGHT 🙌❤
Julie Tucker Hughes
Julie Tucker Hughes - 19 giorni fa
Jay James dont know what the fuss is ABOUT..hes just average...and in some parts hes not even in key..and his voice sounds weak...not GREAT 😏
Arterexius - 15 giorni fa
@Lilly Shield Janet doesn't have the strongest of voices, but she has a very unique voice. If singing was purely about the strength of a voice, we'd only be listening to rock and opera
Lilly Shield
Lilly Shield - 16 giorni fa
@Ilma1984 totally agree about Janet. She only stood out for being quirky
Ilma1984 - 17 giorni fa
That's how I feel about Liam... And also I think Janet did't have a strong voice
Barbie Rae
Barbie Rae - 20 giorni fa
Louie, is a jealous old crow, SMH
China Pat
China Pat - 21 giorno fa
Wow, this is emotional... Everyone on here is incredible....✌✌
Poesjes Vines
Poesjes Vines - 21 giorno fa
I really love Cheryl so much, she's so honest and sweet to all these ' insecure' people, she makes them feel good about theirselves. And she's so very beautiful, but she acts so normal, she doesn't has that awful 'diva' mentality
linda doty
linda doty - 21 giorno fa
Simon's head swivelled toward the stage the very moment that that first note was sung..then he just grinned and grinned. I think he thinks that she is very talented and can get behind her.
linda doty
linda doty - 21 giorno fa
After watching the video clip he was on his feet clapping for her. wow.
R M - 22 giorni fa
Aaaaw I just love how that Navy guy went aaaaw at the end, so so adoooooooorable
Ben Haynes
Ben Haynes - 23 giorni fa
Little Janet Devlin from Northern Ireland. Cute as a button and saccharine sweet. Gosh, she almost yodels with her voice. I love her.
Excuse me now, as I'm off to burrow down a Janet Devlin rabbit hole.....
Møønie Melødy
Møønie Melødy - 23 giorni fa
Louis is probably regretting the moment he said no to Harry styles, look where he is now🤣
Aiden Hopkins Gaming
Aiden Hopkins Gaming - 23 giorni fa
that first one got me in my feels
brittany parks
brittany parks - 23 giorni fa
I loved Janet she was just so precious.
Cheyenergy - 24 giorni fa
OMG I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I SEEN HARRY. Oh my god how far he’s come 😭😭😭💙
wg Davis
wg Davis - 24 giorni fa
I am not an singer or in the music business, but Janet Devlin did Not do a good job of "Your Song", it was just okay.. W.G.
Random Person
Random Person - 24 giorni fa
Freaking talented people.
Making me cry at 4 in the morning.
China Pat
China Pat - 21 giorno fa
Lol-Ditto 3:30am watching this
Boomer1941 noname
Boomer1941 noname - 24 giorni fa
That first guy looks a lot like Paul Neuman the late Hollywood Actor.
Samantha Zamaniego
Samantha Zamaniego - 24 giorni fa
Who knew James Arthur was gonna be a famous singer
Natasha Parker
Natasha Parker - 24 giorni fa
The first guy starts singing... me: 😭😭😩🤦🏾‍♀️😂
WetToastOfficial - 19 giorni fa
Natasha Parker 😂😂 I was the exact same way
White Cupcake
White Cupcake - 25 giorni fa
That first guy didn’t sound great at all.
brittany parks
brittany parks - 23 giorni fa
no, but he did have control over his vocals.
Jakob Ammann
Jakob Ammann - 25 giorni fa
I bet, the first emotional singer will not make a career in singing....!
Теодор Тодоров
i bet you are gonna be wrong Jakob
Bartimeaus Sinclair
Bartimeaus Sinclair - 25 giorni fa
I've always considered Simon as a tough judge with a critical sensability towards the real musically talented people. I consider him the superior judge totally the opposite to Louie very inexperienced obviously a idiot with no perception for talent, Louis is a wannabe like a real scout as Simon.
Bartimeaus Sinclair
Bartimeaus Sinclair - 25 giorni fa
She was a fabulous Reincarnation of Kate Smith, genuinely beautiful real and nicely done. Perhaps Louis has a little bit perception not much more
Bartimeaus Sinclair
Bartimeaus Sinclair - 25 giorni fa
Louie the white haired judge I don't even know why he's there he has no inside conception or even an inkling of musical Talent in the futuristic insight. I think he needs to be judged out doesn't know what he's doing. And the one who wrote that note is also in the same rubbish bin as Louis. His reputation that money is full of crap
Ona - 25 giorni fa
Louie is such a tool.
R Kelley
R Kelley - 25 giorni fa
The military has a Music Corps for injured war veterans!
Cheryl Parris
Cheryl Parris - 26 giorni fa
Second audition is awesome
End Game
End Game - 26 giorni fa
i hope first guy dosen't turn archon....he has beautiful voice, and i love his family, i wish them all the best ;*
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