VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In

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Here is our Van Tour! We built a fully custom van suited for us twins to live inside of...
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Caryn Campbell
Caryn Campbell - 5 ore fa
When is the next video going to be up?
vargas rosario
vargas rosario - 6 ore fa
I think I got more excited about there tripp than themselves
BellaCurry1630 - 7 ore fa
Drop a like on this comment if after Grayson said "You could honestly store- no we shouldn't say that we're guys in a van" you came right to the comments to see what people were saying about that.... p.s Love ya Gray and E but if you're in Grayson's lane also drop a like bc sammmeee!!!!
Le Lo
Le Lo - 7 ore fa
Okay now that both of them have a beard I can’t really tell them apart tht well now 😂 a little bit form their voices but thts it
Miss Merry
Miss Merry - 7 ore fa
Do kpop reaction videos pleeeeeeeease
Ashley Cerna
Ashley Cerna - 9 ore fa
where’s the toilet?
fat tabby cat
fat tabby cat - 12 ore fa
would lowkey get mad claustrophobic haha
Elena Freixas blake
Elena Freixas blake - 13 ore fa
you suck
elguay xD
elguay xD - 16 ore fa
Yall need to shave
Jade Huang
Jade Huang - 17 ore fa
Should of just got a trailer
Jade Huang
Jade Huang - 17 ore fa
I love tiny homes aswell
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue - 17 ore fa
Nobody: Me: I want this lifestyle as soon as I finish university 1 like = 1 encouragement
Tanny Pashinina
Tanny Pashinina - 18 ore fa
Ethan&Grayson PLEASE🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 we support you whatever you do❤️ but sometimes say us “peace”) just sometimes.🥰
DR PHILL DR PHILL - 19 ore fa
Of this gets over 10 likes ill tell my crush i like him
Eliza Beth
Eliza Beth - 20 ore fa
I went to boot Barn today and a guy who looked just like Grayson held the door open for me and now I don't know if I should freak out or not
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue - 17 ore fa
I just realized that you guys posted this on my mom's birthday
Alina Ley
Alina Ley - 20 ore fa
no ones gonna y’all about how they put cereal w a gas tank @ 9:16 😭
Katelynn Sweeney
Katelynn Sweeney - 21 ora fa
Y’all should hit up Virginia!!!!
Katelynn Sweeney
Katelynn Sweeney - 21 ora fa
So u still have the house ur just going on a trip?
thor odinson
thor odinson - 21 ora fa
shane dawson’s impact
Destiny B.
Destiny B. - 21 ora fa
I am beyond exicted for their next video 🤩🤩🤩
TIA1234 - 22 ore fa
I missed u guys
Jennifer Munoz
Jennifer Munoz - 23 ore fa
Are they really going to live forever on the van or they also live in the house?
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill - 23 ore fa
Ik u couldve made it waaaay better! Js! Shouldve did the design where u guys ur own bed n pull curtains in between you! If ur gunna live in this this- U SHOULD BUY AN OLDER SCHOOL BUS N DO IT UP RIGHT! JS! P E A C E!!! LOL
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill - 23 ore fa
With a shower and a toilet! Its so worth it if ur serious about livin on da road! Js! 🚽🚿💡📺🎄! Yep yep yep!
Yusef Maali
Yusef Maali - 23 ore fa
Where is the bathroom
Deejay Silcott
Deejay Silcott - 23 ore fa
i was gonna say i cant wait till tuesday 🤡🤡🤡🤡
katie mig
katie mig - Giorno fa
It took them ducking 30 minutes to explain they got fucking curtains
NichtNochSoEine - Giorno fa
guys, I would advise turning the dark side of the front curtains towards the cockpit, otherwise everyone will know it's a campervan... also: you've shown the pattern and people who have seen your videos might bother y'all. Be safe, xo
Juliet Holland
Juliet Holland - Giorno fa
*“We’re gunna crash!” *van isn’t moving**
luckyburrito123 - Giorno fa
Idk why but I didn't know these 2 were funny until now. To be fair I never watched a dolan twin youtube video until now too.
Laurel Mitchell
Laurel Mitchell - Giorno fa
I just realized that you guys posted this on my mom's birthday
April - Giorno fa
Zetta - Giorno fa
Megan Mills
Megan Mills - Giorno fa
Loving this series!
UNKNOWN USER - Giorno fa
Who remembers their first video
Danna O'Connor
Danna O'Connor - Giorno fa
They really didn’t use the space to the best of their ability. They will learn soon that this space will be tiresome to be in for awhile
Alyssa Haynes
Alyssa Haynes - Giorno fa
gray is so dramatic
girl 173
girl 173 - Giorno fa
11:08 everyone want to be on Kyle place
Maggie Lawrence
Maggie Lawrence - Giorno fa
you should get a sticker form every place you go and put it on the van!!!
JULIA ZEHNER - Giorno fa
“Living in a van down by the river”
Ty Ol
Ty Ol - Giorno fa
I miss the old Dolan twins
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