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These auditions left the judges speechless but not all of them for the right reasons. From EMOTIONAL auditions to FUNNY contestants, these auditions surprised the judges. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...
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skilldog10 - 20 ore fa
1st guy was awful too much vibrato
RoamTheEarth - 2 giorni fa
i guess the kinda japannese guy rly left em speechless xd
Clydd's ShowOfPrettyMuchEverything
Damn Victoria,you raised an angel.Thats why 99% of the comments talk about the first one.
I wanna damn hug your mum Jsol!
Aidy Woolven
Aidy Woolven - 2 giorni fa
Who is your favourite judge mine is Garry Barlow 😄
Aidy Woolven
Aidy Woolven - 2 giorni fa
SOMEONE:what should we watch
ME:x factor
EVERYONE ELSE: greatest dancer
Debra Mukami
Debra Mukami - 2 giorni fa
Luis is an angle and soo loving he just makes me cry how he feels other peoples pain.God bless him abundantly
Brandon Burgess
Brandon Burgess - 2 giorni fa
If Simon says ur good trust me ur good
Michelle Mclarnon
Michelle Mclarnon - 3 giorni fa
The girl who was bullied and sang piece by piece was bullied because basically they were all jelous that she was beautiful and had the most amazing singing voice. Truly outstanding.
Jennzie 0126
Jennzie 0126 - 3 giorni fa
Everyone needs a Richard after all these emotional auditions! I was bawling and all up in the feels. Way to end a great video
Nabeel king
Nabeel king - 3 giorni fa
The boys on 9:20min hahaha 😂😜
Eurianwarl Asoy
Eurianwarl Asoy - 4 giorni fa
I can't stop my tears falling down and all I can say is please go back were you belong 😢💔
Linda Jennings
Linda Jennings - 4 giorni fa
Is that David Bowie’s son judging in that first audition?
Sky - 3 giorni fa
Linda Jennings in a way he does, yeah lol. He resembles him with the cheekbones
Linda Jennings
Linda Jennings - 3 giorni fa
Sky, thanks. Yes. He looks just like David Bowie, even his teeth and smile.
Sky - 3 giorni fa
Linda Jennings Louis? The one who got up & hugged J-Sol? No it’s not that’s Louis Tomlinson from One Direction:)
yes itsemily
yes itsemily - 5 giorni fa
she would be so proud❤️
Princess Cahayon
Princess Cahayon - 5 giorni fa
When you're still in tears then the last guy sing HAHAHAHAH ok change mood
PoleaM - 5 giorni fa
Minna Hedlund
Minna Hedlund - 7 giorni fa
The way Louis understod the situation about losing a familymember really broke my heart in a billion pieces, my eyes became an ocean,for serious💔😢
ima jimenez
ima jimenez - 8 giorni fa
For the 1st one,Louis can relate to him
*He lost his sister and his mom*
Adam Faria
Adam Faria - 9 giorni fa
: sad guy that sang a sad and beautiful song
:then Simon doing opera 😂🤣🤣 LOL
Randy Kin Amber
Randy Kin Amber - 11 giorni fa
Gather your likes for #Xfactor .
rassemblez vos j’aimes pour #Xfactor
👇🏼Here. Içi. 🔥
Ionut Cozma
Ionut Cozma - 11 giorni fa
First song...rubbish
Ashar Siraj
Ashar Siraj - 11 giorni fa
Isn’t simons face looks like rich piana
Peter - 11 giorni fa
Wtf was last audition about?
ABSORC YT - 12 giorni fa
First gut is horridly bad I would fast forward don't know what they was thinking
Rollin Fiber
Rollin Fiber - 13 giorni fa
The girl that got compare to Kelly Clarkson. She’s really beautiful.
Whitetail Doe
Whitetail Doe - 13 giorni fa
Luis dint make me cry 😭

I’m not crying...y- you are 😞
Anna Clarke
Anna Clarke - 14 giorni fa
I swear Simon is on Britains got talent, Americas got talent, x-factor and soon he'll be on the voice
Naiden Villar Barreiro
Naiden Villar Barreiro - 10 giorni fa
Anna Clarke +36 604007783 call me please
Yasir Burchett
Yasir Burchett - 14 giorni fa
Damn. I lost my mother in 2015 aswell, but I was only 10 at the time. It really sucks.
abzr - 14 giorni fa
How to get 4 yeses..make an emotional story but not necessarily someone dying...COMPOSE a song...go to audition..
