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Now Simon Cowell can't be in two places at once - he's a very busy man. Here are some TOP AMAZING X Factor Auditions from X Factor UK, Greece Lithuania, Malta and Ukraine where Simon Cowell wasn't a judge! Do you think he would have said yes to these contestants? Let us know in the comments below...
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X Factor Global - Mese fa
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Angela Pandolfo
Angela Pandolfo - Mese fa
A star is born right there 💖🤩😱⭐️🥂🍾
Meth Productions
Meth Productions - Mese fa
Mr.AJWorks - 16 giorni fa
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez - Mese fa
Se pasooo la nina
Givaldo Silva
Givaldo Silva - Mese fa
fantastic Singer...from Brasil
chantal guerre
chantal guerre - Mese fa
Simon la main Verte jardinier ou ?c est pour rire
Rubik123 - Mese fa
25:54 i really enjoyed her voice. 9,8✅
Rubik123 - Mese fa
🎧 🎼 ...i just wanna feel real love feel the home that i live in!! cos i got too much life!! running through my veins!! going to waste!! 🎼
Veronica Crudu
Veronica Crudu - Mese fa
Lorena Styles
Lorena Styles - Mese fa
wow 1 billion Bravo, beautiful 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kornelija Gaigalaitė
RoundJava Tour and Travel
1. 9.5 emma
2. 9.7 James
3. 9.8 Ella
4. 9.6
5. 9.8
Gran29ty - Mese fa
She sounded so much like Etta James. Amazing voice
بت بول مدرب Albujeyash
did u guys realeyes that simon not on this video dum ass to the guy or girl that put that video
djcjjd jsjcjx
djcjjd jsjcjx - Mese fa
Did anyone else think Simon was wearing makeup in the thumbnail
Tu Fg
Tu Fg - Mese fa
انني لا أحب السعوديه ولا أحب حكامها والموت لكم يا ال سعود
tom butso
tom butso - Mese fa
What is the dialic of malta????
Elena Schmidt
Elena Schmidt - Mese fa
James Arthur 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mr montel mr montel
Emma 😍👌🌟
hota andrade
hota andrade - Mese fa
He would have to say yes
Rentner - Mese fa
I hadn't heard the last two. They were brilliant.
Antónia Luís
Antónia Luís - Mese fa
Queensue jesuseschild
I couldn't take no more this last girl is really bad Simon would stop her because she's yelling not singing she's no good
Queensue jesuseschild
Simon on this girl would stop her and tell her to do another song. Because this one is to slow and not right for her. Didn't say her name at start
Queensue jesuseschild
Ella has a good voice Simon would say yes to her. Doing your own song is very risky. But she pulled it off. Good job.
Queensue jesuseschild
James voice Simon would stop and he'd have him do another song because this song is not good and on this song I vote no to James.
Queensue jesuseschild
The first one Simon would have stopped and had her do another song because the one she's singing is to old for her.
Thomas Kurilla
Thomas Kurilla - Mese fa
killin it!!! raw talent
2lives1vision AR
2lives1vision AR - Mese fa
Maria IsabelCarreon
ht gar
ht gar - Mese fa
hmm, last couple were really not so "wow". There are better examples out there
see the good
see the good - Mese fa
Emma,she's pretty
Lucida Rose
Lucida Rose - Mese fa
Wow to Emma as she truly reminds me of Etta James!
NawafAbuGhazalah - Mese fa
Maltese sounds like Arabic!
Maria D.
Maria D. - Mese fa
By the way where is ....Simon Cowell?
Eileen Chambers
Eileen Chambers - Mese fa
Ella, Ella, Ella
yzzap Fakag
yzzap Fakag - 3 giorni fa
Shes beautiful and amazing voice!!!
KAREN G GRAY - Mese fa
John Stutt
John Stutt - Mese fa
Ella Henderson is such an amazing singer. She needs to do a world tour.
Reza Alavi
Reza Alavi - Mese fa
Азесьм Daniels
.. Young people sing sad songs...
Krystal Rainbow
Krystal Rainbow - Mese fa
I'm crying for Ella
Maharlika Ophir
Maharlika Ophir - Mese fa
Wow, the young lady (1st part of the video) is awesome. What a great voice! ✨
Celia Pinheiro
Celia Pinheiro - Mese fa
Ema..linda..linda.. lindíssima..e talentosa...Etta teria amado.. se estivesse viva...se ser bem representa.... parabéns..você tem talento e boa sorte
Moxxy - Mese fa
i miss seeing cheryl's pretty face :(
Harry Inkpot
Harry Inkpot - Mese fa
This young girl is good
Clarissa Thangkhiew
Hey that was great but James wasn't that good
Saba Welde
Saba Welde - Mese fa
estela turqueza
estela turqueza - Mese fa
The boy 11:30 is audience love he is totally performer amazing
cyber blonde
cyber blonde - Mese fa
Yes he is famous now
Azza 179
Azza 179 - Mese fa
1st girl was in a different class to the others
Pablo Blak
Pablo Blak - Mese fa
nancy endicott
nancy endicott - Mese fa
who is that girl near the end in silver sparkling outfit she is amazing
Sydney King
Sydney King - Mese fa
Gerda from Lithuania
Rebeka Yetmgeta
Rebeka Yetmgeta - Mese fa
Ema is born to sing absolutely right and she's amazing!
Does anybody noticed that like on every show he goes on Simon is always on like the last chair
Lory R.
Lory R. - Mese fa
Only the first girl was great! Congrats, girl. Your voice is amazing 💜
daniel childofgod
daniel childofgod - Mese fa
The girl can sing
Angela Pandolfo
Angela Pandolfo - Mese fa
Ella bella 💖🇮🇹 16 that’s incredible. Another star is born ⭐️💋💋
hitman headshot
hitman headshot - Mese fa
is amazing song
Angela Pandolfo
Angela Pandolfo - Mese fa
James your a star ⭐️💖🥂🍾
Teddy Rahmat
Teddy Rahmat - Mese fa
Simon Cowell will say a 1000 percent yes from me 😊
samri ye kedus Michael lij
Etta James I saw in side u baby
Donald Holder*Doc*
Donald Holder*Doc* - Mese fa
I think Simon would definitely say YES! Emma was great. And most the rest already are well known.
Thomassé Maryse
Thomassé Maryse - Mese fa
Soo, where was Simon Cowell ,for the first round. .
mickeypoo305 - Mese fa
Little did James Arthur know
busy boy
busy boy - Mese fa
Simon contribution is enriching any audition BUT these souls can change your life !!!!
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