"Weird Al" Yankovic Goes Beyond Insanity While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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"Weird Al" Yankovic is the king of parody songs, with a multi-decade career that includes four Grammys, countless Top 40 hits, and a long list of live shows, including 2019's Strings Attached Tour. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the "White & Nerdy" icon takes on the vegan wings of death in a very special Hot Ones season finale. As the Scovilles mount, Weird Al shares classic anecdotes about meeting Sir Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, getting co-signed by Kurt Cobain, and inventing the infamous Twinkie wiener sandwich.
Special thanks to Mr. Yankovic's groomer, Sean James!
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Season 7
Episode 12
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings
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First We Feast
First We Feast - 11 mesi fa
THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER AMAZING SEASON, SPICE LORDS! Stay tuned for a fan Q&A and BRAND NEW episode of Truth or Dab to close out the year, and a VERY special Season 8 opener coming your way in January. Happy holidays!
Tommy Dangerous
Tommy Dangerous - 3 mesi fa
whats with al taking tiny bites?
Risia Moonfall
Risia Moonfall - 3 mesi fa
Make sure your contracts with the guests specify they need to eat the wing. Its to easy to get through what you should never get through if you take a crumb.
max paine
max paine - 4 mesi fa
All dead cooked chicken parts were never harmed in this episode
Lukas Rossi
Lukas Rossi - 5 mesi fa
GET TOMMY LEE ON THE SHOW !!!!!!!!! He is my drummer from the CBS Mark Burnett show “ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA.” He would give the BEST reactions. Toured with him and NEVER saw him dig the spice lol. 🤟🏻🥵
Nicole Knight
Nicole Knight - 6 ore fa
curl goals honestly
Griess5ify - 11 ore fa
Where am you have influenced since I was a kid and always gave me a good laugh. You are such a nice guy. Continue to do what your doing
Tomato -chan
Tomato -chan - 21 ora fa
Is it just me or does Weird Al and Jeff Goldblum have similar energies? Lol
Tiffany Tripp
Tiffany Tripp - Giorno fa
14:36 That scared the shiznit out of me.
alan La
alan La - Giorno fa
Josh G
Josh G - Giorno fa
I feel like weird al is a big time cynic irl
gundam fan
gundam fan - Giorno fa
Im thinking of something Orange...
brian hill
brian hill - 2 giorni fa
I am the tenth person to say that his bites look like squidwards first bite of a crabby Patty!
Christopher M. Zelonis
Christopher M. Zelonis - 2 giorni fa
I see Weird Al and immediately smash the like, but then I see the show he is on *sweating at the conflicting buttons meme
Austin Cox
Austin Cox - 2 giorni fa
He taking wussy bites, but love his music
James Pawson
James Pawson - 2 giorni fa
...such a waste of food.
Alex Velazquez
Alex Velazquez - 3 giorni fa
These small bites make me feel very angry
nick penais
nick penais - 3 giorni fa
weird Al is like a weird English teacher
Kelsey D
Kelsey D - 3 giorni fa
Love ya Al but what are them bites?! It's like when squidward took his first bite of a krabby patty.
Cherie Grant Johnson
Cherie Grant Johnson - 4 giorni fa
No no what a pussy, such small baby bits, doesn't count!!
Zast Kyne
Zast Kyne - 4 giorni fa
His bite was smaller than kristen bells lol
Lish Muller
Lish Muller - 4 giorni fa
Flight of the Conchords are from New Zealand not New England
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez - 4 giorni fa
This man sacrifices his butthole every week guys
Frank Conley
Frank Conley - 5 giorni fa
Fail. Eat the damn thing.
D.Nasty Fishing
D.Nasty Fishing - 5 giorni fa
I get so upset on those bitch bites
. Nibble on this fancy boy
Allagí - 6 giorni fa
The reason why Weird Al is great is because he's sincere in his quest to be silly, and make you laugh. He always clears the funny parody's with artists who originally recorded them, he is a musician himself, and all his effort is pushed towards entertaining you, and making you laugh. Some people may not like Weird Al's comedy, and that's fine, but nobody is ever offended by him.
SheWolf461 CW
SheWolf461 CW - 6 giorni fa
My friend got tickets for Weird AL. I was not sure but I went. It was a outdoor concert at 117 degrees. He put on a showwww! Some of his customs would of killed the average person in that heat. It was awesome.
Invokal Ink
Invokal Ink - 7 giorni fa
Slevin - 7 giorni fa
I'm disappointed he didn't pick The Darkness as the funniest rock band
Amanda Spillers
Amanda Spillers - 7 giorni fa
Steve prefontain is from the town I’m currently living in.
Not Available
Not Available - 8 giorni fa
Damn I havent heard about weird al in like 20 years.
Justa Witness
Justa Witness - 8 giorni fa
Grab a wing and eat it. E--at it!! Come on Al, it's almost like you cheated.
redvalleyjohn - 8 giorni fa
He ate a molecule of wing ! waste of time
Elmer Burley
Elmer Burley - 9 giorni fa
He doesn't even bite the wing boring
Elmer Burley
Elmer Burley - 9 giorni fa
Really soft as cotton or milk toast boring
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes - 9 giorni fa
Love Weird Al to death, but he was really pussyfooting around those wings...
Marc rap
Marc rap - 9 giorni fa
He sucked he took the tiniest bites
kingpiccoloZ - 10 giorni fa
Awesome hearing a shout out to Flight of The Conchords, they are so funny, and talented at what they do.
Louis Peters
Louis Peters - 11 giorni fa
Wired al has inspired more people to pick up an instrument than ANY musician in history.
He showed clearly than anyone could do It.
Thank you Weird Al
Chris Ainsworth
Chris Ainsworth - 12 giorni fa
Heeeeeey now c'mon man, the ukelele is fuckin awesome...
Mary M
Mary M - 12 giorni fa
Curly hair ppl are out here wondering what his hair routine is. 😲🙌
Kgirl64 - 13 giorni fa
Sean is very "Zen" but I am worried about his stomach doing this often. Love, Mom "JK"
Barbara M.
Barbara M. - 14 giorni fa
11:20-12:23 #OMKalen NEEDS to react to that

Also, Weird Al's speaking like James Brown...
-Okay... gimme a... gimme an A!
-No, when you spin the wheel you gotta pick a consonant
-Oh... ah...EUROPE!!!
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney - 14 giorni fa
Is it just me or does this hot one suck because weird Al bites like a lil biotch..Jesus open yo jaw an take a real bite....I think G.Union ate more then u...what a Pu$$ie
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