Rayan Ashraf
Rayan Ashraf - 15 giorni fa
I’m crying on the first guy
James Dizon
James Dizon - 15 giorni fa
Jsol has a good song and a good story about her mother but his voice is annoying especially his vibrato.
Shira Badillo
Shira Badillo - 15 giorni fa
Shira Badillo
Shira Badillo - 15 giorni fa
fur y
fur y - 15 giorni fa
Is that louis from one direction
fur y
fur y - 15 giorni fa
crazygirl03 - 15 giorni fa
Yes it is
G Ezkhizitho
G Ezkhizitho - 16 giorni fa
Just Fw Me
Just Fw Me - 16 giorni fa
so no ones going to mention the 3rd girl 😶😶
Chumo Murry
Chumo Murry - 16 giorni fa
Mom Victoria.. The world gonna miss ue alone with ur son... Rip....
ann michelle lapinig
ann michelle lapinig - 16 giorni fa
Whats the 2nd girl's song title please? ❤❤❤
Shoulang Farnes Barnes
Shoulang Farnes Barnes - 10 giorni fa
Kelly Clarkson_piece by piece x
Helenita Canete
Helenita Canete - 16 giorni fa
Last part😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MutterdesDrache2087 - 16 giorni fa
From pain and grief to healing others. If you’ve ever been the one to have the vip row of a funeral, then to turn it around and heal through a language everyone understands. Powerful. Victoria is smiling and J Soul is more than a singer. He heals through his music. Caitlyn what a way to honor your father and heal from the pain of critics. What a way to speak truth and turn pain to joy.
Mr.AJWorks - 16 giorni fa
Grim Beauty
Grim Beauty - 16 giorni fa
I wanted the last guy to go through though he was bad I liked him
M Sohail
M Sohail - 16 giorni fa
He was sobbing first consonant
M Sohail
M Sohail - 16 giorni fa
Louis kinda looks like Grant gustin aka flash/Barry Allen
light man
light man - 16 giorni fa
What was that with the asian being always better than you?
Starry Sky
Starry Sky - 16 giorni fa
Omg I'm cr yh ing so hard rn that was beautiful and Louis was so sweet 👌❤
Prinkaljit Kaur
Prinkaljit Kaur - 17 giorni fa
I was just done crying and this made me laugh so hard that I spilled the cup of water I was holding all over my self and then I had a crying pikachu face who was laughing like an idiot😂😂😂
diva girl02
diva girl02 - 17 giorni fa
Ahhhhh louissss♥️♥️♥️
flinty b
flinty b - 17 giorni fa
That young girl that was singing Total eclipse of the heart did a amazing job
Chibiky SOLO
Chibiky SOLO - 17 giorni fa
I can feel my friend inform of me again... Went I listen the song .
Alfred Atalin
Alfred Atalin - 17 giorni fa
I almost cried..every lyrics is filled with emotions..nailed it
Afghan pranks
Afghan pranks - 18 giorni fa
To the first guy your mom would be so proud of you❤
Rachel Janine
Rachel Janine - 18 giorni fa
Honestly, the second girl is really pretty🤩
Shay M
Shay M - 18 giorni fa
what was that last one though lol what
Shay M
Shay M - 18 giorni fa
simon is so sweet and loving and that makes me cry even more UGH WHERE'S THE TISSUE
The first guy🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Student Abigail Zuniga
Student Abigail Zuniga - 19 giorni fa
louis was holding back his tears by smiling. i wanted to hug him so bad :(.
Student Abigail Zuniga
Student Abigail Zuniga - 19 giorni fa
seeing my louis cry is so heartbreaking.
Amritha Jith
Amritha Jith - 21 giorno fa
That first guy proved him as a legend
X_Dreamxr _X
X_Dreamxr _X - 21 giorno fa
Uhm,, are we gonna talk about the last guy?
[MxQ] MOIST OATCHEESE 69 - 21 giorno fa
Big respect for the first guy doing things like that for his mom
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